The Caretaker [Series]


Preview of Part 1: 

“This is it.”

“This?” Eric echoed, looking around the room in confusion. “We broke into a haunted house just for what looks to once have been a nursery?”

Rolling your eyes, you moved over to the unique wall panelling. “This is why. Look at how exquisite this detailing is.”

“I have to admit. It is unlike anything I’ve ever seen.”

Running your hand gently along the ornate detailing, you sighed dreamily. “The artist behind this was phenomenal. We truly don’t have this style of panelling readily accessible today. It must have taken whoever created this several solid weeks to complete it.”

“It was months, actually,” a new voice mentioned, and you froze, glancing over your shoulder.

“Who-who are you?” Eric asked in a little more than a whisper.

The newcomer was void of a reaction, his cold eyes penetrating yours. “The caretaker of this home. You’re not meant to be in here, now, are you?”

“Sorry, I just–”

“We’re leaving!” Eric cut in with a squeak, tugging on your arm. “We won’t come again!”

Watching the man as Eric dragged you to the exit of the room, you wondered why his gaze grew sombre. Yanking free from Eric, you turned back for the stairs, but he latched onto your waist.

“Don’t go back up there, Y/N!”

“He seems to know about the panelling!”

“Before he calls the cops, come on!” Eric urged, and you groaned, following Eric to the front door.

But all the way home, you couldn’t help but envision the strange man’s dark eyes.

As if he had a story worth listening to.


Summary: Ever since moving to this township, you had been curious about the abandoned quarry home. Everyone else saw it as a haunted and creepy house, but as an up and coming interior designer, you were entranced by the intricate details. And once you met the caretaker of the property, you were determined to find out all about the house and the man who guarded it. 

Pairing: Son Hyunwoo x female reader

Genre: romance / angst / sad-fluff / ghost au 

Warnings: mentioning of being haunted

I predominately write on Tumblr where reader insert is most popular, hence why that's the style of my fictions posted here.



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Chapter 7: Oh no! The end already? I was looking for the next button.
this was interesting read, thank you for writing.
2022 streak #3
Chapter 7: Even though it was only one chapter that didn't have Hyunwoo in it, I'm still missing him dearly. Excuse my biased self... Other than that, this chapter was nice. Eric was a sweety, the plumber Jooheon was cute and flirty. Anyway, I had fun reading this story and I'm definitely gonna miss them. Please let me know if you have any other Shownu/Kihyun stories in your collection. I'd like to check them too ^^
2022 streak #4
Chapter 6: Oh my! So my theory was right? I'm not sure if I should be happy or sad that it's true. And now I wonder what the last chapter might hold *wipes tears* for some odd reasons, I was expecting many more chapters to come. Still can't believe I'm just one chapter away from its ending. Will definitely be back later to read more ^^
2022 streak #5
Chapter 5: Whoa! *Fans self* I laughed up hard at Eric and his rant in the beginning but definitely wasn't expecting the chapter to take such a turn and so quickly at that. Not that I'm complaining, just a bit surprised. LoL XD and, Kihyun has hots for her too? Anyway, I'm curious of so many things. Can't wait to read more. But will be back later to do so ^^
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Chapter 4: Ooh! This chapter was intriguing. I mean until last chapter I didn't really have any theory behind Shownu and that house but I think after reading this chapter, I'm starting to have one. Regardless, I liked their interactions here. Can't wait to see what those two are gonna do with the house. And also wonder what Eric's reaction would be later when he sees these two being acquainted and on more than amicable terms. Anyway, will be back later to read more ^^
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Chapter 3: The way Hyunwoo reacts makes me more and more curious of what's his story and the dark secrets of the house. Anyway, now that she had held up her side of the promise, wonder how things would develop herein. Can't wait to read more. But will be back later to do so ^^
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Chapter 2: Hahaha Eric's reaction is hilarious XD is it just an OC or based on an idol/artist? Just curious though! Anyway, can't wait to see how things go on between Hyunwoo and her now that they have kinda made a deal. Also makes me curious of the resident ghost too. LoL... Anyway, will be back later to read more ^^
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Chapter 1: Hi, I know I said I'd be waiting to hear from you but kinda got impatient and dived right in. As of yet, I have only read the first chapter and although it's the same/similar to the foreword/description, I'm still intrigued. Can't wait to read more and find out about this mysterious caretaker here. Will be back later to do so ^^

PS I still hope you don't mind me reading one chapter at a time and left a comment after.
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Hello there, a new reader here! I came across your story while searching for something interesting to read. And it has Shownu, so that's an added bonus. But before I started, I just wanted to check if it's alright with you if I read one chapter at a time and left a comment after. Hope to hear from you soon ^^