03 We became friends

You are the antidote to all of my pains
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Lin Zhixiao rushed inside the men's restroom, shouting extremely agitated:
"Come quickly and do something before the whole media finds out!
Oh my god, now Mister Wang Yibo can sue us for breaking the contract and for causing him physical damages!"

"Slow down and tell me what are you talking about?", her husband widened his eyes.

"That crazy jap got drunk and went mad.
He broke dishes and glasses, then he ripped Mister Wang Yibo's shirt, bit him on his shoulder, oh my god!
And when he was yanked by the crazy old mad man, he cut his sole on the shards of glass spread onto the floor.
You know that he danced barefooted."


By the time Zhixiao had finished the explanation, Xiao Zhan was already beside the injured artist.

A heavy punch onto his face, got Mister Nirosawa's  very surprised and extremely shocked.
What the hell? Xiao Zhan, one of the two owners of the company that was begging for his money, has just punched him in the face!

Xiao Zhan quickly undressed his suit jacket and put it on the artist's shoulders, then lifted his body into his arms. He started carrying Wang Yibo, in bridal style, towards the exit door.



Jin Guangyao didn't know what to do first: to apologize to the foreign guest for his associate's behavior, or to apologize to Mister Wang Yibo for the drunkard's behavior.



The doctor sat Yibo in the back seat of his car, helped by his driver.

"I'm going to look for a blanket and a towel for your injured foot, I'll be back in a minute and we'll drive to the hospital!", he told the artist and asked his driver to come with him.


Xiao Zhan sent the driver for the said things while he returned to the party room.

He grabbed the drunk businessman by his collar and shouted:
"Now hurry and give him the 50,000$ check! And I'll allow you to postpone your apologies toward him for some other time!"

"Somebody is in loovve!", the drunkard sing-sang between hiccups.

"Do you ask for another punch?!", Zhan screamed, his jugular vein almost exploding from anger.

"I saw it! I saw that kiss, you both enjoyed it very much...Straight guys, my , pardon my language!", the drunkard kept mumbling while fishing one more glass of alcohol from the table.

"ZhanZhan, please calm down, he's drunk.", Guangyao begged his brother in law, trying his best to calm down the flamed spirits.
"You better go now and bring Mister Wang Yibo to the hospital! And better convince him to not talk around about what had happened here.
If it's necessary buy his silence and get assured  that he'll not cause any trouble because we broke that damn contract.

"This is all you care about?
The man is a dancing coach, his income depends on his legs, and now his leg is wounded!", Xiao Zhan shouted, glaring at his brother-in-law with dark angry eyes.

"Wow, the jap might be drunk but he, also, might be right, you really like the dancer!
Never saw you so mad or worried because of me, your wife,  or for anyone else, ha, ha, ha!", Zhixiao laughed.

"Yes, I like him, but maybe not as much as you like that punk whom I found yesterday in my kitchen dressed in my bathing shorts", the doctor replied, shutting his wife down and earning from Guangyao a questionable glare at his sister.

He then walked to the table where the drunk businessman was struggling to complete the check, he grabbed the check file and stormed off the room.






Xiao Zhan climbed in the car beside the injured man and carefully lifted his leg onto his lap after covering him with the blanket. 

"Dammit, can you tell me why on earth you had to dance barefooted?", Xiao Zhan spoke while wrapping up  the towel on the bleeding foot.

"I have two reasons for that. One, because during dancing I like to feel my connection with the surface that receives the beat of my feet."

"You are weirdo, you know?
And the second reason? Is it even more weird than the first one?", Xiao Zhan smiled, fixing the blanket tighter around the dancer's shoulders.

"You know those homeless people who are usually begging at the subway entrance. Once, when I was a kid and I was waiting for the train with my father, I saw a kid of my age dancing for money that was collected by an adult, probably his father. Anyways, they were so poor that they had no shoes, the father was wearing some worn out slippers in the late autumn and the kid was dancing barefooted.
I gave the kid my sneakers, he was so happy like I gave him the world. I told him that I want to be a dancer when I grow up, and he told me that he will pray for my success and my happiness as long as he will live.
I wanted to help him more the next few days, but I never met him again, probably because they moved to another city or something. 
Anyway as my thanks for his prayers and to honor him, I decided to always dance barefooted."

"Oh my, what a sad and beautiful story.
And such a beautiful person you are!", Xiao Zhan gasped, shiny tears b his red eyes. 




"I apologize for calling you a weirdo for dancing barefooted.    
And I also want to apologize for the crazy man's behavior.
I really can't understand how such a brilliant, serious businessman like Mister Nirosawa is, could turn into such a brainless beast!
At least I got you the promised money from him, here is the check."

