03 The costume party

Cinderella's brother
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The slight commotion occurring two steps away from him, distracted Yibo's attention from the notebook: a bunch of student guys were pushing and stepping on each other's  feet while arguing about something.

He stood up and walked a few steps towards the crowd, curious about what was happening.

The boys knew that they had no chance to compete with the school's prince in gaining a dance with the unknown beauty, so they spread aside and watched from afar the fairy tale scene: Prince Charming asking the Beauty Princess for a dance.

Wang Yibo got shocked when he ascertained the reason for the commotion.
Right before his eyes was standing the princess he dreamed about so many times!
She was exactly like in his dreams, tall and slim, gracious and delicate...and extremely beautiful! 
Yes, Yibo could say that she was beautiful, even though her face was covered by a carnival mask, but the mask was not able to hide the brightness of her beautiful eyes. A brightness that Yibo felt like illuminating his whole soul. Her nose  could be guessed that it was small and cute...and her lips were...god, her lips! 
Yes, he couldn't see her face but everything that was visible was more than perfect: from the slim waist, round shoulders and delicate wrists sticking out from the  red lace sleeves, to the  creamy, flawless skin and soft, doll-like hands.
Of course that he would like for his dream princess to have a personality as beautiful as her physical beauty would be, but that was to be found out later.

He saw this kind of perfection only once in his life, not longer than a few hours ago: that ball of sunshine he met in the park had the same soft skin and the same alluring lips.
Yibo was a hundred percent sure that the ball of sunshine has the most beautiful personality, the kind of personality that he would wish for his princess to have.
Suddenly it snapped to him: the  boy from the park said that his sister will be Cinderella at the tonight school costume party.
Yes,  this beautiful red dressed princess could be the sunshine ball's sister!

"May I have this dance, please, my lovely princess?",  Yibo performed a reverence in front of the astonishing girl, getting immersed in his role of Prince Charming.

Xiao Zhan was still frozen in his spot, bewitched at the  handsomeness of the boy bent in front of her.
Yes, he could tell that the boy from the park was handsome, with a beautiful face and attractive body, he didn't crush on him for nothing!
But now he was stunning! Dressed in an all white prince costume ornamented with golden threads and wearing a kingly blue with gold mask, he was simply shining!
He was bent but Zhan could still see those plump lips and beautifully shaped...and his elegant nose...

Suddenly he raised his head and said something.

"Good al-mighty! His eyes!
Wow! He is not called the school's prince for nothing.
No wonder that Qing Mei and her two friends were fangirling over his picture from that photo album!
And look at all those girls gravitating around him!
What the heck am I even doing, can I run away?! 
Is it too late to run?", Xiao Zhan was chatting with himself, clutching desperately by the red purse he borrowed from Qing Mei's closet.

When the prince repeated again his invitation for dance, the "princess" snapped out from "her" trance and took gracefully his outstretched hand, then "she" let herself be guided to the center of the dancing ring.




From the huge speakers was flowing a slow ballad, so Wang Yibo pulled the girl closer to him, by her waist and placed her soft hand on his chest, covering it with his own one.

Zhan wrapped his left arm around the prince's shoulder, his fingers playing unwittingly with the silky locks flowing over his collar.

"I like slow music, I often listen to ballads. As a matter of fact I like to sing them, too.", Yibo whispered, finding a good reason for bringing their faces closer.

Xiao Zhan flinched, startled at the finger placed under his chin that was raising his face and forcing him to get lost into the pair of magical, dark eyes which he already knew what they could do to his heart.

"Who are you?", he whispered again in that low, deep voice, making Zhan almost forget that he was not allowed to speak. 
He closed back quickly his opened mouth and made himself busy with fixing the flowers tiara on his head and the mask on his face.

"You're right, you can't tell me, after all this is the meaning of a costume  party, to hide our real identities.", the prince sighed, closing his eyes and enjoying the way the girl's thin waist was waving seductively under his palm, in the rhythm of the music.

The fresh scent of her skin was intoxicating all of his senses, and the spark from her hazelnuts eyes shining out from her mask were bewitching him to the core.

He leaned into her neck and whispered:
"God, you smell so good!
I admit, and I'm sorry for that, but I can hardly refrain myself from snatching this  mask away from your face! 
But don't worry, I am a prince tonight, a well mannered one, and princes must respect the privacy of the princesses."

Suddenly a hyper  group of girls bumped onto his dancing partner, hitting her in the shoulder and causing her to almost fall down, but Wang Yibo pulled her protectively against his chest, with his arms wrapped around her lower back and her shoulders.

"Oh my God, the mask fell down!", a panicked Xiao Zhan screamed...but only in his mind.
He took advantage of the fact that the prince was busy talking with one of the girls who was apologizing to him, and he quickly hid his face behind the purse.
He then bent to pick the mask from the floor and fixed it back onto his eyes.

