10 Ecstasy and agony

You are the antidote to all of my pains
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After the dancing school's trainees debuting show has been successfully wrapped, Xiao Zhan brought his new family to the hospital.

The  doctor informed his patient that tomorrow will finally be the day of removing the stitches, thus he will be able to walk without using the wheelchair.
Yet he should be careful not to force too much  the still sensitive sole, therefore the doctor advised him to buy a walking-stick.

"We must celebrate this good news!", Xiao Zhan kissed Yibo's head crown, while pushing the wheelchair towards his car.

"I feel rather in an 'at-home' mood.
I'm kind of tired, A-Yuan is too.
I prefer to stay at home and , maybe, to drink a glass of wine with you, now that I'm done with the antibiotics.
Zhan Ge, I just wonder...Ermmm...Did you have that talk with your wife?"

"My love, please don't allow TongTong's words to get stuck in your brain!
ZhiXiao had just returned from Paris this morning and I hadn't, yet, the chance to talk to her, but tomorrow I'll fix this , I promise!
Let's forget about it today and enjoy this beautiful day, by spending it together with no worries.
Remember what I've told you once, to have faith because nothing is happening without a reason and a purpose."







After savoring the delicious dinner prepared together, Xiao Zhan helped his two babies to have their baths and after taking his shower, too, they went into A-Yuan's room for 'the red rabbit's story' time, all three of them dressed in pajamas printed with bunnies.

Zhan puffed and adjusted the pillows, then laid A-Yuan between himself and Yibo, grabbed the story book and started to read.

A-Yuan's squirmed until finding the most comfy position. His nape was resting now onto his father's chest and his chubby feet onto Mister Friend's stomach.

While Zhan's free hand was playing with his lover's soft locks of hair, Yibo was caressing his son's cheeks, the other hand resting on the story teller's stomach.

The melodious voice of the narrator brought the sandman in a short time to A-Yuan's eyes, so Zhan closed the book and settled the kid in a more comfortable position for sleep.

While covering the little child with the quilt and kissing his pink cheeks, he smiled at Yibo's sleepy voice, who was whining like a spoiled baby:
"Whaah, Zhan Ge, why did you stop?
I want to know what's happening next!"

"Shhh, I will let you know what is happening next, but not here.
A-Yuan is already asleep, so let's go to your bedroom.", he  whispered, lifting the sleepy man in his arms. But not before pinching his donuts cheeks that he loves so much.



He carried him in a bridal style, a gesture that was already an usual thing to do to them.
Then carefully put Yibo on the bed, who was fully awake by now. 

Zhan poured wine in two glasses.
He handed one to his lover:
"Here, this will help you to sleep better."

"I don't want to sleep yet!
Come sit here, I want to thank you for helping me so much and supporting me today.", Yibo patted the bed mattress, after sipping a bit from the wine.

"This sounds interesting!
I'm ready to accept all your thanks!", Xiao Zhan grinned, placing the wine glasses on the nightstand, then took a seat on the bed.




~Xiao Zhan's POV:

His head is lying now on the pillow.
These dark locks of hair spread onto the white pillow and this innocent smile softly climbing up to his sinful eyes are accelerating the beat of my heart.

His beauty takes my breath away, as always does.




I wonder if it would ever come the moment , when I would become immune to all of this and he would not affect me this much.
I don't think  that to ever happen!

I would never have enough from admiring this perfection, from kissing these lips, from feeling this warm, kind, heart beating next to mine, even when we'll get wrinkled and gray haired.


These half parted lips are working like a magnet over mine, pulling me forward until our mouths are merging together in a wild, needy, hungry kiss.

I'm afraid that I will not be able to stop myself, and I don't know if he's ready to go further.
I'd better get up... But he presses his hands onto my back, to stop me from leaving.
Something mischievous is glimmering in his innocent eyes and his smile is sweet but at the same time is devilish somehow.



With my last drop of strength I try again to get up from the bed, but he pulls me in another kiss, almost aggressively.

He grips the tip of my tongue with his pursed lips and it like a vacuum, urging me to slip it inside his honey cavern.

