09 Dinner

Cinderella's brother
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Yibo waited for Zhan to get dressed in his house's living room, chatting with little A-Yuan, who told him that his sister was the whole day nowhere to be found, she just passed by for a few minutes when she dressed herself up, and since then she didn't answer any of their mother's calls.

"I'm sure that she is okay, just that she is too stubborn to answer your calls, please don't worry Missis Xiao!", Yibo   tried to comfort the overly worried mother, after she came into the living room with  a plate of home-made cookies.




"Where is mom?",  Yibo asked the housekeeper who opened the front door for him and Zhan.

"She's not home, she was called from the school for an urgent issue.
Your father is in the dining room, also you have a guest waiting for you in your room.", replied the middle aged woman, fixing Yibo's  shirt collar and handing him a formal dinner jacket.

"Your father asked me to give you this to wear, because he invited to join the dinner your special guest, too, the one from your room!", the woman winked, intriguing both boys with her weird words and weird acting.

"What? Who dares to enter my room, in my absence?!", Yibo growled,  dragging Zhan by his hand towards his room.


"What the hell are you doing here?!
And why didn't you answer mom's calls, the whole day?!",  Xiao Zhan shouted in shock, at the sight displayed  before their eyes after Yibo opened his room's door.

"I could ask you the same question, what the hell are you doing here in my boyfriend's house?", Xiao Qing shouted back, while hastily hiding something that she was holding in her hands.
She was lying on her stomach on Yibo's bed, dressed in a  branded black dress, with her legs flexed up in the air covered in y black silk tights, and wearing a pair of extremely high heels shoes.

"Who allowed you to take the glass shoe out of the cabinet?", Yibo screamed in horror when noticing what was the object that the girl hid in the bed sheets.

"What? I did nothing wrong, I was just curious!
And still am, why is my brother's Cinderella glass shoe in your cabinet, anyway?
I thought that  both shoes got broken!", Qing rolled her eyes at Yibo's angry gesture to grab the glass object and place it quickly back in the cabinet.



"Whaat?!", both Zhan and Yibo gasped in shock and confusion.

But they didn't have time to ask more  or to snap out from their shock, as a severe tone of voice  coming from behind them got them startled:
"Wang Yibo son, where are your manners, and why do you allow this young man to speak like that to your girlfriend? I heard him from the hallway, yelling at her about the hell or something!”

"Daddy, she is not my girlfriend, and this young man has every right to speak to her however he needs to, because that girl is his sister!
His crazy sister, I may add!", Yibo replied in a shaky voice.

Xiao Qing  jumped down the bed and s her arms around Yibo's neck, while pretending to sniff crying:
" Why do you talk like that?
Are you still angry with me? Please forgive me if I did wrong to you, I will never do that again.
Just let's make up!
God, I missed you so much."



When Yibo pushed her away with disgust written all over his face, she slipped her arm under the doctor's arm, meowing:
"Now you saw with your own eyes the way I am treated by my loving family, Mister Wang!
Yes it's true, he is indeed Xiao Zhan, my brother, who hates me so badly that he tries to do anything to break my relationship with the boy I love and loves me back.
He even tried to seduce your son and convert him into a fa...you know...into his lover, just for hurting me!
Imagine that! The son of the respectable doctor Wang, being in a love relationship with a male!
What would your employees or your patients say about that?
My brother is like this, enjoying destroying lives, no matter whose, mine, BoBo's or yours!"

"Xiao Qing, cut it off!
You need to stop this grotesque comedy of yours, and if it's not a comedy,  I suggest you go and get some medical help with your mental health!", Yibo screamed, not caring anymore about his father's judgmental eyes.





"BoDi, leave her alone, don't speak to her like that, she is my sister after all!", Zhan interposed  between them.

"Zhan Ge, don't fall into her trap!
Don't you see what she is trying to do?
She wants to force you into choosing between her and me, don't do that, please!
If you want to  give her your brotherly love, just let her experience and understand on her own,  about the reality of life!",  Yibo spoke in a strangled voice, cupping Zhan's shoulders and looking at him with pleading  eyes.

"That would be enough!
Let's sit in the dining room, we can discuss more while waiting for your mom, she will be back soon and we will have dinner!
But Yibo son, first, introduce to me properly this young man !", Yibo's father cut any arguments.

