09 What the friends are for?

You are the antidote to all of my pains
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Xiao Zhan's happy mood got instantly changed into a dark one, at Mister Nirosawa's sight, who was waiting for him in GuanGuang's office.

The Japanese business man was stamped with a purple bruise on his cheek and a bluish eye, recollections from Zhan's hard punch.

"Good morning, doctor Xiao Zhan!
As you see, I can't stay angry with a handsome man as you are! Thus I decided to give your and Mister Jin GuangYao's company one last chance, even though you didn't know how to appreciate me at my true value.
Your associate will explain to you how the things are standing right now, and I will wait for your call. But not later than Sunday evening.
No longer, because Monday morning I have to fly to Japan.
I'm going now, have a nice day and I'll wait for your answer.
Hopefully  you will be clever enough to make the right decision!"



"What did he want?"

Jin GuangYao offered to his brother in law a cup of coffee and started his exposure:
"ZhanZhan, as you know very well,  our company is walking on a wire regarding the profits and everything.
This ing world financial crisis is ready to swallow us and without Nirosawa's money we are lost and we'll not be able to survive.
I know that he is a crazy, eccentric man, but as long as the money is in his power, he is our God!
The good news is that he is ready to forget that you punched him!
He is willing to help us to resuscitate our company! 
But it comes with a small amendment...a very small amendment.
He only wants you to convince Mister Wang Yibo to agree with his condition. Easy-peasy!"

"What the heck has Mister Wang Yibo to do with this matter?"

"Mister Miko Nirosawa said that if Mister Wang Yibo will repeat that seduction dance with him, including the kiss, he will invest the promised money in our business.
Please ZhanZhan, you can talk to him, I'm sure that you are able to convince him!  I noticed that there is some kind of chemistry between you and that dancer."

"That dancer...
Yes, you're right, he is a dancer! Not a e, to provide ual favors just for us to get a ert rich dude's filthy money!
I can't even believe that you thought about asking me or him to agree with such an outraging thing!"

"Why a e? He doesn't want to fu*k him or something, he only wants to get the same treatment as you got from that man.
That dancer did it once for money, why would it be so hard for him to do it twice?"

"First of all, it would be hard for me! I can't sell him like a piece of meat on the market.
He didn't and doesn't deserve this treatment, not even for a two billion business!"

"ZhanZhan, look into my eyes!
Do I smell a crush from you for that Wang character?
Why are you so vehement about it?
Did something happen Saturday night when you went with him to the hospital?"

"GuangGuang, you do know that I'm not a romantic and impressionable man, but that 'dancer', as you call him, is the  father of a sick, five years old child, who needs an urgent liver transplant in order to survive.
He raised this sweet kid as a single parent and struggled by himself to give him everything he needed.
He performed that seductive dance with the only reason to pay for his son's treatment and now you are asking me to tell this man to embarrass himself again just for the sake of our company?!"

"Oh my god, I was only joking when I asked you if you are into this man, but now I see that you are, for real! You sound like you are even in love with him!"

"And what if it would be so?
You know very well my marriage with your sister! You are aware that she would not suffer at all, if we'd  divorce.
I will ask her for divorce, when she returns from Paris, don't tell her anything yet, I want to talk to her first."

Xiao Zhan exited the office, leaving behind an overly shocked Jin GuangYao.






The next few days were all the same: every morning Xiao Zhan was dropping Wang Yibo to the studio of his dance training school, before going to the office.

He didn't have to go home anymore to change from his clothes, because he brought a few to the apartment.

After work, they were going to the hospital where Xiao Zhan and A-Yuan were secretly getting their medical tests, while Yibo's foot was getting treated.

Every day after hospital they were going to the zoo, or the amusement park, or the cinema.

The days ended with dinner, bathe and with  the most awaited moment of the day: cuddling in the cozy environment of the Wang family's home, no matter if watching a movie crumpled on the living room sofa, playing games or just simply resting in each other's arms.



