06 A special secret

You are the antidote to all of my pains
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After such a long night, Xiao Zhan slept a lot.
When he woke up it was already the lunch time:
"Oh, my, the hospital appointment!"

Soon after, he was pressing the door-bell of his friend's apartment.
A loud clunking noise was getting closer to the door. Probably it was Wang Yibo using the mop tail for walking towards the door.

"I'm sorry for getting late, I overslept. 
But I'm here now, I'm going to take you to the hospital, we have an appointment with that funny doctor.", Xiao Zhan breathed out hastily his words...he has been running the few meters from the  elevator to his friend's apartment.

I've caused you  enough  trouble already, you don't have to come with me.
I can call YiXuan, or someone. 
I don't want to be a burden to you, more than I already was."

"Hello, Mister Friend, come inside and give me a kiss to show me that you love me.", the little doll's head popped from behind his father's legs.

"What?", Yibo asked in disbelief.

"Bàba, you understand nothing!
Mister Friend, the Red Bunny and myself, we are sharing a secret and you don't have to know about it."

The guest mimicked the shushing gesture and winked conspiratorially at the small child.




"I brought my friend with me because he asked me to be your friend, too, from now on.", Xiao Zhan smiled, taking out from a big shopping bag a giant red bunny plushie, holding in its arms a small white one.

"This big bunny is my bàba and the white one is me!", A-Yuan laughed, clapping his small palms, before dragging Mister Friend by the hem of his coat inside the house.

"Then I will be the evil wolf who will hunt and eat the white bunny's cheeks. Aww-ooh! Grrr!", Xiao Zhan howled and growled, chasing the giggling little boy and kissing his rosy cheeks, when catching him.

"I have never seen him like this!", Wang Yibo gasped, amazed at his son's acting.

"It makes me so happy to see him laughing.
Now let me help you to get dressed, we are already late.
A-Yuan, are you able to get dressed by yourself or you would need my help?"

"No help needed, I am a big boy, I'm five now!
I'm not a baby anymore, like bàba, who needs your help."

"Alright,  then from the two of you, you are the boss, not baby bàba.
After we finish our business at the hospital, you'll be the one in charge to decide where to go from there.
To watch a movie, to visit the zoo, to have some fun in the amusement park, aquarium, whatever you wish."

"I want to watch a puppet show!", shouted the little bunny excitedly.

How could I go somewhere with my damaged leg?", Yibo puffed his cheeks and pouted his lips.

"No need to pout, baby bàba.", smiled Xiao Zhan, pinching affectionately  his  pursed lips.
"I have in my car a wheelchair for you.
Now tell me where is your closet and what do you want to wear?"




After the father and his son were packed and ready to go, Xiao Zhan called his driver to bring the wheelchair, because Yibo refused to be carried again.

A-Yuan took the white bunny in his arms and climbed up in his father's lap, who was seated in the wheelchair.







In the hospital's waiting room, the nurses surrounded the cute pair of father and son, abusing the poor kid's cheeks with pinches and touching his father's face with admiration.

"Here we go again!", Xiao Zhan rolled his eyes in annoyance.

Finally it was their turn! He sighed in relief and pushed the wheelchair inside the consulting room.

"How old is your son?", asked the doctor, while examining Yibo's wounds.

"He's five."

"Who is his biological father, you or your boyfriend?"

"A-Yuan is my natural son, and Mister Xiao Zhan is my friend not my boyfriend.", Yibo stuttered and blushed at first, but then burst into laughter when locking his eyes with the said friend's eyes.

They were both laughing, now. And they were, also,  intrigued, somehow, why the doctor was not laughing with them.



"A-Yuan needs to go the bathroom, we will wait outside!", Xiao Zhan told the doctor and his patient, after the kid whispered something in his ear.

After the two left the room, the doctor spoke to the patient: 
"I apologize, if I had offended you and your friend, somehow! But I must tell you that I usually  don't make mistakes in matters of the heart, because I have a degree in psychology, too.
And judging by your and his eyes I would say that there is a different kind of feeling than friendship, between you two.
Anyway, it is none of my business, but just trying to help you realize and admit your feelings to yourself. As sooner, as better, for your own sake.
Now back to our business! How is your foot, does it hurt, was it hard to handle the tasks  of your daily routine?"

"No it wasn't hard at all, my friend helped me a lot, he even unscrewed the mop tail to use it as a crutch.", Yibo smiled with tenderness at the memory of those moments.

"I know what I am talking about when telling you about your eyes.
When you talk about him or look at him, your eyes are lit up by something that can't be mistaken... and this is valid for him, too.", the persistent doctor murmured, mostly for himself to hear.







Meanwhile Xiao Zhan took A-Yuan to another floor of the hospital where a friend of his was working as a doctor.

"Hi, Lu Han, long time no see you!
Look, I don’t have much time right now. 
I will make it quickly, I'm here to ask you for a big favor.
I need some medical tests. And I don't want to get them from inside the Company's clinics, you can figure out why. "

"Oh my god, what's the matter, are you sick?
What kind of tests?"



"The tests are for me and also for this young gentleman here."

"Who is he?"

"A good friend's son.
I need to know if by any chance I'm compatible with him for a liver transplant.
I want to give him a piece from my liver, if I would be a match."

"Are you crazy?
What on earth are you talking about?
You are a doctor too, even if not a Hepatologist like myself. Thus, you do know that a liver transplant is not a dental extraction!
This involves huge risks for both of you!"

"If I am suitable for the transplant I'm assuming any kind of risk.
He has been sick for more than four years already, and you do know that there is not too much time left."

"Oh, my...So sorry...
But, as you know, it's needed for his parents to give their approval for the medical tests to be done."

"That's why I came to you, not only to doctor Lu Han, but I came to my friend Han Ge.
I don't want to force you on something illegal, but at the same time I wouldn't want to give false hopes to his father if the results would be negative! That man suffered more than enough until now.
He doesn't need another disappointment in his life! And certainly not coming from me.
Please Han Ge, help me on this, I'm begging you!
Take this as a favor you are doing to me, never know when you would need me and I would return the favor, please!"

Hmm, it's the first time I hear this word coming from you.
Okay, you've convinced me to go illegal for the first time in my whole career.
You really

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