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NA JAEMIN never thought that his life will be a disaster right after his Mama left the world forever. He would have thought at least he still had a Papa who will love him like he’s the world for the older to make the for the mother love that he lost. But, God had a very different opinion about it.


LEE JENO is just a human hater ever since forever. He just hates having a contact with other people. The only people he ever had contact with were only his family and close friends. For him, a stranger is only a troublemaker.


Hello everyone! Do you miss me? Because I miss you! Wow! I don't think it's been a long time after my previous story, but, here I am again! With another new story! And, this time my story won't be about our beloved CHANBAEK. Since, I've published three CHANBAEK stories (don't worry! there's more in my storage! hahaha!), I've decided to publish my NOMIN baby for this time around! I'm sure every NOMIN shippers out there have been curious as to why I still hasn't published a single story about NOMIN when I said I love them the most after CHANBAEK. First of all, I want to apologize to all of my subscribers and readers. Since, I've been too busy with my job as the frontliners, i barely have enough time to rest. I know you guys have been commenting on my stories and I really appreciated that. Though I can't reply to any one of it because of my tight schedule, just know that I always read those comments and it makes me happy knowing that people are happy when reading my story. I apologize for one more time due to my lack of response, but, know that I really love all of you. Finally, take care of yourself and stay safe! Bye!

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