Xiao Zhan loved each moment spent with his beloved ones, but his favorite was the time they would go to bed.
After the red bunny story moment and after A-Yuan would fall asleep, Xiao Zhan would usually be the first in bed, waiting for Yibo to have his bathroom evening routine and to give him the good night kiss.
An innocent good night kiss, that would always convert into prolonged, sensual making out sessions...but nothing more over that level.
They would always fall asleep wrapped in each other's warm arms.







Wang Yibo was overly nervous and agitated because  that day was Saturday, the day of the trainees' debuting show.

His foot was almost entirely healed, but he couldn't properly walk yet,  thus he was still using the wheelchair.

Xiao Zhan helped him with the organizing of the last minute details.
"Calm down, everything will be okay!
Let me give you a kiss for good luck!", he said, leaning towards the agitated man who was squirming in the wheelchair.

The door had suddenly slammed to the wall and A-Yuan rushed into the room, followed closely by his nanny. 
Guan XiaoTong's eyes popped out from her head at the sight of the two men kissing:
"I knew it!
Damn, I was not wrong!"

"Bo Ge, what the hell are you doing?
Didn't you suffer enough?
You'll be condemned by society for being with a man!
A married man on top of that!
He'll use you for a while, then he will go back to his wife and his luxury life!
And what about your son?
He needs a mother not another father!", the woman screamed-talked, shaking from shock and desperation at the same time.

"TongTong, I truly appreciate your concern, and I know that you genuinely care about me and my son.
That's the reason why I will ask you to respect my choice.
And my choice is to be with him!
TongTong, try to understand that I feel for him something that I have never felt for anybody else.
I have always lived for others, now I want to live for myself and for my own happiness.
Yes, I love him and yes, he makes me happy!"

"Bàba, bàba, I'm happy, too!", A-Yuan shouted,  climbing onto his father's lap and kissing his cheeks.

"Miss Guan XiaoTong, I know that you want all the best for your friend and you want to protect him, but I can assure you that I would never hurt him.
My love for him and for A-Yuan is honest and strong enough to make me divorce and also to accept to pay the price to society on behalf of me and behalf of him, too.
I will always protect my darling baobei and my sweet A-Yuan, I want them both to be my family! Because I love them both with all of my heart."

"Does your wife know?"

"Not yet, but soon I'll solve this problem."



Their conversation was interrupted by a blonde, young man who showed his gums in a wide smile:" Jiàoliàn (A/n: "coach" in Chinese), don't you want to see me bewitching the audience?"

"We are coming, Jiayou Lan Zhan!", Wang Yibo replied, giving thumbs up to his number one trainee. 


Lan Zhan had bewitched, indeed, the audience with his dancing skills. He bewitched especially one spectator from the first row, who remained glued onto his chair even after the show had already ended a long time ago and everyone had left the performing hall.

"What are you doing here in the darkness, alone, Mister Wei Ying?", Xiao Zhan asked the man with the lost puppy eyes.

"Who is that blonde dancer?", the writer mumbled in a strangled voice.



"Who? Lan Zhan?
He is the best one of Mister Wang Yibo's trainees, I remember that he told you about him.
He is a very talented dancer, indeed. But not only as a dancer, he sings and composes music, too.
A very talented artist."

"And very...Handsome...Pretty...Beautiful...", the writer added dreamily.

"I understand, come with me, I will introduce you to him. Maybe, he'll give you inspiration to write a fairy tale with a handsome dancer character.", Zhan smiled, recognizing the familiar thrill of  love at the first sight  from the writer's eyes and voice.








"Wang Yibo Jiàoliàn, who is that man talking with your friend? A doctor, too?", the blonde trainee asked his coach.

"No, he is a writer, and his name is Wei Ying."

"Oh, a writer?
Please, introduce me to him, maybe he could teach me how to write song lyrics."



"Yeah, haha, as you don't know how to do it.
Okay, go and tell Mister Xiao Zhan that I need him to help me with something in the costume room, and you can introduce yourself to the writer on that occasion."



After no more than ten minutes the blonde dancer and the writer were joking and

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