12 One of those perfect nights...

Cinderella's brother
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Xiao Zhan snapped out from his deep slumber at the loud knocking in the door accompanied by his little brother's voice:
"Ge, Ge, you should wake up, the dinner is ready, and Bug Eyes' mom...erm...Wang Yibo Ge's mom is here, she wants to speak with him!

He rolled down from bed and walked groggily to the door:
"Yes, A-Yuan, I'm awake already, just a minute!
God, when will your voice finally change?"

The kid slipped into the room, peeking curiously toward his brother's bed:
"Is Bug Eyes  still sleeping?...But where is he?"

"DiDi you brat, we didn't sleep in the same bed, if that is what's consuming you.
And I have already told you not to call him like that! ", Zhan frowned, lightly smacking the kid's head.

"Oh, he is there, and you know me so well, yes I was curious about you two, I bet that his mom is curious too, though.
Anyway, we will be waiting for you to come downstairs and  have dinner together."

"Is Qing Mei home?"

"Yes she is, and besides her and Missis Wang, someone else will join us for dinner: Qing Jie's new friend who is also Lady Wang's student, so hurry up!
Here, take Yibo Ge's clothes, mom washed and dried them."

After Xiao Zhan locked the door behind his  noisy DiDi, he tiptoed to the improvised bed where his prince was still  deeply asleep, not getting disturbed at all, with  A-Yuan's high-pitched voice.








"Go away, Miss, let me sleep more!", Yibo whined at the fingers ruffling his hair, knowing that it was the housekeeper lady's way of waking him up for  breakfast.
As the fingers didn't stop, he grabbed a nearby pillow and threw it towards the annoying lady, grumbling  while still keeping his eyes shut:
"I don't want breakfast, I am not hungry, please Miss, go away!
Jeez, I was dreaming so beautifully, and you had to ruin it..." 

When it seemed as if the woman finally gave up, Yibo went back to sleep, hoping that the dream  would get back to where it was interrupted.

He shifted in the sheets when the lips brushing his neck skin he was dreaming about, caused him to moan lightly.
It felt too real for a dream, though.
He cracked an eye, his sight being welcomed by a very familiar messy mop of dark hair.

"Oh, my god, you are here, I am here!", he finally got completely aware  of the surroundings and reality.

"Morning, my love, I'm sorry for hitting you with the pillow, I thought that...
But, did I sleep much, what time is it?", Yibo spoke in a hoarse voice, pulling closer, the body that was squirming next to him and planting a loving kiss onto his forehead.



"I have no idea what the time is, but not morning for sure. Actually it's dinner time.
We need to get ready and go downstairs, your mom is here, waiting for you.",  Zhan replied, snuggling in the warm embrace and inhaling deeply into Yibo's body odor.

"Mom, my mom?
What is she doing here?", Yibo widened his eyes, surprised at the information .

"She must have been worried about you, of course, A-Yuan woke me up to tell me that she is here waiting to talk to you."

"Is your sister home?"

"Yes she is, your mom's student is here, too.
But, you shouldn't worry about Qing Mei, she will behave in front of your mother, I know her that much.
Now, let's get dressed and go have dinner, you must be hungry, I know I am.",  Zhan smiled, when the other boy didn't let go of him, tightening his embrace and stealing a few more kisses from him.

"No, I don't wanna...I just want to stay here with you, I will feed myself  from your candy lips...mmmm, you taste so good!",  Yibo moaned, while nibbling at the giggling boy's delicious lips.

"GeGe!  Mom sent me again to tell you that the meal is getting cold!", a high pitched voice coming from behind the locked door ruined the two boys' sweet moment.



The dinner time carried out pretty smoothly, the conversation occurring mostly between the two mothers.

Xiao Zhan took note with a huge surprise that Qing Mei did not bother to throw not even one single sarcastic arrow toward him or Yibo, being busy the whole dinner time happily interacting with her new friend Lulu.

"BoBo my son, you should have made a call in the morning to tell us where you are. Me and your father were very worried about you. Luckily Mrs Xiao called me, thank you my dear for that.", Victoria said with a hint of reproach in her eyes when looking at her son.

"I'm sorry, Mrs Wang, it's not Yibo's fault, I was the one asking him to take a rest here, before going home.
I didn't think that we would sleep for so many hours, though.",  Zhan hurried to defend his boyfriend.

