The Trial Period [Series]



You scanned the walls up to the high ceiling in delight, imagining what your personal touch on the place would do to the empty studio space. It had the right amount of natural lighting and was so spacious that you would be able to spread out your workstation for once.

You grinned. There was no way you wouldn’t sign the lease today.

“It’s perfect,” you told Mr Morris, the building owner, smiling brightly and reaching into your bag to produce a pen and necessary paperwork. “I’d like to sign up for the lease.”

“Oh, really? That’s great—one second!” he suddenly said when he glanced down at the phone he held, his eyes widening. “Oh, uh, that’s unexpected.”

“What is?”

“The space has just been leased,” he mentioned as his eyebrows knitted together.

“What?! But you said I was the first one to look at it,” you replied, growing frantic as your envisions for the studio started to crumble. Lurching forward, you shook your head. “I’m extremely interested. Can’t you ignore the application and accept mine? I’ll fill it in right now and give you the deposit today!”

“I’ve already submitted my deposit to the agency,” a new, familiar voice, said and you glanced up in horror, blinking several times in hopes to dislodge the person before you.

Park Jinyoung walked into the studio and glanced around. “I’m sorry. I didn’t have the time to be patient and view the place first. I looked into the building blueprints and deciphered that—”

“Why is it always you?!”

Glancing at your outburst and then at Jinyoung’s arrival, Mr Morris scratched his head before grinning. “Wait. You both know one another?”

“Unfortunately,” Jinyoung answered politely, as you seethed and refused to look in his direction.

“We live in the same apartment block,” you admitted, and the older man nodded.

“Well, how about this? A trial period. You both take the space.”

“What?!” you cried with Jinyoung in unison, but Mr Morris merely held up a hand to stop any disputes.

“For three months, you share the studio. Of course, I’ll give you both a discounted rate. There’s more than enough room in here for two businesses to flourish. Then at the end of the three months, I’m sure you’ll decide between yourselves if you can make it work or one of you chooses another space.”

“What if neither of us bends?” Jinyoung enquired, glaring at you before smiling politely at the owner. “What happens then?”

He chuckled. “I’m sure you young folk will be able to sort it between yourselves. So, are you both keen?”

“I need to have this space,” you answered, shooting Jinyoung a distasteful look. He jutted his jaw and rolled his eyes.

“There’s plenty of other vacant buildings, Y/N.”

“I don’t care. I’m staking my claim here.”

Jinyoung folded his arms across his chest, looking at you and then back at the owner. “Three months? Deal. I’ll ensure I’m the one taking over after then.”

You scowled at Jinyoung, not stepping down from the challenge. “We’ll see about that.”


Summary: When the perfect studio space comes up, you leap at the chance to take it. Except, so has Park Jinyoung, someone you have hated for the past three years. Given three months to share the space before deciding who will claim it, can you push Jinyoung out by the end of your trial period, or will you find that the tactics you both use leads to something unexpected?

Pairing: Park Jinyoung x female reader

Genre: romance / suggestive / enemies to lovers au

Warnings: (overall storyline) heavily suggestive/bordering content, light cursing now and then. 

This series will be shared daily on 5-9 July.

Please note: I predominately write on Tumblr, where reader insert is most popular, hence my style. 


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Chapter 5: I love, love this. It was a beautiful ride. Thank you for writing.
Chapter 5: Just chance upon this story, this is really nice! <3
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sadly, aff has really less amount of jy fics and im glad i found you here!!