Conveniently Yours [mini-series]


Summary: You knew better than to enter a marriage of convenience with your boss’ grandson. But you wanted that senior partnership, and it wasn’t as if Jaebum was a stranger - you knew him rather intimately. It was only a year together, and then you could divorce him and achieve your biggest career goal. But would it be as simple as that?

Pairing: Im Jaebum x female reader

Genre: romance / marriage of convenience

Warnings for overall story: suggestive, swearing, mentioning of body parts and , a miniscule amount of angst, inequality in the workplace

Author’s note: This story is a drabble/mini series. It covers over an entire year in just seven short parts. It’s not as in-depth as this world could have been done, but I hope you enjoy it all the same. 

Conveniently Yours will start 6th January with daily posts until completed.


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Chapter 8: This is sooo beautiful kyaaaahhhh!! thank you!
ytniabril #2
Chapter 1: Like a divorce client hitting on female character and jayb being extra hahaha
ytniabril #3
Chapter 1: Author nim more like these please. Or kindlycontinue hihihi
ytniabril #4
Chapter 8: Author nim this was short and sweet and I love it!
Chapter 8: This was the perfect ending to this story! Thank you for sharing it here❤️
Chapter 7: Omg I looove him😭😭😭 one day … one DAY, I’m gonna be yn with some guy like this! And she loves him back,too! He’s been whispering it in her ear every time they made love??? Sweet baby knees, I’d like one of him.
Chapter 6: He LOVES her😍 but he’s unsure because he’s been showing her and saying things I’m sure. But our girl has to be the most blind and deaf lover ever if she only picked up him calling it making love then, when I’m like 87% sure he must have been showing it all along
Chapter 5: I love them. I love the fact that she’s having realizations of her feeling more for him, for them, than before. To me he doesn’t even hide his feelings for her, but she’s really working with blinders on
Chapter 4: Okay but this was so sweet here! Look how they were with each other! I think he’s liking her more, than he’s letting on. That vulnerable moment at the buffet? Yeah …. And then, being so considerate as to cancel with his mother while rubbing her legs and offering her ordered in food and an early night? Softness 😍
Chapter 3: Hahaha! Whew from fireworks to sparks of irritation. I mean… he could persuade me to eat healthy maybe. The gasp mask was unnecessary though😂😂😂