07 A special day

You are the antidote to all of my pains
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He was holding back his tears, as gentlemen must not cry so easily, but the huge disappointment was written all over A-Yuan's face, at the sight of the puppets theater's pay office closed and at the poster "Tickets sold out" displayed on the front door. 



One of the theater's cleaning ladies, who was just watering the flowers from the front door, got extremely touched by those big sad eyes. 
She asked someone to replace her for a few minutes and addressed to the gentleman who was explaining something to the kid while patting endearingly his head crown:
"Hello, sorry for bothering you mister, but your son is simply breaking my heart, he resembles my own son, and I hate watching him so sad.
A VIP guest left me the key card of his private box to water the ornamental flower. That's why I don't think he'll be back today, or else he wouldn't have left the key card to me.
Thus, I was thinking of borrowing his private box to your family. "

"Thank you so much, we are so grateful!
If it wouldn't be for my son, I wouldn't accept your great-hearted offer, as I don't want you to get in any kind of trouble because of us.", the other gentleman said.

"Oh, so this little doll with big eyes is your son, too.
It's good for a kid of his age to have both parents in his life. My son is not as lucky as him, as my husband left us.
But no more sadness!
Allow me to lead you to mister Wei Ying's private box. And do not worry, I will not get in any trouble, he would have been already here if he would have intended to be."

"A-Yuan is my son. My son!
No, we are not...", Wang Yibo started to explain.

But his friend interrupted him:
"Let's hurry, the show is about to start!". 
He placed the child in  his father's lap and started pushing the wheelchair while following the kind lady.

The VIP box was not VIP for nothing, it had a perfect view to the stage, an elegant interior design and lots of ornamental flowers.

"Oh, we were so lucky with this kind lady, I hope she will not get in any trouble.
But first the funny doctor, and now this lady. Why is everyone assuming that we...", Wang Yibo mumbled, then stopped talking as the lights went off, signaling that the show was about to start.








Xiao Zhan's heart got swollen in his chest at the sight of the two happy spectators, laughing and clapping their palms in delight.
He wasn't able at all to watch the stage because his whole attention was captured by the two happy kids, enjoying every  single moment of the performance.




"Two kids" because the father looked exactly the same as his son: a five years old child enjoying a fairy tale.

The show got to an end, and they were just sharing the excitement over the show, when the nice lady rushed inside, blubbering something incomprehensible.

She was followed closely by a handsome, well dressed gentleman:
"Hello, I'm Wei Ying, the owner of this box, and who might be you?"

Xiao Zhan reached out his hand to the confused man:
"Good evening, sir, my name is Xiao Zhan, please don't blame this lady for allowing us to invade your property, this is only my own fault.
I badly wanted to make this sweet child happy.
He really wanted to watch a puppet show today, and when we found out that all the tickets were sold out, I dared to ask this kind lady to solve our problem somehow.
I'm so sorry for the trouble we have caused to you!"

"Did you enjoy the story?",  the gentleman spoke to A-Yuan in a  gentle tone.

"Very much, sir, my bàba and Mister Friend liked it, too!"

"Please, excuse us for our disrespectful intrusion into your private box.
How can we make up to you?
But first allow me to introduce  ourselves, I'm Wang Yibo and this is my son A-Yuan."

The  box's owner ruffled the child's hair, then shook his father's and the other gentleman's hands:
"Nice to meet you all. If you liked the story I'm satisfied and happy.
As for the box, do not worry, its purpose is to be used for watching the show, not stay empty. It's usually used by friends or my friends' friends, just that today I was busy with something and didn't have time to take care of this.  
Anyways, let me introduce myself properly, I'm Wei Ying, the writer of the fairy tale which you have just watched, and I'm always glad to make somebody happy with my work."

"Oh, Mister Wei Ying, so nice to meet you! Let me congratulate you for your talent and ability to charm children and equally adults. 
Here are the standing proofs: I couldn't differentiate the son from the father during the performance.", Xiao Zhan smiled fondly at the pair of son with father.

