01 A favor for a friend

You are the antidote to all of my pains
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"What the hell! Hold your horses whomever you are! I'm coming, jeez!", Yibo shouted from the kitchen.
He pulled aside the pan from the stove and hurried to the front door, to prevent the crazy guest from breaking the front door bell.   

"Sorry, sorry, I will be as quiet as possible!
BoBo, you are my friend, aren't you?
Please, please, save me!", an agitated Zhou Yixuan pulled his friend into a suffocating embrace.



"What the hell, Yixuan, get off of me!
What's wrong with you? You almost woke up Yuan from his afternoon nap!
Come inside first, take a deep breath and calm down!
Okay, now tell me what's the matter?"

After Yibo pushed his friend down in a chair, Zhou Yixuan started to explain everything in one breath:
"You know, I've been telling you about Mister Jin Guangyao.
This gentleman and his associate, doctor Xiao Zhan, are the owners of many hotels and malls, besides a bunch of sanatoriums and all kinds of clinics. Not only here in Beijing, but also in Sanya island and...I don't even remember where. The point is that he is  a very rich businessman and an influential personality.
He is my number one VIP customer, and I was lucky enough to get his attention. He even helped me with the license of my night club and always brings his business partners to the club. And I can tell you that they spend lots of money.
And when he is not able to come , he sends to me other rich clients.
He is my benefactor, for God's sake, I really can't refuse him!"

"Alright, I get the picture, he's wonderful and great, but I don't see the connection with me."

"He called me and shared with me, the insignificant me! He told me that he intends to impress a very big financial fish for a two billion dollars contract.
Anyways, Mister Jin Guangyao organizes a fancy party in honor of this rich Japanese investor, and needs my girls for a high class, stylish cabaret show", Yixuan beamed,  very proud with his dancing girls from the nightclub he owns.

"Good for you, but why do you need me to save you?"

"Well, that Mister Nirosawa is slightly biual, so he requested for the show a male, too.
You don't have to do any monkey business, you can play the guitar, present a martial arts moment and of course you'll dance, after all you are a modern dancing coach."

"Are you crazy XuanXuan?
What do you take me for?
A stripper, a gigolo or what the heck, to ask me to dance for pleasuring who knows what freaks?", Yibo yelled in disbelief.

"Please BoBo!
I've already told Jin xiān sheng (A/n: a respectful way to address a male in Chinese) knows about you and he was very excited.
He remembers you from that time my both bartenders got sick and you helped me. He told me that he once watched one of your stage performances, I don't know where or when, but anyway he said that he has a great admiration for you. That's why he is ready to sign a contract with you to assure you that nobody would touch you, they will just watch and enjoy your stage performance.
The money will be great, I'm sure, and...Also, don't forget that you owe me!"

"Owe you?
What for?"

"I had, once, a shining male dancer star and may I ask you who stole him away from me?
Your lovely wife took him for a very long trip to America.
I'm sorry if I'm hurting you by reminding you about those days, but I'm a desperate man and my business, my honor, my life are in your hands now!"

"Damn you!
Okay, you won, but only because I need money for Yuan's treatment!"

"You are the Master!
Thank you thousands of times!", Zhou Yixuan gasped , bowing 90 degrees in front of his not very happy friend.

"Now, let's go to the club.
I know that you are handsome and y, but my stylist jiejie will make you smash gorgeous".

"Hold your horses, I need to ask Guan Xiaotong if she's available for oversleeping here with my son.
He is only five years old, I can't leave him by himself overnight. 
Guan Xiaotong is his nanny, indeed, but just for the daytime not for nights, too."

"I bet she'd like to...for the nights..."

"Don't be an .
We'll meet at the club in two hours."

"Okay, don't be late, the party starts in three hours from now.
I can feel it in my bones that you'll never regret this!"



When Wang Yibo had finally escaped from the stylist jiejie's hands, the whole assistance's jaws dropped to the ground.
Even though he was wearing a common black leather jacket, a white comfy shirt and casual jeans, he was drop dead gorgeous, with that subtle make up applied and the discreet ear ring shining on his left earlobe. 

