About Me

Hey everyone!

I'm Chelle, and I've been writing kpop fanfiction since 2010! In 2018 I got back into writing after a two year writers block and admittedly share fiction and scenarios daily on Tumblr (linked above) under the same username. I used to be known as smiledreamlove here on AFF (which is why my older fictions have the graphics under that name).

Currently I write a lot of different groups, but admittedly, I'm known for my GOT7 content.

My aim is to transfer all my fiction I've written since July 2018 slowly onto AFF and start posting here daily too, but I am going to need some time to do this! I hope you all enjoy what you find cropping up here interesting!

Aside from writing, I am a doll artist and spend a lot of my time being creative. I love a lot of kpop groups and class myself as very multi-fandom. After all, I got into kpop in 2009 and there's been a lot to love over the years!

I'm a noona fan too, in my early 30s - kpop is getting younger but I keep getting older, hmph!

I don't write for girl groups, and I am not accepting requests currently as I'm struggling to get through a long back log as it is on Tumblr.

- Chelle xxx