Yibo pressed his palm over Zhan's hand resting on the table:
"No, it's not ZhanZhan's fault at all.
I just wanted to avoid father, because I was too happy these last hours to ruin everything with an argument with dad.
But, yes, I should have given you a call, I apologize mom!"

"It's alright son, I'm glad that you're happy, but you do know that you'll not be able to avoid endlessly "THE" big talk.
He is expecting you tomorrow morning at his office."

"His office?
Why not at home?"

"Because he said that he wants to talk with you without me or anyone else, and in his office you two will  not be bothered."

"Hmmm, this doesn't sound very good, actually I was hoping that you will be a big help and you will manage to convince him better than me.", Yibo frowned , getting worried, Zhan, too.

"Lulu was invited by Qing to sleep over, here, maybe you should remain for the night time, here, too, if Mrs Xiao would allow, of course.
That way I will be alone with your dad and I will try to have my own talk with him, before your meeting from tomorrow morning.

"Of course that I will allow, I love Yibo like I love my own children, he is a very good kid.
To be honest, I was impressed with what A-Yuan told me, that they didn't even sleep in the same bed.",  Zhan's mom giggled, being cut by the little Yuan's offended protests.

Yibo stood up and pecked his mother's cheek:
"Thank you mom, love you! It's a very good idea. We have a lot to work on anyway."

"Work, now in the night time?",  both mothers asked in the same voice.

"We are no more sleepy, we slept too much the whole day, besides I have too many song ideas and I'm afraid not to lose them if I will postpone it for tomorrow.",  Xiao Zhan explained, wiping his mouth with a napkin and getting ready for ending the dinner time.

"Yes, and he needs me to sing, for listen to how the composed parts are sounding on live.", Yibo added .

"And how well the songs fit his voice. So we will spend the night working on the songs that I already have composed in my mind.", Zhan completed their clarifying speech.

"Okay, boys, but don't work too late, you need to rest, too.
Especially you BoBo dear, you need to be clear headed for the meeting with your dad.
Now, it's time for me to go home, too. Have a good night all of you and thank you very much Mrs Xiao for sheltering these kids overnight in your house.
Once again, don't stay too late kids, goodbye, and Yibo, call me tomorrow after talking with your dad, I will have no patience till you'll tell me personally."



It was one of those perfect nights that Yibo will never forget.
Watching Zhan's focused face while running his fingers on the guitar strings, then putting down on the paper the musical notes or lyric fragments, was literally mesmerizing.
The way he was sticking out the tip of his tongue between his pink lips and the way his eyes were fluttering closed while humming the notes already written in his head, was getting his heart close to explosion from too much love.

It was pretty hard to concentrate for all those hours they've worked non stop, the only  breaks being the moments they were shortly sipping from the wine that remained from their seaside picnic.



After a number of hours he lost it...
He couldn't refrain himself anymore not to touch Zhan's smooth cheek who was listening to him singing the part written on the paper.
The composer leaned his cheek into the tender touch while accompanying the singer with his guitar playing.
His eyes were closed and his head was moving along the melody flowing.

"Bo Di, I bet an angel gave up on his voice for giving it to you, I can't appreciate if the song is good or not, because everything sung by you it sounds heavenly.", Zhan murmured , with his eyes still closed, after Yibo stopped from singing.

"It can't be like that, because you are an angel, my angel. And the angel still has a voice, didn't give it to me, ha. ha. I love you so much, my beautiful, perfect angel.", Yibo whispered against those soft lips he was dying to taste for so many hours.

Zhan's guitar slipped aside and his head hit lightly the pillow when Yibo leaned him on the crumpled sheets.

"I love you, too, much, much, much!", Sungmin smiled in the kiss, snaking his arms around  his boyfriend's torso and pulling him on top of his chest.

"We should go to sleep, it's pretty late...", Yibo mumbled in an aroused pitched voice.

"Ye..., we...we... should...ah...", Zhan moaned, when his neck skin was marked by a strong .



"BoBo, can I sleep in your arms tonight, please"? Just wanna cuddle, nothing more. I want to feel you in my bed, under my comforter, I want you with my head on your chest and your arm around me.
No talking, no making out, just sleepy, blissfully, happy, silent...together.",  Zhan exhaled when they parted to look into each other's eyes.