"He was drunk and probably aroused by my performance , that's why he tried to kiss me.
And because I rejected him, he bit me and tore my shirt out of anger.
He said that it's not fair for him to pay and another to get the kiss.
Thinking of it, he was right.
I must apologize to you, as well. I went over the board and kissed you.
I don't understand why I did that, maybe I was too immersed in my role, or maybe because everybody, including you, asked me to do it.", Yibo sighed, blushing for some reason.

"No, no need to apologize. Actually it was my fault, as well!
Maybe I was too immersed in my victim role.", Zhan replied, blushing too.

"Oh, don't victimize yourself, ha, ha, just admit that you liked and enjoyed every single minute.
Look at me, I have the courage to tell you that I had a better time than I had expected to have.
Also, I am willing to admit that I have never experienced those kinds of emotions, never ever before!
Ermm, and I'm very confused about it.
It was maybe, because I drank a glass of wine before dancing, as to encourage myself and I have a very low tolerance to alcohol.", Yibo squirmed in his seat, surprised somehow at this  overly honest chat with a complete stranger.

"No, it wasn't the wine, I understand you very well, I had the same problems, but I was not able to solve those equations even though I got the gold medal at the math country contest in my high school time, ha, ha.
Therefore, I think that it's wiser to let the time solve this for me and I advise you to do the same.
Too much analysis will give us nothing but headaches.", Zhan replied, as much surprised as the dancer was, at their blunt sincerity.







At the hospital, two nurses took over the patient and laid him down on a stretcher, keep elbowing each other and giggling around the handsome, attractive injured man.

Xiao Zhan grabbed Wang Yibo's hand, aware nevertheless that he has not any reason and no right to be possessive, but still, he wasn't thrilled at all at those women touching all over the man for no reason.
He was a doctor for god's sake and he knew very well that it was not necessary for the patient's face, stomach or thighs to be touched! And certainly not by the nurses! 

He didn't let the hand down, not even when the doctor on duty entered the room.

"You can free him now, I promise you that I'll take good care of him.", the doctor smiled, touched by the sight of the two love birds, as he assumed the two men were.


After all the medical procedures, the doctor called Xiao Zhan, who was waiting in the lobby, to talk to him:
"You can take your boyfriend home, no need for hospitalization.
But you have to bring him here daily, for treating the wounds and for refreshing the dressing.
Beware not to wet the area when he'll have a bath.
The shower is not indicated, and I advise you to help him to bathe in the tub with his damaged foot lifted out from the water.
And one more thing: love him a little more carefully, the human bites are very dangerous, and could be easily infected.
Here is the prescription for antibiotics.
Give him the pills starting from now.
See you both, again tomorrow, goodbye!", says the doctor then exiting the room, without giving the chance to the two men on saying anything.

"I'm so sorry for that, I was...he didn't...", Wang Yibo stuttered, looking adorable with his tomato red cheeks.



"Actually it was pretty funny.", Xiao Zhan burst out laughing, making Yibo laugh along with him.






After they finally got rid of the two nurses who insisted to push the wheelchair carrying the handsome patient, to their car, and they were settled in the car,  
Xiao Zhan sent the driver to the hospital's drug store to buy the pills.

Wang Yibo tried to give him the necessary money, but Xiao Zhan shut him up:
"Don't be like that, I  have no intention to offend your pride by not accepting you to pay for the recipe. But it's just that it wasn't your fault, it was us who broke the rules, so..."

"I get it now, it is all about the contract, this is the reason why you're so nice to me.
I want to go home now, thank you for your help, sorry for the troubles I have caused to you and to everyone else, please stop a taxi cab for me!", Yibo spoke, becoming rigid.

"Don't be so jumpy!
It's not about any contract!
I'm nice to you because you deserve it. You were treated very wrongly! And I'm nice to you mostly because I would like you to be my friend.
I want you to let me take care of you.
I really want us to be friends!", Xiao Zhan said in one breath.

"But, why?
You don't know me at all, why would you want me to be your friend?"

"Because it is not happening everyday to feel a connection with someone, I don't know why I'm feeling so comfortable in your presence.
Usually I am a lonely man, I don't have many friends and I feel that I can tell you anything about myself without being judged or laughed at...and you'd be there for me and...Am I sounding overly odd saying all of this?"

"Actually I have the same feelings about you, like there is an invisible bond between us.
But to become friends we need to do one  very important thing! 
We must forget about the physical attraction between us and about what has happened to us during my seduction dance."

"Yes, I agree with that one hundred percent, let's do that!
You said that we don't know each other.
Let's start with simple facts: I am almost 30 years old, my birthday is on October the 5th, my favorite color is red (don't judge me) and my favorite number is 8. Why 8? Because my mom asked me when I was a kid, to choose what would be my favorite number, and she told me that in our culture the luckiest numbers are 3, 5 and 8. As 3 stands for my name Zhan, and 5 is my birthday date, I chose the remaining number from the three. 
Oh my god, 8 is indeed a lucky number! Yesterday was the 8th of November, the day I

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