02 The seduction game

You are the antidote to all of my pains
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The doc started to walk towards the spot indicated by Wang Yibo like a death convict to the electric chair.



~Xiao Zhan's POV:


This must be the biggest mistake of my whole life, I can feel it.
Anyway, I'm only doing this for Guangyao Ge.
His biggest wish ever since was to open a health resort in Sanya Island!
And as our Company is not doing as great as some people would  know, without Mister Nirosawa's money his dream would never have a chance to come true.
But, still,  this will be very embarrassing for me...before all these people's eyes...

The cabaret girls started to enter the room in dancing steps, but they kept their distance from me, dancing somewhere in the background.

Maybe it will not be so hard after all, what could actually happen?
He will dance, same as those girls, just that he'll  dance a bit closer to my chair.

C'mon Xiao Zhan, jiayou, you can do it!
When he is going to walk inside the room, just try  to imagine something ugly,  keep your eyes shut and everything will be just okay!

Yeah, I know!
I'm going to picture a huge, creepy, ugly clown, as I was ever since a clown phobic! 

But soon my self-encouraging thoughts vanished in thin air when the music got changed into a y tune, the music that introduced into the room the DEVIL himself.

How can someone look so attractive wearing a simple white, oversized shirt and a pair of common black tight jeans?
Could it be just because his eyes were blindfolded by a black scarf? Yeah, that scarf must be the reason!
My eyes measured him from head to toes and back.
I noticed that he is barefooted and a small earring shines on his left ear.
His soft burgundy wine colored hair is styled disheveled like he had just climbed down his bed, after a hot session.
Bruh, Xiao Zhan, why the heck did this comparison come into your mind?!

He walked in dancing steps to the group of girls, confident and with not a slight hesitation in his  predator moves, even though he was blindfolded. He talked something with the group of dancers, maybe he was telling them that after performing their number established beforehand, they can go and he will remain to perform a solo.
What a beautiful, long neck, and, and...that prominent Adam's apple, jumping to attention while talking with the girls! A true  inspiration for any plastic surgeon's eyes, isn't it? Nothing weird in noticing all these details!
His shirt was slightly slipped down his shoulder, revealing a creamy, flawless, pale skin. Woah, that bones structure, that collarbone!. I mean, it could make a study material for  my medical branch, not for any other reason, of course.




When he turned around to talk with another girl, I got a clear sight from his tattoo.
Hmm...as a doctor I know that tattoos on the lower and back side of the neck  must be pretty painful, as that area of the skin is very sensitive. The tattoos probably speak much about the owners. This type of tattoo shows that the person is not afraid to make tough choices and cover for them if need be. This person must be strong, wise, and bold...and maybe top in a...relationship. But a tattoo visible on the backside of these people's bodies could show that they are bottom, too! Wait, he said he is straight!
But why in the world am I over analyzing a stranger's personality and his uality?
Probably because I am a doctor!
Yeah, that's why! But, Xiao Zhan, you are a plastic surgeon, not a psychologist or a ologist doctor!

My thoughts stopped arguing with each other and went completely mute when the DEVIL started to dance...To dance it's just a way of speaking, because what he was doing there, it was witchcraft, not dance!
He was owning the dance floor, he was owning the whole audience...he was owning me, I'm afraid...and he didn't even come close to me yet. 

What a fabulous dancer!

What a talented artist!

What a handsome man!

I could hear like in a dream, all these shouts piercing the sound of the music from time to time.



A/n: Just imagine that  the back dancers are YiXuan's cabaret girls instead of  the men from the original video


Oh my god! The  music stopped, so did their dancing number, too! What now?

He is still far from me, but facing me now, and while waiting for the girls to  entirely liberate the area, we both measure each other, like two (no pun intended) getting ready for a life and death fight.

The messy locks of hair, slightly damp from sweat, are ily framing his adorable face which literally glows in the dim light of the room.

His porcelain-like skin is flawless , milky white with a pinkish shade on his   babyish yet manly cheeks.
His perfectly shaped nose brings a smile onto my lips...
As for his eyes I don't even know how to describe them.
With  smoky shades and thin black underline...his eyes are ice-cold yet  burning your soul, innocent yet sinful, I can't make up my mind...Are magical, this is the right word.



