08 A special evening

You are the antidote to all of my pains
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"You must be really hungry by now. I'm sorry that it took longer than I thought, but I wanted to impress you with this dish that used to be my favorite. But since A-Yuan  is not allowed to eat this and I had no one to share it with, I haven't cooked it for years.  
I want to check up A-Yuan one last time and we can have dinner after that.", Wang Yibo   smiled and started to roll the wheelchair to his son's room.

"Let me help you.", Xiao Zhan offered right away and pushed the wheelchair, even though the user was doing fine. He carefully opened the child's bedroom door.
"A-Yuan is sleeping soundly, no wonder though, after such an exciting day.
Thank you once again, I will be forever grateful to you for making him so happy.", Wang Yibo squeezed the hand resting on his shoulder.

"Shhh, you will wake him up.
I am the one to be grateful to both of you. I don't even remember when I was so happy and had so much fun the last time.", Xiao Zhan whispered after shutting the door with his free hand.


During the dinner, Xiao Zhan couldn't tear his eyes away from the man sitting across from him. 

Any human being doesn't look pretty while eating, nobody does, yet this fully grown man is able to be attractive and beautiful even while putting the food into his mouth and chewing it.
Just look at him, he's like a cute little  toddler, bulging  his chipmunk cheeks while savoring with such a great appetite. Anything he eats looks so delicious and appetizing! Ermm, and...those pink, rounded, plump lips of his!
Hmm, so strange how someone can just pop up into your life all of a sudden and become so important to your life within such a small amount of time.

"Should we watch a movie or are you too tired?
And do you want some wine?", Wang Yibo asked after finishing cleaning the dishes, helped by his dinner guest of course. 

"No, I'm not tired, a movie would be nice, unless you'd want to go to sleep.", the guest replied.

After Wang Yibo poured the wine in a glass and Xiao Zhan helped him to move from the wheelchair onto the couch, they randomly chose the movie...After all they would watch anything, even a whole hour of advertising, just for that wonderful day to not end yet. 

"Am I the only one to drink wine?", Xiao Zhan asked , while placing two pillows under Yibo's feet, to make him feel as comfortable as possible.

"I would but I can't. Don't you know, doc, that wine doesn't get along too well with the antibiotics, hahaha?", Wang Yibo laughed.

"Of course that you can't, it simply slept off my mind that I am a doctor, hahaha.", Xiao Zhan laughed along.
"By the way, what did  the funny doctor tell you?"

"My foot is okay, I'll be able to walk in a week or so, but as for dancing, it will take some longer time."

"What about your shoulder?
May I look?", Xiao Zhan asked, ing a few buttons from Yibo's shirt and uncovering his shoulder.
Only because he was reminded that he is a doctor, not for any other reason!



"That drunk head, I could kill him with my bare hands!", he growled, running his fingertips over the deep trace and slowly leaning his face towards the area.

"What? What are you doing?", Wang Yibo startled, breathing heavily, yet staying still in his spot.



"I will wipe away the mad man's mark.", Xiao Zhan whispered,  pressing his warm lips against the round, purple bruise, then like a kitty healing a wounded paw by it, he traced wet, burning circles with his tongue on the entire shoulder.

Wang Yibo dropped his head against the couch backrest.
He unconsciously closed his eyes and parted his lips.

His cheeks were dark pink and his breath hot and heavy.

Why was that image displayed before his lustful eyes, why was it giving to Xiao Zhan a strong, yet pleasant pain inside his stomach?



His lips moved slowly, by themselves, from the shoulder to the collarbone, wrapping the Adam apple in their way toward the jaw line.

His lips continued their journey, by exploring the creamy skin of the exposed neck.

"Your sternocleidomastoid muscle is driving me insane since the first moment I laid my eyes on it.", he grumbled, forcing himself not to or bite the sweet flesh. He wouldn't want to hurt him the same as the jap did.



"Mmmh...my what? Mmmmh...", Yibo moaned, when those wet half parted lips started running up and down the length of his neck.

It was not the right time for doctor Xiao Zhan to explain medical terms, so the reply didn't come.
Anyways it was hard enough to refrain from  biting. 
Instead, he just enjoyed the tasty alabaster skin with brushing his lips and grazing his teeth along the throbbing jugular vein.

After a while he stopped from his action, and backed his head a bit. Only to admire once again the mesmerizing sight.



"I have never seen in my whole life unique lips like yours, I'm simply obsessed with them.", Xiao Zhan whispered, sweeping with his thumb  the alluring  rounded shaped lips' outline.

When Wang Yibo puckered his lips and kissed his thumb, he gasped:
"Please, Bo Di, don't ask me anymore to ignore the physical attraction that I feel for you, it's simply overwhelming, I can't take it anymore!"

"Can we talk later, please Zhan Ge?", Wang Yibo murmured, ing his fingers in Ge's soft hair and pushing him by his nape for the so-waited and so-wanted kiss.

Wang Yibo surprised the other man with his sudden move, when he propped his weight onto his healthy foot and crossed his other leg over Xiao Zhan's thighs, riding  his lap.



Xiao Zhan pulled him closer, trying as much as he could to keep his pelvic from following its natural instinct in rocking, rolling, pushing against the other's.

He needed all of his strength when Yibo's hot breath ghosted over his panting lips. 

He tried to not move at all, not trusting in his own right judgment. 
And most of all, he didn't want to scare him, what if he would kick him out of his life?
Thus he stayed still and just waited and hoped for the happening to happen!

At the moment their lips met, a major earthquake of senses shook both of their hearts and bodies, even though it was not the first time their lips were meeting.

At the beginning, Zhan's upper lip was hardly touched by the other's bottom one, then he shyly cupped, with both lips, Yibo's plump upper lip.

Wang Yibo grabbed the chance and gently the sweetness of Zhan's lower lip, slightly biting it with his sharp teeth.

Neither of them could say whose tongue was the first to act, but at some point
both of their tongues were performing an ally, arousing "Passo Doble" dance inside Yibo's hot cavern, pulling faint moans from both sides.




Xiao Zhan's  delicate, trembling fingers sneaked under Yibo's shirt and walked in circled movements over the smooth velvet skin of his well toned back, while pressing their chests together.

Wang Yibo had a sudden urge to feel skin against skin. His hands slipped between their bodies and feverishly ed both their shirts.

"Wait, let me help you.", Zhan spoke in a strangled voice, when Yibo couldn't pull his shirt open.
He eagerly tugged out their shirts from the jeans and  plastered together their bare chests.




Ahhh! The sensation was pure heaven.

He could stay like this for a lifetime, he  would  never  have thought that a simple skin contact like this could produce such an extreme, blissful pleasure.

Their hearts were beating at the same pace, with the same force, singing the same harmonized song.
A love song.

After breaking the kiss for oxygenating their lungs, Xiao Zhan murmured, while gently the tasty earlobe:
"Maybe it will sound weird to you, as it's kind of too soon, and too sudden, but...I have to say this! 
I can't deny anymore that I'm deeply in love with you and I wish to be a part of your life and your family."

Wang Yibo struggled to give him a lucid answer.
Hard thing to do with that hot, silky tongue the back of his overly sensitive ear:
"I must say that I feel the same as you...But I can't just simply ignore that you are not a

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