"Thank you Mister, for your kind words, actually I'm a child, too!
I like fairy tales, I like to play, I believe in Santa, and fairies, I love Nemo, and I believe in friendship.
I noticed that this sweet child calls you Mister Friend.
And as I'm always up to make new friends, I'd like to be your friend. I mean, a friend to all of you...only if you want me, too.", said the writer, giving a hug to each of the three persons, excited and cheerful like a small kid, indeed.

"If you would have the time and the pleasure to come, I invite you to my students' debuting show next Saturday.
I'm a modern dancing coach and my best dancers will make their debuts in this show.
I don't think my health problem will be solved until then, so I will not be able to join them on the stage , because of a small accident that recently occurred. 
But I have a very talented student, even better than me, who will delight the audience with his magical skills, I'm sure."

"I'm so sorry for the accident, but I'm happy that it's just a temporary problem.
Thank you for your invitation, I'll be there for sure, I'm always ready to experience new things.", Wei Ying replied, taking the invitation from Wang Yibo, and showing off his new friends to the theater's main entrance.







~Inside Xiao Zhan's car:


"What a friendly, nice man.
This little white bunny must be hungry, and I must admit that I am, too.
I suppose you are, as well.
Let's go eat somewhere.", Xiao Zhan suggested.

"A-Yuan follows a very strict diet, so he eats only the food that only I, or sometimes his nanny cooks for him.
Let me treat you to dinner at my home. I'm a very quick chef, I promise not to starve you for too long a time.
I'm going to call Guan Xiaotong right now and ask her to take care of A-Yuan's bathing while I'd be busy with the cooking."

"You don't have to call her, I can take care of A-Yuan by myself, and then I can help you, too, with the dinner."

"Why do I have this feeling that you don't like TongTong, too much?
She is a sweet, nice girl and she cares very much for my son."

"She cares a lot about you, too, maybe a little too much..."

"Am I wrong on thinking that you sound jealous?"

"No, you are not wrong, I'm very jealous of anyone important to you, except your son, of course.
Now it's your turn, probably, to think about me that I'm a weirdo."

"Not at all, you are a person who has just earned a friend and does not want to lose him."

"Yeah, and, probably, I'd want you to be more than my friend.", Xiao Zhan whispered in a fainted voice.

"What did you say?
I didn't hear you!"


The driver parked the car and climbed out of the car to take the wheelchair from the trunk.

"Don't ever worry, I'll always be your friend, as long as you would want me as your friend. 
I owe you so much and you gave so much happiness to my son, and...to me, as well.
Thank you for this beautiful, perfect day.", Wang Yibo beamed and...unexpectedly  kissed the doctor's flushed cheek.



"Bàba, do you show Mister Friend that you love him?", the child started to giggle.

"What?", Wang Yibo asked while trying to hide behind his palms his ears that caught on fire.

"You kissed him, so you do love him!
He loves you, too, you know? I saw it!
I love you, the both of you, let's have a group hug!", the small boy shouted excitedly, climbing onto Xiao Zhan's lap and pushing his head towards his bàba's head.
He glued Zhan's left cheek with Yibo's right one and wrapped his arms around the two men's necks.
Then kissed loudly both of them on their free cheeks.



"Awww, what a touching scene! 
You almost look like a true, happy family, if  it wouldn't be for...
Sadly, doctor Xiao Zhan, you are not a woman, so you are not suitable for playing the wife's role.", the nanny interrupted the group hug moment,  staring at the three embraced persons through the car door window, half rolled down, with mocking eyes.

"But you are the one suitable, aren't you?", Xiao Zhan snapped in the same mocking tone.

"Hey, hey,  what's wrong with you people?
What on earth  are you talking about?
Nobody is nobody's wife, you are both my dear friends and I love you both.
Besides that, TongTong, don't forget that Zhan Ge already has a wife.
As for me, I'm not  officially divorced yet, so the only one who doesn't have and would need a spouse is Guan Xiaotong!", Wang Yibo said in a conciliatory attempt.  
Focused on  how to change the bad aura surrounding them, he missed to notice the deep sadness from a pair of very pained brown eyes.








~Inside of Wang Yibo's apartment:


Guan Xiaotong gave  the child a bath before feeding him with the diet food prepared b

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