I'm struggling hard to avoid looking at his lips, but I can't resist: as I'd expected, his lips are  meaty, pillowy, luscious and very kissable.

Why do I have this kind of thoughts, I am not and never was gay, what's wrong with me, am I drunk?

I gasp, panic triggered at the highest level, when he starts  approaching  me, slowly, in a panther motion, with a damn slope side smirk plastered on his damn sensual lips.
Didn't he say that he  has no intention to hurt me?
Then why do I feel like I am about to be devoured alive by a jungle predator?



While walking slowly towards my chair, his eyes are like talking to my own eyes: "I put a spell on you!"

His fingers caressing in a slight touch the frame of his beautiful face, before slowly climbing down to trace the alluring contour of his curvy half body, are constricting my lungs.

By the time he reaches in front of me, his hands are applying light squeezes to his voluptuous thighs.

I try to stay still in my chair, but my keeps fidgeting in the chair cushion, and I almost slip down.
Yeah, Xiao Zhan, falling down onto your would be such a great start! Put your together, man, what the hell!



I can smell danger, so I try my best to shut down my eyes, but two invisible toothpicks are stopping the eyelids from gathering.

He removes my suit jacket and binds my hands at the chair's back with  his blindfold cloth, whispering against my overly sensitive ear:
"Don't worry, nothing is going on, I am just making sure that you would not be tempted to break our contract."

"Don't you think that you are too confident with your seduction power?", I manage to utter.
Maybe he tied me up to make sure that I will not embarrass myself by falling down from the chair.

"No I'm not, but I'm pretty confident with my acting skills.", he whispered.

Lucky him! To him is just a role, unlike myself, who I am seriously affected by the outcome of his acting.

He  keeps on dancing around me waving his hips and hugging sensually his slim waist.

My heart stops beating when suddenly he breaks off the dance and props a palm onto my thigh and  brings the other hand close to my face, but without touching me.
The fire emanated by his palm onto my leg is burning my flesh through the trousers fabric.

His face is now two inches away from mine, I can feel his breath on my lips and I can inhale his scent: a mix of fruits flavor, a subtle manly cologne and some kind of a fresh milky baby skin scent.
My nostrils are pleasantly getting drunk with this aromatic mixture.

His eyes are freakin' bewitching me with their enigmatic power.

He simply hypnotizes me...I move away my  gaze and my eyes are landing on his plump lips.

A very bad idea.

He traces his upper lip with the tip of his tongue and bites his bottom lip with his pearly white teeth.
Then whispers in a soft, low voice:
"Are you ready doctor Xiao Zhan?"

"You  really enjoy this, don't you?", I ask him in a higher pitched voice than usual, trying hard to keep my cool.

"I only try to earn my payment, doing my job the best I can.
But, at the same time, I'm not going to deny that this job isn't that bad as I would have thought it could be.
Given the fact that it's my first time doing it."



"What are you doing?!...", I cry out, looking in the audience's direction like asking for help. 
But all I saw was a mesmerized crowd that would not help me in any way, but rather would cheer on the sidelines on my death row.



I'm in shock watching his action: he parts  my thighs, props his hands between my legs on the chair's cushion, and slowly lifts up side down his whole body in the candle position, with his whole weight supported by his strong arms.

I lean my head against the  chair backrest, his is now right in front of my eyes.
The tightness of his jeans  emphasizes the firmness of those two round peaches inviting me to my teeth onto them.

Oh, my Lord, what the hell is going on in my mind?!
And what the hell is going on in his mind?!

He flexes his arms propping the body weight onto his palms and nape, he leans his body backwards till his back collides with my chest.

Then parts his legs and grabs my neck between his thighs with his crouch right under my chin.

His slim but toned calves are  now pressed against  my nape.

I'm amazed by his flexibility and physical skills, but also I'm shocked at the strangeness of our position.


The audience rewards him with loud applause after setting me free from his odd pressure.

He kneels in front of me, between my still parted legs, and starts running his spread out, hot palms along my calves, then moves his body up and down, waving and ing his pelvis like the Eden snake. 
Fu*k! That hand running over his  ridiculously huge bulge was too much, now seriously!



Oh, no, his face is too close to mine, again!

He tilts his head from right to left

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