16 The lucky shoes

You are the antidote to all of my pains
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"I'm so happy for you! Especially now that you told me the story of your friend's son. I wish him and your wife the fastest recovery and a beautiful life ahead for all of you!
Also, I'm happy that the winning ticket was sold from my store! Once again, the lucky shoes did their magic!", the uncle from the book store was crying of happiness.

After the uncle called his son, to tell him about the clients he will send to him, Xiao Zhan asked:
"Uncle, can you tell us the story behind the lucky shoes?
I'm really curious, why would a law firm choose this unrelated name?"

"There are so many stories that I could write a book, ha ha. But I will tell you a few. 
One time, my son was walking by a building under construction when he noticed that his shoelaces were untied. While he was crouched to tie them, a strong thunder-like sound startled him. It was a huge concrete slab that slipped off the crane and landed on the  sidewalk, just a few meters before my son. I don't even want to imagine what could have happened if the shoelaces wouldn't have been untied and my son kept walking. (A/n: This had literally happened for real to the author. I was w/ a group of friends who stopped from walking to wait for me to tie my shoelaces. So I can say that my shoelaces saved my friends life not only my life.)

Or another story: When my wife was alive, she registered herself as an organ donor. So, her heart was received by an American magistrate, who happened to be in that same hospital after a car accident occurred in Beijing.
After a few years that man found the family of his heart's owner, meaning me and my son.
That man helped us to emigrate here in the US, paid for my son's studies and helped us to build a decent life here.
What is the link with the lucky shoes, you might ask?
I lost my wife when my son was your son's age. She was very sick and her treatment was very expensive. I sold my house and spent all my savings for the treatment, yet she couldn't be saved.
After she died I was homeless and jobless. Me and my son were sleeping here and there, but the biggest problem was the food, especially for my little son. That's why we made use of my son's dancing talent and tried to  entertain the passers from the subway. There were some unlucky days when nobody  was impressed, but there were some other days when my son got enough money for a sandwich or even for two. Anyways, in short, one day a nice pair of father with son stopped to watch my son's performance and that child took off his shoes and gave them to my son who was dancing bare footed...
I'm sorry for making you cry, it was not my intention...", the old man managed to speak, in the suffocating embrace of the lottery winner's friend, who was crying his heart off, but  smiling happily through tears, as well.








A week has passed since the so-called  mother's shocking showing up.

Lin ZhiXiao and A-Yuan were already discharged from the hospital, and they both were living in doctor Yan Bing Jun's house.
He insisted on supervising them at his house, even if it was hard for Yibo to be convinced to be separated from his son.
He accepted in the end , for a week, but he was beside him almost for the whole time.


The very effective law firm solved in no time the lottery prize  problem.

First thing he did, right after the money entered Zhan's bank account, he paid the ten millions to the woman who didn't bother to ask about A-Yuan, not even once.

When it was the owner of "The lucky shoes"'s turn to be paid, Xiao Zhan handed him one  fat check for him and another check for his father, but it took a lot of work to convince the lawyer to take the money.

"How can I take money from you, Mister Wang Yibo! You are like a God to me. Everything good that happened in my life had roots in your kind and amazing gesture.
I will be forever thankful to you and pray for your happiness!", the lawyer said with tears in his eyes.

Xiao Zhan insisted to push the checks into his hands:
"His happiness is my happiness!
Please make me happy and take it as this money is not from him, but from me. It makes me happy to give them to you and to your lovely father, please take them.
After all, the owner of the money is me now, not Wang Yibo.
You totally deserve this money, thank you very much, you did an amazingly good job!
I have to ask from you one more favor: you solved two divorces, now I want you to solve two marriages, mine and ZhiXiao's."

"You want to marry her again?"

"Not to each other, but ZhiXiao will  marry an American citizen, and I will marry... Mister Wang Yibo.
Just that I have no idea how, because we are both Chinese citizens, I mean me and mister Wang Yibo. 
I know that in the US the same gender marriage is  no problem, but our country doesn't recognize as legal the marriage certificates released by a different country.", Xiao Zhan said, reluctantly pausing a bit after the words "I will marry" and before spelling Yibo's name, a man's name.

He was waiting for a nasty, shocked reaction, instead  of that, the lawyer surprised him:
"I was so expecting this!
Actually, I have already done  research and even prepared all the necessary documents.   
I have this  solution, if only you would like it and be ready to  invest some money...I would be ready to start all the demarches."

"Money is not an issue, we are ready to pay any sum!
Tell us quickly everything about this idea of yours, what can we do?", Wang Yibo jumped up from his chair.

"If you would get American citizenship, you would  be Chinese-American citizens, and the Chinese law would be forced to accept your marriage license.
Let me explain how you could get the green card as soon as possible.
Yes, you can buy your way into the U.S. citizenship.
The method is known as the "million dollar green card".
The U.S. Congress created a visa program to help stimulate the country’s economy by attracting new business investment from abroad.
This visa program offers permanent U.S. residency and eventually citizenship when a person invests between 500,000 US$ and 1-million US$ in a new commercial enterprise that produces at least 10 full-time jobs."

"So, all we have to do is to create a new business and invest the money?", both men spoke in one voice.

"Yes, but before getting overly excited, I must warn you that it takes time, lots of effort and lots of patience , besides money.", the lawyer smiled at his enthusiastic clients.

"I am already an associate partner in an US Company  from the medical branch, I could invest in  it  b

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