14 The unlucky luck

You are the antidote to all of my pains
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"Bàba, someone is at the door!", A-Yuan shouted from the bathroom.

"Yeah, I heard! I'm coming, just a minute!", Yibo shouted back, hurrying to wrap his finger into a napkin, as he had just injured it while cutting the vegetables.


Zhan Ge, when did you...and why didn't you tell me when we spoke last time on the phone?", Yibo managed somehow to speak into the bone crushing embrace.



"Let me feel you first, let me acknowledge that you are real...Oh, god, I missed you so much!", the guest panted, out of breath,  while covering every inch of Yibo's face with kisses.

"I missed you too, even though it has been just two weeks since the last time we've met.
But didn't you say that you will not be able to take care of the divorce and come to China,  for at least two months, because of your business?
And didn't we agree to not see each other anymore, until after the divorce would be done?", Yibo tried to keep himself in check, yet not being able to hold back from kissing the hand cupping his cheek.

"Oh, my god, you are bleeding!
Where? What?!", Xiao Zhan panicked when noticing a small blood stain onto Yibo's shirt collar. And he started to feverishly check out his neck, his ears, his nose.

"Oh, stop, it's nothing. I just cut my finger while chopping something in the kitchen, but it's not a deep cut.
Better answer my questions, first. 
And let's not kiss or hug anymore! We are committing adultery here, and I don't like it!
Maybe, you should better go, and give me the answers by phone messages or something.", Yibo disentangled himself from the embrace and tried to close the door.



"Please don't, sweetheart!
I know that we agreed, and I thought that I could make it, but I was about to combust from how much I've missed you.
I will leave, I promise, but let me treat your finger first.
And let me see A-Yuan, please, before leaving!", Xiao Zhan begged, stepping inside the apartment lobby and closing the door behind them.

A-Yuan was extremely happy to learn who was the early morning visitor.
He was  even more happy at the guest's identity than at the lots of packs and boxes of toys the guest brought to him.

"I will teach you how to play with all these, after taking care of Bàba's injury, alright?
You can play Monopoly with Bàba and nanny XiaoTong. Also with nanny's boyfriend too when he is free from work, it will be lots of fun, I promise. Oh, wait, I remenbered that nice couple, Lan Zhan and Wei Ying, they could play with you, too.", Xiao Zhan beamed at the happy thin child, while wiping his teary eyes.

"But I want Mister Friend to come play with me, the most.
Please, Mister Friend, forgive Bàba and me for whatever we did wrong, and please come back and stay with us! Me and Bàba love you very much, we both promise to be good and never get you upset again!", the kid sniffed, hugging Xiao Zhan's leg.

Xiao Zhan lifted the child into his arms and kissed his pale cheeks:
"Oh, my sweet baby, I would never be able to get upset at you, nor at Bàba, and you never did wrong to me.
I left because of some other reasons, but I promise that I will be back soon, and we will never part again! Never again!"



"How did you explain to your business partner this sudden urge of coming to China? You could lose his trust in you, you shouldn't have come!", Yibo mumbled while Xiao Zhan was bandaging his finger.

"Actually he was there with me, when I got a call from ZhiXiao saying that she wants me urgently back to China, she didn't tell me why, except that it was something very important. My business associate was very sympathetic, actually he was the one asking me to come see what would be ZhiXiao's problem. 
So, I grabbed this unexpected chance to see you and A-Yuan, and took the first flight.", Xiao Zhan smiled.

"Don't you see? She calls you when she is in trouble, because she is still your wife.
She needs you now, more than ever, probably she needs your emotional support, now when she is grieving her lost baby.
I don't even want to imagine how she must feel right now
Please, ZhanZhan, don't waste anymore time here, please go and be there for her!"






Two weeks have passed since the terrible accident.
Lin ZhiXiao was completely recovered from the surgery's traumatic experience, at least physically.

"ZhanZhan, please give me Mister Wang Yibo's phone number.
Don't worry, nothing bad is going on in my mind, I'm not the same rotten evil you used to know.
Actually, during the hospitalization time we became good friends.
He is a wonderful man, no wonder that he stole your heart."

"Stop calling yourself a rotten evil! 
But, what do you want with Yibo?
I hope you don't ask for his number, because you like him!"

"Chill, I don't intend to steal him away from you!"

"You can't steal him from me, because he is not mine... not anymore...not yet..."

"I hope you will be able to forgive me someday for all the hurt I have caused to everyone.
Now, get yourself ready, we have a special dinner with special guests invited at seven o'clock."



Xiao Zhan was on his way to the dining room, wondering why Lin ZhiXiao is in this happy mood after all  the tragedy that has happened to her.

After entering the room he scanned the guests: Jin GuangYao, Lu Han with Guan XiaoTong, his girlfriend, and... Wang Yibo?!

ZhiXiao stood up and guided him to a chair opposite from Yibo.

"I gathered all of you today because I want to make an announcement.
First of all, I want to thank doctor Lu Han for helping me with the medical tests and with all the necessary arrangements.
GuangGuang, I know that you will be shocked, but I really want you to support me in what I have decided to do.
Also, I want to ask forgiveness from my husband, from Mister Wang Yibo and from my lost baby. God bless his soul.
I was a bad person and I paid a very painful price for that.
I want to make it up  to God and  to my baby's soul.
Therefore, I want to inform you that the medical tests that doctor Lu Han helped me to have, revealed that I am compatible with A-Yuan for the liver transplant, a transplant that I am ready to proceed at."

Everyone, except Lu Han, got speechless.
Jin GuangYao was worried, even scared at the announcement. Nanny TongTong was in awe, Lu Han was calm, and the other two men were in an extreme shock.