Thank god that the music had abruptly changed from slow ballads to clubbing  music with the stroboscope blue lights flashing. Thank god to those flashings that were  blinding the prince and obstructing him from seeing his bared face!



The prince  held "her" hand for helping "her" to stand up and asked worryingly:
"Are you alright?
Are you hurt?
Did you lose something?
I think that we should better take a break, now that the clubbing music will get the crowd even wilder.
Would you like to take a walk in the school park and get some fresh air?
Here it became too crowded and agitated."

As the girl agreed with a silent nod, he interlaced their fingers and sneaked together through the dancing students crowd towards the door.

Wang Yibo didn't release "her" hand, while walking among the long rows of flowers planted in the school's park by the amateur biologists group of students.

"Oh, they changed the music again into a love, slow song.
The music can be heard from here, we could dance here between flowers, under the moonlight.
It would be a romantic moment, suitable for a princess and a prince, don't you agree?", Yibo smiled, tugging her with his free hand against his chest and burying his nose in the crook of her neck.

"Hmm, you are taller than me, I thought that I know all the senior students of our school. How come I have never spotted a girl as tall as you?
And with a ravishing beauty as you have?
Where did you hide until now, I just don't get it?
Mmm, you smell so good, and your skin is so soft, so delicious...", he breathed deeply  into her scent, sweeping lightly his lips over the smooth surface.

He tightened his arms around  the shivering body from his embrace:
"Are you cold?"

Even though the girl shook her head in negation, he crushed her body harder against his, and raised again her face with the free hand:
"Your eyes are fascinating, at least from what your mask allows me to see, not speaking anymore about your astonishing lips, which, funny, but look to me somehow familiar. This shape of your lips and this uniquely sculptured philtrum jumped into my attention from the first moment I met him! Ermm, I mean, from  the first moment I laid my eyes on you.
Oh, you even have the mole below your bottom lip!
Stunning!", Wang Yibo gasped, running  gently a thumb over the princess's velvety lips and "her" outstanding beauty sign from  below.

"But let me introduce myself to you, I am Wang Yibo...and I think that I fell in love with you!
I will remove my mask now, it's alright if you don't want to do the same,  I'm already sure that you are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen, even with the mask on your face.
I just wonder how on earth I have never met you, because I would have never let you escape from my sight." 

All that Xiao Zhan was able to do when the prince removed his mask was to gasp for air, his mouth hanging open at the sight of the entrancing man in front of him.

His sinful eyes were even more piercing with the subtle makeup applied on his eyelids and the thin mascara on his eyelashes. 
Those magnetic eyes and that beautiful face bathed into the magical moonlight were giving Zhan big trouble in breathing normally. 

God, he is crushing  harder and harder! 
What did he do to himself?
What will he do, after leaving this damn costume party?
Why did he listen to his bratty DiDi?



Zhan  asked himself worriedly if the prince could hear his heart noisily thumping in his chest, while his melted eyes were running from the princess' deer eyes to "her" lips, and back again to "her" eyes.

Yibo's gaze lingered again  over the girl's parted lips, while biting his bottom lip. He cupped gently "her" masked cheeks, leaning slowly against "her" face.

A hot breath ghosted  Zhan's lips, in a soft whisper:
"May I kiss you?"




Even though "she" was taller, the princess shrank in the prince's arms like a melted heap of honey, and just silently rested her face onto the crook of his neck.

The prince took the girl's silence as an approval, so he held her chin and swept lightly their bottom lips, the hot air exhaled from their panting mouths burning their hearts and causing them to wish for more.



The tip of Yibo's tongue brushed slowly the thin line gaping Zhan's fleshy lips, before insinuating inside, between her slippery teeth.

Muffled moans escaped from both of their throats when Zhan eagerly the prince's tongue wandering inside  his mouth.

"Oh, god, you taste heavenly!
You  are simply driving me crazy.
When will you tell me who you are? 
I want to know more about you. I want to know not only your name, but what kind of person you are.
I want to know what you like and what not, I want to know your...I just want to know you better.
Can I?". Wang Yibo was murmuring between pecking and biting at the princess' sweet lips that he just  couldn't have enough from.

Instead of answering his question, "she" circled her arms around his neck and initiated a  close to aggressive kiss that got Yibo  shut up and made him forget what he was even asking about.



Yibo was just pressing her closer by her lower back and was deepening even more the passionate kiss when a loud group of girls snapped them out from their fairy moment.

"I told you, they are here!",  one of them shouted, dragging another one towards the front porch of the school.

Zhan's heart flinched when he recognized Xiao Qing's angry voice:
"Who the fu*k is she anyway?!
She blew my chances away and now I need to call my stupid brother to pick me up, god dammit!"

Xiao Zhan detached himself from the prince's embrace in a brusque tug and started to run towards the  porch from the back of the school, confusing Yibo, who froze for a moment in his spot.

The prince started running after "her", shouting:
"Wait, why are you running?
What had just happened? 
If I offended you with something, I'm sorry, please forgive me!
Wait, at least tell me your name!"


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