04 Let me take care of you

You are the antidote to all of my pains
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"How come it hasn't even crossed my mind?
Of course that he's married, I am too.
Probably his wife is that person born on the third of September whom he loves the most in the world...", Xiao Zhan frowned to himself.



Why was he even feeling that much trouble for his new friend being married?

"Take me to the living room, over there, to the left.
TongTong, please put the light on!"

"Oh, good heavens, what happened to you?", the woman cried out  in panic.

"Sshh, sshh!
You'll wake up A-Yuan! It's nothing serious, just a small accident.
Zhan Ge, put me over there, on the couch.
Now, let me introduce you: he is my friend Xiao Zhan and this noisy lady is Guan Xiaotong.
No, wait, don't assume things, I call her TongTong because my son called her like that from the first moment they met. She is my neighbor, my son's nanny and of course my good friend, as well."

"Glad to meet you, miss Guan Xiaotong.", Xiao Zhan beamed, instantly getting cheered  up.
"Didn't know that you have a son."

"What kind of friend are you if you don't know the most important thing about your friend's life?", the woman replied in a sour tone.


"TongTong, don't get y!
He is a new friend, he helped me a lot today and we are just starting to get to know each other.
Thank you very much for staying with my son, you can go now and have some rest.
Oh, yes, before you leave , please bring me my pajamas from the bedroom. I don't want my son to see me like this, if he wakes up.
Oh, one more thing, do you happen to have in your handbag some makeup remover?
YiXuan's stylist  practiced her skills on my face and hair."



Xiao Zhan took the remover and the pajamas from Xiaotong's hands, speaking as polite as he could:
"You can go now to sleep, I'll help him from here. You must be tired, it's three in the morning after all."

"Bo Didi, are you sure that you'll be okay?"

"Yes, TongTong, don't worry, thank you once again.
Zhan Ge, please see her at the door."


Before closing the door behind her, Guan Xiaotong asked Xiao Zhan worriedly:
"He'll be alright, no?"

"You like him, don't you?"

"Who doesn't?
He is a good man who doesn't deserve all the hard kicks life keeps giving to him constantly."



Zhan walked back in the living room where he found a tormented Yibo, pouting his luscious lips:
"I feel so helpless, I can't do anything, I can't go to the bathroom to take a pee, I can't wash myself, and how am I supposed to take care of my A-Yuan?"



"Don't freak out and ermm, please don't pout like that...it's very disturbing...
I have plans.
First of all, I need a pair of scissors, a chair and a mop."

After the injured man indicated to him where he should find the asked things, Xiao Zhan placed the chair before the bathroom mirror, then came back and unscrewed the mop tail. 
He then knelt down in front of the sitting man to slice a cut onto the jean's leg which was too tight for passing over the bandaged foot.

He lifted up Yibo's body and handed him over the mop tail:
"Try to prop your weight onto the mop tail and tomorrow we'll solve this problem properly.
For now let me carry you to the bathroom, nobody is looking, so you can allow me to carry you in my arms."

Zhan picked him up in bridal style and sat him on the chair from the bathroom and moaned, inhaling deeply:
"You must tell me what cologne you use. Your scent is intoxicatingly pleasant!"


"Prop your weight on the mop tail, and don't forget to not step on the bandaged one.
There are only a few steps from here to the toilet, call me when you are ready.
I will help you back to the chair. 
You can also remove your makeup while I prepare your bath.
Please, don't be embarrassed about anything!
I'm a doctor, and also your friend, remember? And what for friends are?", he smiled, pinching the other's flamed cheeks.

"No wonder that you got a  gold medal in math, you have a very organized mind.", Yibo  chuckled, trying to change the topic and to forget the disturbing feeling in his stomach at that cheek touch.


"Your bath is ready, please undo your belt, I'll lift you up so you can remove the jeans and underwear.
Okay, now sit so I can roll down the clothes over the bandage."

Place the chair and the mop tail near the tub and I think I could manage from there without your help.", Yibo spoke in a strangled voice, while desperately undressing his torn shirt and crumpling it over his privates.

"Don't be such a prude ! Aside from the fact that I am a doctor, remember that  we agreed to ignore the physical attraction!
Just picture me like I am a doctor or a nurse helping their patient."

"I'll try, but, still, put the chair there, and give me a towel, I don't feel like having a march towards the tub."

"Right, like you could do that march, haha. You are so cute."


Xiao Zhan placed the chair near the tub and carried him over there, forcing himself to ignore the shivers from his spine when he felt those smooth bare legs in his arms, and sat him on the chair.

"Turn with your back, please!"

"I will go out to bring your pajamas.", Zhan rolled his eyes and exited the room.



After closing the bathroom door he hit the back of his head against the wall:
"God help me!"







~Wang Yibo's POV:



What happened to my life?

Yesterday I was an artist doing his job. How on earth did I end up being undressed and bathed by a man whom I seduced and...kissed...a few hours ago?

I am now stark- and I hide my private parts behind a shirt torn by a mad man.


He enters with my pajamas in his hands and his eyes lowered onto the floor.

I assume that he is no less embarrassed than me.

He slides his hands under my arm-pits and lifts me up.

I place my healthy leg into the water and quickly sit down to hide my body underneath the bathing foam blanket.

He carefully places my wounded leg over the edge of the tub and covers the bandaged area with a garbage bag. 

This man has an amazingly ingenious mind!


"Here  are the soap, sponge , shampoo, toothbrush and toothpaste.
If you need anything else, I'll be outside, just call me."


I exhale in relief when I'm finally  alone and no longer under the disturbing stare of those two piercing eyes.

This was a very traumatizing experience: me, , watched and touched by a man whom I strangely find extremely attractive...
But he's my friend, thus I suppose that I shouldn't be worried that I feel so attached to him.

I should relax and just enjoy my bath.



~End of Wang Yibo's POV~









~Xiao Zhan's POV:



I drop my body on the couch, releasing the air that I didn't even realize for how long I was restraining it in my lungs.

I lean  my head against the  couch backrest and, behind my closed eyes, start on running images of a beautiful, , flawless, astonishing body.

This is not okay, my desire is really not okay!

I feel a strange urge to touch and taste every inch of that body!

This is so not okay!


Suddenly my dirty thoughts are cut off by a small hand shaking my arm.

I open my eyes to meet two big doe eyes staring curiously at me:
"Where is my bàba (A/n: Dad in Chinese) and who are you mister?"



"Hello, you are Wang Yibo's son, I suppose.
I'm Xiao Zhan, your father's friend.
Bàba is taking a bath, he'll be ready in a minute.
Aren't you sleepy for this late hour in the night, actually, almost morning?"

"I am, but I can't sleep without bàba to tell me a story, the red bunny story.", the cute kid pouts his lips,  exactly like his father.

"You are so lucky, I am a good friend of the red bunny,  and I can tell you many secrets about him if you want."

"Okay, Mister Friend, come with me to bàba's bedroom, I'm going to wait for him while you tell me many secrets."



After knocking to the bathroom's door and telling Yibo that I'll be with his son, I take the sleepy doll in my arms:
"What's your name, the red bunny will ask me who was the person to whom I revealed his secrets?"

"I'm Wang Yuan, but you and the red bunny can call me A-Yuan, same as my bàba calls me.", smiles the sleepy cutie, wrapping his arms around my neck.

He is like a miniature copy of Wang Yibo: the same cuteness, the same  melting smile, the same sparkling eyes.

They even have similar green pajamas printed with small red bunnies.

"Mister Friend, you are bàba's and bunny's friend, do you want to be my f

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