15 Dealing with Missis Wang LěngMò

You are the antidote to all of my pains
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"I AM HERE!", a loud voice from the back of the room got all the heads turned in that direction.

Xiao Zhan looked with worry  at the beautiful young woman,  posing like a professional model for the media agents who were all taking pictures of her.




The sound of the flashes was interrupted  only by  the dozens of questions  bombarded from every each corner of the conference hall,  by the reporters hungry for sensational:

"Are you legally married to Mister Wang Yibo?"

"Where have you been until now?"

"Why are you here?"

"Do you want half from the money?"



Xiao Zhan squeezed Yibo's hand after hearing the woman's answer:
"I'm not here for the money, I'm here because I want my baby angel back!"

"HanHan, please go to A-Yuan's ward and take Yibo with you.
Wait for me there and take care of him until I come.
And sweetheart, please don't get worried. I can handle this, I promise, now go with  Lu Han.", Xiao Zhan smiled at his panicked baobei, pushing him toward the exit door.

After Lu Han, nanny TongTong and Wang Yibo were gone, Xiao Zhan managed to slip through the ocean of reporters, and reached to the young woman who aroused so much interest.

"That will be all!
Thank you everybody, now this lady will come with me!", he raised his voice, trying to pull the woman by her arm.

"And who might be you, sir?
Allow me to introduce myself, I am Jerry Smith, Missis Wang LěngMò's lawyer.",  a black suited man blocked Xiao Zhan.

"Nice to meet you sir, and nice to meet you Missis Wang LěngMò.
Wang LěngMò.
Hmm, you have quite an outstanding name. (A/n: it means indifference in Chinese)
But let me introduce myself, I am Xiao Zhan, Mister Wang Yibo's manager."

"Oh, he has a manager, now?
Please...ha, ha, ha!
And what do you manage for him?
When I left he was nothing but a poor loser, and now he has a manager?", the woman laughed mockingly.

"I am the manager of his future business!", Xiao Zhan replied confidently, scanning the woman from head to toes.
"I propose to leave. We can go to a coffee house I know, it's in the hospital's proximity, we need to talk without all these ears to listen to us."

After they ordered the coffees, Xiao Zhan smiled at the woman:
"So you are Missis Wang...LěngMò...I could say that this name suits you well, but on  second thought, the word indifference is too soft for a mother who abandoned her child with no remorse!
I heard so many things about you!
I'm glad that I get the chance to meet you!
I have always been curious to see how a monster mother could look in the flesh!
In my childhood tales you would look old, hunchbacked, with a long hooked nose and two sharp yellow teeth.
I'm literally shocked to see that you are a young, healthy, beautiful - well, at least physically - lady.
I wonder how an ugly soul like yours could be trapped in  such a beautiful case?"

"Sir, I warn you that...", the lawyer tried to speak, but the woman pushed him aside.

She poked angrily Xiao Zhan's chest with her manicured pointing finger:
"Who do you think you are to talk to me like that?!
You have no right!
I'm aware about what I have done wrong, nobody is perfect!
But now I'm back to my senses, and I understand what I have to do! That's why I came to claim back my baby whom I missed so much and craved for all these years!" 
She wiped something from her eyes, something that Zhan didn't see there to be found.

"Please, Missis Wang LěngMò, you don't seem a stupid woman to me, and I assure you that I am not stupid either. So please don't give me this kind of bull!
Firstly, stop calling A-Yuan a baby, much less your baby! He is not a baby anymore, but a little gentleman. You remember him as a baby, as he was when you left him, he is now an almost six years healthy child - not thanks to you, though.
Secondly, even though you found out about his existence from the news I assume, you didn't bother to visit him not even once or ask at the hospital about him.
You showed up only when you found out about this media meeting, knowing that the topic will be the MONEY!
Now, let's talk about your favorite topic: How much?"

"We are not here for money!
We want the child!", the lawyer butted in.

"No ! Really?!
Your calculations told you that if you would get the child you would get the money along with him, or at least half of them, don't you?!
Well, allow me to inform you of something extremely surprising: the money is not legally in Mister Wang Yibo's property!
The lottery ticket is MINE!
I informed the media that he is the owner of the ticket, because  my initial intention was to give the money to Mister Wang and to his son. 
But I've suddenly changed my mind!
So, are you still craving for your baby, Missis Wang LěngMò?"

After a few minutes of heavy silence, Xiao Zhan smirked:
"I guess not.
So, Mister Jerry Smith, may I have your business card, as for Mister Wang Yibo's lawyer to be able to contact you?"



"My card will not be needed. I don't think that Mister Wang Yibo will need to contact me in this matter, as I believe that my client will give up on the case.", the lawyer replied grouchily.

"Oh, you're wrong, you have a case for sure, only if you would accept to represent her of course! 
Because Mister Wang Yibo is asking for divorce from Missis Wang LěngMò, now that he is finally able to do so.
Thank you for the card and what more can I say, except good luck with your new case, even though I really don't  think that you will have anything close to any luck."






When Xiao Zhan stepped inside A-Yuan's ward, he found there a very disturbed Yibo, who was desperately hugging his son, confusing the child with his red teary eyes.

"Bobei, come with me, let's pay a visit to ZhiXiao, you don't want to upset A-Yuan with your tears.", Zhan grabbed Yibo's hand and dragged him out of the room.

Lin ZhiXiao was bored and was watching the tv, waiting for her fiance to finish a surgical intervention and to come see her.

Exactly when the two men were entering her ward, ZhiXiao shouted:
"Oh, good that you are here!
Come quickly, ZhanZhan, you are on the news!"

Xiao Zhan's eyes were fixed on Yibo's face the whole time he was watching the TV screen, to read his reaction at the sight of the beautiful woman that once  had a place in his heart.

"She's a very beautiful woman, you were right.
Baobei, how do you feel now, seeing her again, after all these years?", Zhan asked, kissing the inside of Yibo's palm.

His heart was beating fast and his saliva felt bitter in his mouth, tormented at the thought that Yibo would feel nostalgic about his wife.
After all, she was not just a nobody in his life, he even loved her once. 
Besides, for A-Yuan it would probably be better to have his mother back, not another father...

Wang Yibo sensed Zhan's anxiety, so he hugged him in a tight embrace, burying his face in the crock of his neck:
"Never doubt again about my love for you!
Do you remember when I told you that you are my first love?
Well, I didn't lie, also I will repeat to you what you replied to me that time: you are my last love, too!"




Lin ZhiXiao was tearing at the sight of the romantic scene:
"What are you wa

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