"We will go in two days from now to the States. Doctor Lu Han contacted a great doctor, a friend of his, who is ultra qualified for performing this surgery. Maybe ZhanZhan knows him, too.
All the hotel reservations and the hospital appointments were taken care of...
Brother, you will be the one to pay all the costs, as a compensation that ZhanZhan had ceded  all his Company shares to you. 
Doctor Lu Han you will be the captain of this operation, TongTong you will come with us, A-Yuan needs you, also you can help Mister Wang Yibo in taking care of A-Yuan.
ZhanZhan you'll be needed by everyone,  by A-Yuan,  by Mister Wang Yibo and by me, as well.
And do not worry about your business, everything is okay. I called your associate to explain to him the situation, and he said that everything was taken care of and you can miss for at least ten days. 
I talked too much, now let's eat and then let's start  packing  for the great adventure!"








"Missis Lin ZhiXiao, I ask you for one last time, even if you have already signed a lot of papers: are you a hundred percent sure that you want to do this?", a young, handsome doctor asked, gently holding the woman's hands.

ZhiXiao and A-Yuan were already prepared by the American medical staff, for the surgical intervention that is about to change so many lives.

Doctor Yan Bing Jun, a Chinese man settled in the United States, insisted:
"You are a young woman and my duty is to  inform you one more time that the liver transplant implies many dangers for both the receiver and the donor.
For A-Yuan the biggest danger could be for his body to reject the  transplanted piece of liver.
While for you, even if your liver will be fully regenerated in time, your organism will have a low immunity in front of any kind of viruses, and this will be valid for all of your life."

"Thank you doctor, I'm ready to assume all the possible risks to save this child's life, I love him like my own.
My own child, whom I will never be able to have..."

"Why do you say something like that?
There are millions of children waiting for us to be their parents!"

Waiting for us?

"Yes, if you would agree, I would take care of you after this surgery.
Take care of you, not only as my patient, but as my wi...
Lu Han told me about your amazing life story.
That you want to divorce and give to A-Yuan the second parent in the person of Mister Xiao Zhan. After that you'll be free to rebuild your life.
Allow me to tell you that I am a great admirer of your exceptional gesture, of your kind soul and, of course, of your outstanding beauty, so...
Would you stay beside me, here in the States? As my wife?
I will take care of you, I will love you if you will let me!
Think of how advantageous it would be to have a doctor as your husband, a doctor who knows everything about your organism and knows the best way to protect you from dangers!
Lin ZhiXiao, will you marry me? After getting the divorce, of course.”, doctor Yan Bing Jun, knelt before the hospital bed and  handed a small velvet box to the shocked patient. 

Besides being overly shocked, ZhiXiao got pleasantly surprised at the same time, at the unexpected confession.







~A week after the transplant surgery:


The transplant surgery was successfully wrapped and  the two patients' recovery was going perfectly so far.

Xiao Zhan left the hospital with Lu Han and XiaoTong to shop for some new pajamas and story books for A-Yuan, and some women's stuff for Lin ZhiXiao.

They entered a Chinese store , looking for Chinese books for A-Yuan.
The library's owner was very happy to learn that the customers were Chinese living in China, able to bring him news from his mother land that he misses so much.

"But, Lǎo jiùjiu (A/n: old uncle in Chinese), I have a curiosity, why did you name your store "The lucky shoes"? After all, it's a books store, not a shoe store. And why so many pictures of those green shoes, haha?", Lu Han laughed, pointing to the framed pictures decorating all over the library's walls.

"Oh, The lucky shoes, it's actually the name of my son's Company, and this store is a small part of his Company. His Company's main scope of activity is not the selling, but it's a law firm, my son is a lawyer.
This book store was gifted by him to me, as he knows that I love books and also I dislike living like an inactive retired old man, haha." 

Lu Han  intended to ask why a lawyer would title his firm  "The lucky shoes", but the uncle got busy with some new customers.

Lu Han, TongTong and Xiao Zhan  already picked the books they wanted to buy and were waiting for the uncle to cash the money. 
While waiting Xiao Zhan was playing absent minded with some lottery files hanging above the cashing register.
One file had detached and landed inside Xiao Zhan's wallet exactly when he was opening it to pay for the books.

"This could be a sign from the gods! You should buy a lottery ticket, right away!",  the uncle shouted excitedly.
He talked so much to convince Zhan to buy a lottery ticket, that he bought it in the end, just to escape from the old uncle's insistence.
He chose the numbers:
8 - Yibo's birthday month and his favorite number, and also the day he met Yibo for the first time, on November 08
11 - the month of the year he met the love of his life
5 - his and Yibo's  birthday day
3 - A-Yuan's birthday day and Yibo's favorite number 
9 - A-Yuan's birthday month
10 - his birthday month  



Back at the hospital, Zhan gave ZhiXiao her stuff , A-Yuan the bunny pajamas and the books.

"Bao, everyone got something, I bought something for you , too.
Actually, for both of us.", he giggled, handing a bag to Yibo.

"Oh, you can always make good use of a  black t-shirt, it's lovely, ZhanZhan, but you shouldn't spend money...
Wait, it's written something.
You are the one good with English, what does  VE mean?", Yibo asked, after unfolding on the bed the t-shirt taken out from the bag.

"Take out the other t-shirt from the bag and you will understand.", Xiao Zhan smiled, pecking the tip of his nose.

Ah, yes, I understand now.
'LOVE' couple shirts, I love them very much, I love you!"


"Wait, I have something more to give you.
Here is a lottery ticket, tomorrow evening will be broadcasted on all the national tv channels, the seller said this might not be the largest payout  from the North American lottery history, but it will be big enough for..."


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