"What, what?
This is too much, huh?"

"If I wouldn't  be in love with my baobao, I'd surely jump you in a minute.
Poor Mister Nirosawa, I hope that his heart is in a good condition. 
Now go and make a lot of money!", YiXuan grinned, playfully slapping his friend's after giving him a thank you hug.









The party was taking place in a secluded big hall of a five stars luxury hotel.

Yixuan's girls were hosted in a special room prepared for the artists, but Yibo was stopped from entering, by a black suited man:
"Sorry sir, but are you Mister Wang Yibo?
Please follow me, boss wants to meet you to sign some papers."

Oh, yes, yes!"


He was led to a large hall, like a royal ball hall, and guided to an opulent dinner table with a lot of unknown dishes, where a beautiful woman and three elegant men were staring with curiosity at him.

One of them stood up and reached out his hand to Yibo:
"Hello, I'm Jin Guangyao.
Let me introduce you to my guests.
This is Mister Wang Yibo, a very talented dancer, singer, composer, actor and many more."

"Please don't exaggerate, sir, now I'm feeling uncomfortable.", Yibo replied, bowing to the sitting people.

"You don't have to.
I watched you in the past, performing in a musical and you were great, why did you stop?"

"It's a long story and I'm sure that your guests would have no interest in the topic."

"Sorry for being nosy, allow me to introduce my companions to you. 
This is my dear friend and , hopefully soon to be my business partner, from Japan, Mister Miko Nirosawa..."

"And your already biggest fan", spoke the short man, smiling libidinously while holding Yibo's hand a little longer than necessary.

"She's my beautiful Mèimei (A/n: younger sister in Chinese), Lin Zhixiao..."

"Beautiful, indeed, nice to meet you Miss Lin Zhixiao.", Yibo bowed politely and delicately shook the lady's hand.

"And here is Mister Xiao Zhan, her husband and also my associate."


Something unusual happened when his hand was touched by the said man's gracious hand and when his eyes got locked with the most beautiful pair of eyes that he has ever seen in his whole life, eyes that were piercing his soul.




Wang Yibo wouldn't be able to explain what was going on, because he has never felt those kinds of overwhelming emotions.

He  snapped out from his thoughts at the  sweet, yet husky, low voice:
"Mister Wang Yibo, let's proceed with business, now.
I understand that you want us to sign an agreement, why that?
Did you live, in the past, some weird experiences or do you take us as some not too civilized people?"

"Back off ZhanZhan, this was a part of my deal with Zhou Yixuan, this doesn't concern you at all!", Jin Guangyao snapped at his associate.

"I'm sure that you're all very civilized people, but I like and only take clean and clear jobs.
I don't want to be taken for anything else but an artist playing his role.", Yibo replied, not showing any slight annoyance in his tone of voice. 



After signing the contract, Wang Yibo excused himself and walked away to get ready for the show.


"He's an interesting man", Lin Zhixiao smiled.

"A very beautiful, y man!", Mister Nirosawa emphasized excitedly.

"I'm sure that he'll be delightful.", Jin Guangyao resumed.

"If I'm not mistaken, I think that I saw him before.
Wasn't he working once as a bartender in Zhou Yixuan's club?
Anyways,  I don't trust him!
What if his ultimate goal is to provoke someone to touch him, then to ask for money according to the signed agreement?", doctor Xiao Zhan pointed out.

"Oh, Jiěfū (A/n: brother-in-law in Chinese), don't be so suspicious about everything.
Just look at him and admit that the man's face is too angelic for those kinds of evil plans.
Besides,  if everyone will keep their hands to themselves, it will be no trouble at all.",  Jin Guangyao cut any other conversation related to the topic.






The show was opened by Wang Yibo performing a Chinese traditional music on the guqin placed  on a table lit only by a small candle.

The audience became mute at the sight of the beautiful artist dressed in a white ethereal ancient robe, playing the instrument with his eyes closed.



