Out Of The Shadows [Series]


Excerpt from part 2:

“Why haven’t you pursued a career as a singer?”

I have, you thought inwardly, the multiple attempts to audition for companies all ending in failure.

“Y/N? What are you thinking of?”

“I don’t have it in me to become a singer,” you said carefully, avoiding his gaze.

Kihyun scoffed. “You’re one of the most powerful singers I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. How do you not have it in you?”

“Singing is one thing…”

“Are you too shy?” he questioned, shaking his head. “No, that’s not it. You were nervous that first time, but you still sang. I am convinced you could sing in front of anyone.”

“Not really,” you replied awkwardly, reaching over for the mouse his hand rested on top of, attempting to change his focus.

You hadn’t been careful enough, and his gaze on your wrist was obvious. Slipping your sleeve over it, you snatched the mouse from him and busied yourself on the computer.

For a moment, you were both silent.

“I’m sorry for pushing you,” Kihyun breathed out, and you stilled entirely, aware of how raw his voice was. “I just got greedy on your behalf.”


“I know a voice like yours would be snapped up in a heartbeat at any company, Y/N. You could be an asset. A household name if you wanted to be. Or Youtube. You could do covers and—”

“I appreciate your support, truly,” you said, shakily cutting in on his hope building speech.

You had your hopes crushed one too many times by the world he was talking of.

Smiling flatly at the singer, you shook your head. “Someone like me can’t make it as a singer.”


Summary: Singing was the only thing that kept you breathing. To Kihyun, you were too talented to step away from. And by a cruel twist of fate, because of him, you became a singer - except you only sang in the shadows.

Pairing: Yoo Kihyun x female reader

Genre: idol au / angst / drama / romance

Warnings: Y/N has a serious injury, and ongoing implications from it that might trigger some people.

I predominately write on Tumblr, therefore my stories are with reader insert, which is most popular there.


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Chapter 7: Worried Kihyun is the best! Nice story by the way~
Chapter 10: Aw, I wish I could comment on every chapter. I swear I will. I’m just so busy with my internship. I’m so in love with your writing. I can’t wait for the next chapter!! Kiki is so adorable.
Chapter 1: Update soon please!!