13 Something's in the air

You are the antidote to all of my pains
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"Hey, Mister Santa, I met your twin brother, you two look very much alike.
He is the doctor who brought me and Mister Friend to other doctors for some secret medical tests.",  A-Yuan chirped, shaking the furry hem of Santa's red coat.




"What is he talking about?", Guan XiaoTong asked curiously.

"Uff, I feel so hot in these clothes. I wonder if you could give me a t-shirt or something, until ZhanZhan will come back for me?", doctor Lu Han tried to avert the woman's attention from A-Yuan's blubbering.

"Of course, come with me and pick something from Yibo Ge's closet, you can change inside his bedroom...
So, what secret medical tests was A-Yuan talking about?
Why don't I know anything about it?", XiaoTong didn't give up, when they were alone in the other room.

"Ermm, I'm not sure if I should tell you, especially that my friend made me promise to keep it secret.
But because you are such a sweet, beautiful doll, I can't resist you and I will tell you, even if I could jeopardize  my friendship with ZhanZhan.", Lu Han replied, pinching the nanny's flustered cheeks.

"If telling me would be at risk of losing an important person to you, I'd rather not know, because I don't want to cause trouble.
I had already spit enough venom and I'm sick of being the evil person in someone's life."

"You, an evil person?
I can't imagine such a beautiful, nice person as you are, other than a sweet angel, certainly not an evil."

"Believe it or not, I was  very bad! That time I thought that I was saving a friend whom I respect and love very much. I thought that I was saving him from something dangerous that could damage his life, but it has turned out to be the worst decision I have ever made.
I hurt a lot of people, people dear to me."

"But you have just admitted that you were wrong, besides that your reasons were not evil! Thus you are not evil, it's just that you wanted to do well in a wrong way."

"You don't know the whole story, I was jealous and afraid that my friend will not need me anymore and I will get lonely, so I just broke his heart, causing his breakup with the love of his life.
I don't know why I am telling you all this, maybe because this guilt it's eating my inside and I felt the need to unload this rock from my chest.", the nanny wiped her red eyes.

Lu Han handed  a paper napkin that he noticed it on the nightstand, to the disturbed woman:
"Shhh, come here and allow me to give you a hug.
If you want I'd really like to be your friend, and when you need a shoulder to rest your head on, I would be glad to offer mine to you.
"And to show you that I have faith in your good heart, I will tell you the secret that A-Yuan was talking about. My friend Xiao Zhan, intended to offer a piece from his liver to A-Yuan, and I helped them to get the necessary tests. But, sadly, it turned out that he is incompatible for the transplant.
He made it secretly because he didn't want to give Mister Wang Yibo futile hopes and cause him more painful disappointments."


"Now you made me look even more evil than I thought I was.",  Guan XiaoTong cried harder.

"TongTong, why are you crying?", A-Yuan barged into the room, and now was on the verge of crying, too.





"It's nothing sweetie, my eyes are hurting because of my bad makeup.
Let's go, it's time for your sleep.
Mister Lu Han, you can change here and wait for me in the living room, I will come back after putting this baby to sleep.
He will be hospitalized tomorrow for some more tests and he needs to take a rest now."

"Bye, Mister Santa, hug my Red Bunny before leaving, and kiss nanny TongTong if you want to show her that you love her, the same as Mister Friend kissed my Bàba because he loves Bàba!"

"Please, excuse him, he is just a child.", Guan XiaoTong apologized, extremely embarrassed, to the smiling Santa.

"A very smart child, I may add!", Santa replied, caressing the kid's cheeks, along with the nanny's hand too, in the process.


The nanny came back after a few minutes.

"What? Did A-Yuan fall asleep so fast?", Lu Han asked  in surprise.  

"Jesus almighty!", she gasped for air like a fish in the sand and almost  fainted at the sight of the shirtless Lu Han.
"No, no, I was just looking for the story book, he can't fall asleep without listening to a goodnight story. Oh, here it is, on the nightstand! I apologize, I'm sorry, I will go now, bye, see you soon!", she blubbered with no pause, and stormed  out of the bedroom.  

"Bye, see you soon, ha, ha!
Cute.", Lu Han laughed and put the t-shirt on.







It was a hospital, thus nobody found it to be weird for two men to hug, while crying.

"I missed you so much!
I still can't believe that I can hold you and I can touch your face...It's not a dream, isn't it?
I'm sorry that I am not brave enough to keep fighting against the strong love that I have for you.
I know that she needs you the most, especially now...but..."

"Yes, I am aware of that. I will not abandon her and I will do my best to take care of her.
But I will allow myself, this once in my life, to be selfish.  
Yes, she needs me, but I need you more! 
You need me! 
A-Yuan needs me!
Don't worry sweetheart, she is strong, she will be alright.
Besides, she will not be alone while I'll be gone, GuangGuang will take care of her.
I am rather worried about you. I'd wish to be able to stay.
I owe a lot to my American business partner and I can't abandon him. He is a great friend, too. Besides being my business associate, he and his wife helped me a lot at that time in my life when I needed it the most. But I will be able to come back, a week from now.  
Don't be sad, my love, A-Yuan will be alright, he is such an amazing fighter!
Give him a kiss on behalf of me and tell him that I love him so much. Tell him that I will read to him the Red Bunny's story in a week from now.
I love you, baobei.


Saying goodbye was painful.
But not as painful as the past months were. 
At least they both knew that they will see each other again very soon, now that they are no more a broken unity. 

Sadly, Xiao Zhan couldn't postpone the flight bookmarked for that morning, as his presence was needed in the US.

A last bone crushing hug on the hospital's hallway was definitely not enough.













Wang Yibo carefully cracked the ward's door and peaked at the crumpled human form from the bed, who was trying to muffle her crying in the pillow.

He silently approached, held her hand and caressed softly her head crown with the other hand:
"Don't cry anymore Missis Lin ZhiXiao, you  have to be strong!
You are a young woman, having all the time in the world to find happiness and also to have another baby."



"I thought for a moment that I died and you are an angel.
Wang Yibo...
Why are you here?
And why are you good to me?
Aren't you supposed to hate me?"

"I am here  with  my son who is hospitalized on another floor and why should I hate you?
You are just an unhappy, lonely soul, nothing to hate for!"



"I see now even more clearly why Xiao Zhan has fallen so hard in love with you.
Will you two ever forgive me?
I would completely understand if not, I was a rotten human being.
But God had punished me, for breaking two lovely hearts!
In the most painful way.
By taking my baby son away and taking my heart along with him.
I wanted and loved this child so much!", ZhiXiao cried onto Yibo's chest, who was hugging the distressed woman and was on the verge of crying, too.
This woman was not his happiness' obstruction, but she was a mother who had just lost her child. He couldn't survive if he would lose A-Yuan!

"Shhh, don't stress yourself about that. We both have already forgiven you, and don't talk like this!
I was taught that nothing happens without a purpose, who knows what God's plans are for you?"


"Bring me a wheelchair and take me to your son, please. I want to meet him."






~A week  later:



"Missis Lin ZhiXiao, I sneaked in here now, as ZhanZhan is still in your doctor's office, busy with your hospital discharging documents. And you asked me to not tell him anything.
Anyways, I have the test results.
I have two pieces of news, one bad and one I don't know, but I think that it's good!<

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