17 Paradise Island / part 01

You are the antidote to all of my pains
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As expected, "The Lucky shoes" law firm was extremely efficient and the two marriages were about to be accomplished in a short time.

The first to  materialize was Lin ZhiXiao's marriage, of course, as it was much easier because even though she was a Chinese citizen, her husband was already an American citizen. 

Lin ZhiXiao's bride dress was magnificent, suitable for a queen.

Not less beautiful was Guan XiaoTong's maid of honor dress.
After admiring and praising her pink, fluffy lace dress, Lu Han whispered to her:
"Pay attention to all the details and learn, because our marriage will be the next!"

Mister best man, is this  your very non-romantic way to ask me the question that I think it is?", the maid of honor pouted, but her pout had quickly disappeared in her lover's affectionate kiss.

Every single guest was very elegant, it couldn't have been in any other way.
After all, it was a seven star restaurant.

The Wang family (yes, Zhan with Yibo's marriage papers were already prepared to be registered under this surname ) entered the party room followed by a teary Jin GuangYao.
Why a Wang surname, someone might ask, same as Yibo asked Zhan when they signed the papers?
Because Zhan explained to him that it was no use to confuse A-Yuan who was already accustomed with his name to be Wang Yuan. 
Besides that, Zhan loves this name. Wang means king, and he has no problem to be called Wang Zhan, King Zhan, as long as he will be the king of King Yibo.

A-Yuan, dressed in a black and red  traditional  Chinese costume, embroidered with golden and silver thread, stole the celebrated couple's spotlight.
His black hair, two sparkling huge eyes and his bright smile, attracted all the eyes from the room,  making his two parents extremely proud of him.

His parents, who were not less in the spotlight as him.
The whole wedding guests audience was in awe:   
"Who are they?
Are they movie stars?
Woah, they are so handsome, so beautiful!
So y!
So cool!
Awww, and so in love!" 




Xiao Zhan took a hold of A-Yuan's small hand and wrapped the other arm around Yibo's shoulder , like intending to shout to the whole word:
"Yes, you can admire them, you can look at them, but that's all!
These two perfect creatures belong to me, only to me!
And I belong to them!"

They walked to the newlyweds who welcomed them with a warm embrace.
A-Yuan proudly handed them the Wang family's wedding present: a gift box stylishly packed, along with a ten millions check.

Jin GuangYao hugged his sister, crying his heart off when handing her his wedding gifts. 
After calming down a bit, he showed her a picture of a cute two months old baby girl, saying:
"Mèi mei (A/n: younger sister in Chinese), look at this sweet angel! A few days ago, her parents had just died in a car accident and now she was sent to the orphanage.
Her father was one of my business partners. Such a great man, rest in peace his and his wife's souls!
Pity that they had to die so young...But maybe this will be your chance to heal your wounded heart, and a chance for this angel to get the parents that she deserves."

Lin ZhiXiao fell in love instantly with the little doll from the picture. She kissed her brother's wet cheeks:
"Rest in peace their souls!
But Gēgē, please don't cry anymore!  
Now be happy for me, God forgave me for all my past ugliness and gave me the second chance.
I'm very happy now, and I can feel that I will be happy in the future, too!
This picture is the best wedding gift, thank you.
And don't be sad anymore, we'll  see each other more often than you'd think.
Me and my husband will often come to visit China, he really misses his roots.
As for me, I will always miss you and my lovely friends: that cute little prince who maybe will be my son in law one day, never know; my wonderful ex husband whom I have hurt a lot, yet he forgave me; his exceptional husband, a beautiful soul who deserves the whole happiness from the world; TongTong, who is like my sister, when I look at her, I see me. I'm happy for her to be loved by such a good and handsome man as doctor Lu Han is.
Gēgē, everybody is happy, it's time for you to find your love, too!"

"Well,  I have already found it, I already like somebody. No, I love somebody!"

"Why didn't you bring her with you to my wedding? Who is she? Tell me more.", ZhiXiao excitedly pulled her brother aside.

GuangYao hugged his sister again and started his telling:
"She is just a humble cleaning lady, but such a wonderful, warm and lovely woman. She is beautiful and very smart, too. But what I love about her the most is her beautiful heart.
I wanted so badly to introduce her to you and bring her with me, but she couldn't miss the three years of commemoration of her former husband's death. Her family needed her presence. She is a widower with a son of A-Yuan's age. I love them both, dearly.
I met her when I accompanied the Wangs to a puppet theater and I was struck by lightning, ha, ha."

"Yes, Gēgē, love can be just like that!
God bless them and you , my dear brother, my happiness will be truly completed if you  marry her one day, then!"









Zhan didn't let Yibo  bother his pretty head with the whole organization of their wedding party.
He wanted to surprise his two beloved boys, thus he took care of all the preparations by himself.

A rented private jet transported the guests from China to a Caribbean island, named "The Paradise Island".

A native guide leaded the guests to a seven stars hotel: Zhou YiXuan with his girlfriend, GuangYao with his girlfriend, XiaoTong with Lu Han, and some other friends of Yibo and Zhan. Even the funny doctor who treated Yibo's sole was invited.