I have no chance, but to give up on struggling to resist.
Tasting the sweetness of his tongue and inner mouth gets me high.
I have never tried drUgs, but I'm sure that this is how it must feel.




I one more time on his bottom lip before moving my lips down to his chin and along his jaw, until I reach his outstanding prominent Adam's apple.

I nibble the soft skin with my pursed lips, keep flicking the tip of my tongue against it. 
His sighs of pleasure are music to my ears.

"This must be one of your most sensitive spots.", I murmur, swirling my tongue around, then wrapping the enticing bone with my warm lips and it like the sweetest lollipop.

Ye...essss. This, too...", he hisses and gasps loudly when I move my attention to his ear. 
I swirl my tongue inside the ear shell, bite lightly the outer ear and slurp his soft, tasty lobe inside my mouth.

I graze my teeth down his alluring neck, the appetizing flesh and stamping red marks, overly visible in contrast with the whiteness of his creamy skin.



I lower my lips  to his chest and brush them on the valley between the two firm chest muscles.

My baobei frantically s his shirt to give  my mouth a better access to his already perked s.
I tease with my tongue, one of them, and while taking it into my mouth, I pinch the other one with my finger tips.    

He slips his trembling fingers underneath my shirt and starts kneading at my lower back's muscles.

An inhuman growl escapes from my throat as I climb my whole body on top of his.

Both of his hands are squeezing, now, my cheeks, guiding my hips in slow circular moves.

I push and rub myself against him, pulling moans and groans from both our throats.

I don't feel the pajama pants as an obstacle, on the contrary, the friction between the thin fabric and the sensitive skin is increasing the electric jolts sparked through our bodies' most needy parts.

The noises of our ecstasy  are spread in all the four corners of the room, but suddenly a different sound reaches to my ears:
The fu*king ring bell!


~End of Xiao Zhan's POV~





"Baobei, someone is at the door!"

"Who could it be at this late hour?
Let it go, I bet that it's TongTong to check out  on A-Yuan, or rather to check out on us. Just ignore her!", Zhan growled, upset at the interruption.

"It could be something important, bring me the wheelchair, I want to see what it is!"



"Alright, no need for you to open the door. I will go, I'm sure that it's Guan XiaoTong.
She already knows about us, so it doesn't matter if it would be me to open the door of your apartment.", Zhan said, while trying to fix his appearance, something hard to do considering that he was wearing pajamas.

Xiao Zhan unlocked the front door, cursing in his mind at the late intruder.

His eyes popped out from his head:
"ZhiXiao, what on earth are you doing here?!"

"I can ask you the same question!
Well, don't you invite me in, or you have to ask the owner?
Or, maybe, it is your own house, considering your outfit, hahaha!", the woman laughed, pushing her husband aside and entering the living room with imposing steps.

Her expensive perfume and strident voice reached up to Yibo's bedroom.

"ZhanZhan, my darling husband, what do you think that you are doing?
Tomorrow is the last day for calling Nirosawa!
As I see, you are working hard to convince Mister Wang Yibo, but my brother told you to talk to him, to buy him if it's necessary, not to stick your d!ck in his !", Lin ZhiXiao spoke, mostly screaming toward the end.

"Firstly: being gross doesn't fit the high society lady that you claim to be.
Secondly: you have no right to tell me what to do with my d!ck, as long as you have just been in Paris with one of your hordes of lovers.
And thirdly: keep your voice down, there is a small child who needs to sleep at this late hour!"

"Oh, your lover has a child, maybe has a wife, too?
At least my lovers are single, at least I don't cheat on anyone!"

"Yeah, you don't cheat anyone except your husband! But you're right, we are not cheating, because we are not really married.
I don't understand your cheap scene, you have never cared about me and about what I am doing, why this sudden interest in my private life?"

"Right, but I still care about our Company!
And our company needs your lover!"

"I have already told GuangGuang that it's a closed case!"

"What case?", Yibo asked, holding himself onto the living room door's frame and trying to prop his weight on a single foot.

"Sweetheart, what are you doing?
You are not allowed yet to stand on your legs!", Xiao Zhan hurried to pick up the man in matching pajamas with him.
He lifted him in his arms and carried him to the couch.

"Awww, sweetheart! I'm gonna sob

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