Xiao Zhan forgot how to breathe. 
Maybe because it was something about the colorful shadows reflected by the candle flames on that perfect face, reminding him that he had the same breathing problems when landing his eyes one night on a specific bartender in a specific club. 
He visited that club many times after that, but he had never seen that bartender again, and he couldn't bring himself to ask around for information.


By the way of breathing problems, actually, he didn't breathe normally from the first moment that the alien creature entered the hall room.

He flinched and tapped his chest, startled at the audience greeting the artist with loud and long applause.

"What the heck is happening to me?
What the...this man is doing to me?
Yes, I appreciate his beauty, but only because I am a plastic surgeon, and beauty is my work interest.
It's a  male, for Christ's sake, it can't be possible to be attracted to him!!
It's true that I went several times to that club, but it was only because they have great cocktails!"




After a few dancing numbers performed by Yixian's girls, Wang Yibo had astonished once more the guests from Jin Guangyao's party with his martial arts skills, martial arts performed as a dancing number.

Mister Nirosawa was  ecstatic over the young owner of the black belt:
"So delicate, yet so strong.
So cute, yet so y!"

"Don't forget that he's just an artist, nothing else.", Jin Guangyao underlined,  a little worried at his guest's exaggerated admiration .

After some other dancing moments with girls, Yibo picked up his old outworn guitar and sang a sad love ballad.

"Such a lovely, soft voice, he sings like an angel.", Lin Zhixiao sighed dreamily.

"What's wrong with you people?
He is not bad, but don't you think that you are all overreacting?", doctor Xiao Zhan shouted,  almost desperately.

"Why are you so angry?
Are you jealous of him?", Lin Zhixiao laughed, amused at her husband's weird outburst.


"I have a funny and entertaining idea.
Mister Jin Guangyao, please ask Mister Wang Yibo to come here, I have a deal to propose to him.
Don't worry, it's nothing fishy, you'll see.", the Japanese business man giggled.







"Mister Wang Yibo, I wish to congratulate you personally for your multi talented performance, but I understand that you are a dancing coach, too.
I'd like to see you dancing. The martial art dance was amazing, but I want to see you dancing something else, too.
I'm sure that everybody from this room will appreciate my request.
Oh, also I would like to sign one more contract with you.
As much as I had the chance to observe Mister Xiao Zhan, I can tell that he is a cold man, a very hard to conquer, a refractory man.
My proposal to you is to dedicate to him a y dance, and if you succeed to seduce him, I'll give you a 50.000$ check.
Nothing out of the place, don't worry. To seduce him by dancing, I mean. 
Beware, he's a straight man, though! He has a wife.", Nirosawa chuckled.

"I'm straight, too.", Yibo smirked at the slightly tipsy Japanese.

"Why are you doing this, Mister Nirosawa?", doctor Xiao Zhan asked, a sudden panic clenching his heart and mind.

"Call me ert, but suddenly I feel the urge to watch  two beautiful men playing the seduction game.", the asked man shrugged and chucked down his liqueur glass to the bottom.


"The first contract is still valid, no?", Yibo asked, with Yuan's sweet and pale face playing in the back of his mind.

He would be ready to do anything for his son, this kind of money would be the  biggest part of the entire medical cost needed for the surgical intervention.

"And how will you judge if Mister Xiao Zhan is seduced or not?", Yibo asked in a serious businessman voice.


"The first agreement is valid, of course, he is not allowed to touch you.
But you can, if you want.
And to answer your other question, yes I would know if he would end liking you, because I'm biual (I admit). I'm telling you this, to explain that I can recognize a man attracted to another man: his eyes, his breath, his pulse, his body language (if you know what I mean) can't lie.
If I would have not heard what he said when talking about you some minutes ago, I would be tempted to say that he is already seduced by you or maybe terrified by you?", the business man grinned, wiggling his eyebrows.

"Why are you two talking about me like I'm not here?
Nobody asks me if I want to do this craziness

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