Nor A-Yuan, nor Yibo, was able to make Zhan spell out anything about their flight destination, all that he told them was to pack summer clothes, even if it was the cold middle of February.

Zhan had a lot of fun the whole time of their flight, as he enjoyed Yibo's and A-Yuan's attempts to pull out from him the secret destination.
They even tried the emotional blackmail on him.

"Bà-Zhan, if you don't want to tell us where we are going, that means that  you don't love me and Bàba enough!", A-Yuan whined, kissing Zhan's cheeks.

"You sly little bunny, you know that I don't love you at all, neither I love Bàba Bo, so you will not be able to make me speak!"

"Liar, liar, pants on fire!
Now you are lying , exactly as you have lied when you kissed Bàba Bo's lips and you tricked me that you were whispering something to him."

"What are you two talking about?", the clueless Yibo butted in.

"This is a secret between me and our son, you don't have to know it.", Zhan teased  his sweetheart, kissing his pouty lips.

A-Yuan felt sorry for his Bàba Bo and climbed from Zhan's lap into Yibo's lap, hugging him and caressing his cheeks:
"Don't be sad, I know  that Bà-Zhan is joking.
We promise that we will never keep secrets away from you again, don't we, Bà-Zhan?"

"We swear!", Zhan smiled, managing to embrace both of his family members at once, with his long arms.








After the  private jet flying from the US had landed, one of the two guides led ZhiXiao with her husband and Lan Zhan with his Wei Ying to the same hotel where the rest of the guests flying from China checked in, too.

The other guide invited the Wang family to a white limo and gave them a ride to their destination: a private villa, hidden in the tropical flora.

When they had almost arrived, Zhan sent the guide ahead with their luggage, and they walked the rest of the way.

Zhan lifted A-Yuan onto his shoulders and held Yibo's hand, the three of them enjoying in their walk, the luxuriant nature.

It was Paradise Island, indeed.
Everywhere they were looking their eyes  were being enchanted with vast braid fruit, mango and flamboyant trees surrounded by colorful heliconias, hibiscus and bougainvillea.

"We forgive you for not telling us where you were planning to bring us.
This is paradise, indeed!", Yibo giggled, tiptoeing  to plant on Zhan's lips his thankful kiss.

"Wait, you didn't see, yet, the white beach and the blue ocean, and I hope you will not be disappointed for not renting  a luxury hotel apartment.", Zhan kissed back his beloved husband.

"I'm sure that it will be an Eden place.
Anyway, I would be satisfied with a tent, if you and A-Yuan would be with me."

"Don't worry, it will be better than a tent!"

The villa was a bit rustic, yet elegant, with a private swimming pool and an open veranda from where they could admire the breathtaking view of the Caribbean ocean.




"Baobei, this is like a fairytale, I love it so much! Thank you for bringing us here!
Come let's  rest our feet a bit on the veranda, and have a short sunbathe before going inside.", Yibo pulled Zhan down to sit between his parted legs and kissed lovingly his soft hair.
"Jeez, you make me so happy that I'm afraid that my heart will explode some day!"




Zhan smiled endearingly at the  delighted  big baby, who was clapping his hands:
"Look, ZhanZhan, there are a muslin mosquito nets over the bed, same as the emperors had!"

Come here both, my bed is in a bunny shape and it's red!
Look, the pillow has bunny ears!", A-Yuan shouted, jumping on the red bunny bed and clapping his hands exactly like his father did, a few minutes ago.

After having the dinner prepared beforehand by the villa host, in an elegant, yet cozy dinner room, they went to see the beach and the ocean.  

"This is my surprise that I didn't want to reveal to you. I hope you do not get angry at me for not telling you beforehand, but...
There, on that beach it will take place tomorrow for our wedding party.
I even found a priest who accepted to marry us before God, too, so beginning from tomorrow you will be all mine!", Zhan grinned.

"Woah! Now this is a surprise indeed! Why should I be angry at you? 
And I was all yours from the first time we met!", Yibo giggled.

"Come here to kiss those cheesy lips of yours.", Zhan cupped Yibo's jaw and stopped from walking for pressing his eager lips against those so-so-sweet lips.

A-Yuan, who was riding Zhan's shoulders, started to giggle:
"Bà-Zhan, do you need my help to show Bàba-Bo how much  you do love him?
Look, I'm helping you!"

A-Yuan placed his chubby little hands on the two men's napes, pressing their mouths together and planting loud kisses on top of both their heads.



That night, the three of them slept like logs,  exhausted from the whole excitement of the previous day, also they needed to be rested for the next day.









On the beach was placed a wooden arena with tables enlightened by candles and torch lights.

The guests were seated on comfortable armchairs around the  tables full with all kinds of goodies and finest drinks.

Two violinists, a pianist and a cellist were playing heavenly music mingled with the music of the ocean waves.




After greeting each of the guests and receiving the heartwarming congratulations from them, Zhan and Yibo removed their wedding suit jackets and the shoes. 



All of the wedding guests were mesmerized at the grooms' first dance as a married couple: two beautiful men dancing embraced, bare footed in the warm white sand of the beach, drowned in each other's eyes and love shining  all over their faces.

They were like two ethereal fairies , dressed in white silky trousers and simple, large white shirts.

Around their necks were coiled two necklaces made from natural, colo

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