"I was waiting for you to say that, thank you, my love. But not before kissing you one last time.", the prince replied,  cupping the other's swollen bottom lip with his humid, warm lips, and it into his mouth, while shoving his tongue into Zhan's hot cavern, everything inside.

Xiao Zhan's fingers were kneading frantically his boyfriend's silky hair and his sensitive scalp.
He didn't even notice when Yibo lifted him in his arms, up from the comforter stretched on the floor, and carried him to his bed.

"Good night my love, have a good sleep, I promise you that it will come a day in the future when we will sleep every night like this, one in the other's arms.", Yibo planted  one last kiss on Zhan's forehead, before embracing him and drifting both  of them in the most peaceful sleep they have ever had.






"Father, you are a doctor, a smart, educated man! How can you ask this from me?!
I can't fall in love according to an order! Only my heart can order me, not my brain, not my wish, not even you, whom I have always loved and respected.
Was I ever disobedient to you? I have always followed all of your orders or advice, but this time you're asking from me something impossible!
For the simple reason that  I have no control on what I feel! I only know that my heart fell in love with Xiao Zhan, and he is all I want in my life, even before accomplishing my life dream, to become a singer.
I'm sorry daddy for disappointing you like this, but I simply can not give up on him!
I love him and only him!"



"Son, calm down a bit and just listen to what I have to tell you.
I ask you to try a relationship with his sister...TO TRY!
I don't say that I will force you to fall in love with her, just try to go out with her for a few months, that's all.
I want you to be sure that it's not just a passing crush, or a passing phase.
You were always attracted to forbidden challenges, maybe involving in a homoual relationship is giving you the same thrill like you experienced when we were in that country trip and you stole my car keys for driving the car on that dangerous mountain road, only because you knew that an underage kid is not allowed to do that."

"'My beloved father, listen to me please.  I know that  I'm still young and maybe immature, but this time is not like back then.
This time is not my adventurous brain  talking to you, I promise you that it's not! But, like I have already told you, my heart is screaming loudly that I love him, HIM, ONLY HIM!"

"Yibo, my dearest son, your heart can still love him, while going out to watch a movie or eating an ice cream with that adorable girl who is his sister. All I ask from you is three months of dating this girl, and if you still feel the same for the boy, I will accept your choice."

"Daddy, don't you see that it's not a matter of choice here. I was blinded all of my life before, by society's rules and by my own stupidity. I was never attracted to girls, but I didn't understand it before falling in love for real. What I'm trying to tell you is that I was born gay, thing about I found out only in the moment I fell so deeply in love with a boy, not a girl. A boy who attracts me physically, spiritually, and in all aspects, I will marry this boy or I will never marry, and that's final!"

"Bo, don't you listen to yourself what idiotic things you are  saying?
He can't give you a family, not only because the law of our country refuses to give you that, but he will never be able to give you children, security in this cruel and homophobic world, you can't be happy with only having his love! Love that it's not even sure it will last forever, by the way!"

"I will take that risk, father!  Besides,  I'm sure that he will never leave me, as for not being able to give me a family, he will be enough for me, he will be my family, my wife, my child, my everything, I don't care about anything else!"


A discreet knocking on the office door interrupted the  intense discussion.

Didn't I tell you not to be disturbed by anyone?!"', the hospital's manager yelled .

"I apologize Mister Wang, but you said once that if Mister detective would ask to talk to you, you would be always at his disposal, no matter what. He is waiting in the lobby and he said that he brings some extremely important news, sorry once again for bothering you.", the scared secretary spoke from behind the locked door.

"Detective?!"', asked the confused Yibo when his father's hands started to tremble while calling Victoria on the phone.

"Come quickly,  the detective has some important news to tell us, I want us to be together while listening to what he has to tell us, hurry!", the doctor quickly ended the call while leading Yibo to the door.

"Go home, now, we will talk later about everything.
Now I have something important to do.", the doctor said,  pushing his son lightly out of the office, and  quickly closing the door behind him.

What scared Yibo even more was his mother's cracked voice while speaking to him when he phone called her:
"BoBo, dear, we will talk later about everything, now I have something important to do!"

The same words with his father's...what was going on?

He decided to wait for his mom in front of the hospital, but he was dismissed by her, again, with almost the same words....hmmm!


Still he refused to leave the place, something was fishy with all that detective thingy, so he sneaked back in the hospital lobby.

The man he saw before, waiting in front of his dad's

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