"Yes, dad, I apologize, he is...", Yibo started to explain, while tugging Zhan by his waist, against him.



But Yibo didn't get to finish his sentence, because his mom popped up out of nowhere behind his father, with an unknown girl in her trail.

"I can introduce him to you, because I know him, he is Xiao Zhan, the composer who will write the songs for our son, and also his best friend who was bullied along with our BoBo, by those animals.",  the woman smiled grabbing Zhan's trembling hand and wrapping an arm around Yibo's shoulders.

"And who would be this young lady accompanying you?", doctor Wang asked.

"Let's go in the dining room, and we'll talk more, Lulu should be hungry, and I admit that I'm hungry, too!", Missis Wang Victoria said , leading  them all to the sumptuous dining room where it was awaiting for them a long table full of all kinds of dishes.

"So, let me be the first to do the introductions, I will introduce to all of you, our son's guest.
No, better saying, she is my guest, because it was me who invited her to join this dinner.", the doctor said, taking Qing's hand in his, the girl's seat being placed between Yibo and his father.

"I met this fine young lady, whose name is Xiao Qing, this morning when she walked into my office,  to ask me to enroll her as a volunteer, unpaid nurse. Why? She told me about her ever since dream to become a doctor to heal people in need. Not any kind of people in need, but those with a low income who don't afford  the health care expenses.
She also told me that sadly her parents died and her adopting family forced her on trying to become a singer, telling her that she would bring to them a bigger amount of money than the income of a doctor for poor patients.
I was very impressed with her "Cinderella" life, so I decided to help and tutor her for the medicine college's exams.
And guess what? Talking from one to another, we discovered that we have a surprising and unexpected bond through my son, who actually is this wonderful soul's boyfriend!
Yibo son, I am still upset with you for not telling me that you have a girlfriend and for not introducing her to me!"

After collecting his jaws from the ground, Yibo exploded:
"Dad, I have always admired you, not only because you are my father, but especially for your intelligence, but now I start to doubt..."

His mother who was sitting across the table, stopped him  from saying more by stepping hard onto his foot:
"BoBo baby, this is not the proper way of talking to your father, let me hold this!
Miss Xiao Qing, happy to meet you again, I remember you from the hospital when the boys got bullied.
I would like to know you better as my son's girlfriend, so what are you saying about spending some time together tomorrow, by going shopping at the newly opened mall, for example?"

Qing had happily agreed, throwing gazes of jubilation towards Zhan who was like an inert dummy thrown carelessly on that chair.



Wang Yibo  kept glancing at his mother questioningly, but somehow he was trusting in her power to manipulate his father and in her skills to solve any problem, so he decided to shut up for now and to just squeeze his boyfriend's cold hand under the table.

"Now, allow me to introduce to all of you another fine young lady,  she is my student and her name is Xuan Lu, but you can call her Lulu, as everybody does.
She is another Cinderella, I could say, but this time in her natural family not an adopted one.
Her mother died and her father became a drunkard after his wife's death. Lulu's father was often beating her up after getting drunk, but today he overstepped the level of just beating her, and he tried...Well, I will just saying it, he threatened her with her.
She had nowhere to go from the police, so she called the school number to ask for my help, as I am her only teacher to whom she talked about her life problems. I knew that her father had a drinking issue, but I would have never imagined that her problems were at such a horrific extent.
I want our family to take her in our care.", Missis Wang Victoria closed her introduction, caressing the embarrassed girl's long hair.

"Of course that we will help her, she can sleep in the guest room!", replied the doctor looking with pity at the poor girl.

"No, I disagree with another girl  sleeping in the same house with my boyfriend!
Maybe we should switch houses, I could sleep here and my brother could take her home , but not in my room of course!
Zhan could sleep with her in the same bed, actually. He is a girl, too.
Lulu, you should not worry because my brother is a , so you would not be in any danger, though, ha, ha!", Qing laughed wickedly, forgetting for a few moments to act the nice girl role.

"This will be enough!
Sorry, mom, but I can't take it anymore from all this crazy masquerade!", Yibo shouted, jumping up from the chair and pulling Zhan up, too, by his shoulders.

"Daddy, you asked me to introduce to you properly this young man, allow me to do it now.
Well, he is Xiao Zhan, and I'm in love with him!
Yes, he is my boyfriend and the love of my life, also the loving brother of this o

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