Chapter 3

Love Contract
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She decided to skip class that day.

Lying down on the grass patch in the soccer field, she gazed up at the calm, blue sky. It brought her peaceful feelings - a huge contrast as compared to what she was feeling just now. The field was empty and void of noises - everyone was in class and she had the whole area to herself. The whole area to be herself without having to care about what people thought of her.

So she was surprised when she felt a shadow in front of her, shielding her slightly from the blazing sun above.

Jeon Jungkook.

Raising her eyebrows curiously at him, he merely smiled as he settled on the empty space beside her.

“You’re skipping class?” She asked and he shrugged, “It’s a self-study session anyway. I’ll just do it at home.”

The atmosphere was silent after, and Jihyun liked it. They were both lost in their own thoughts, and it was a comfortable silence that neither wanted to disrupt as the tranquility brought calmness to their minds.

“Sorry for claiming you as my girlfriend and kissing you like that.” Jungkook spoke up softly and she turned to him, seeing a genuine apologetic expression on his face.

“It’s fine, you saved me from a whole lot of embarrassment.” She chuckled dryly and Jungkook could tell that she didn’t find the situation funny at all.

He merely hummed in silence.

“Jungkook?” She asked softly as he turned to look at her, “If you’re comfortable with it, I would like to continue keeping up the pretense of us being a couple.”

“I-I think you know I still l-like Tae.” She said in a wavering voice, and Jungkook nodded his head slowly. “He’s with Chaeyoung now, and I don’t want him to know that I still have feelings for him. I-I just want to prove that I moved on.”

“I know it sounds like I’m using you, so it’s totally fine if you’re uncomfortable-”

“I’m okay with it.” Jungkook cuts her off, and she couldn’t help but break into a wide grin. His heart skipped a beat when he saw her smile, glad that he had helped.

“I mean, it’s a win-win situation, right? I want to let Hyorin know that I’ve moved on too. I think she’s proud of the fact that I’m still pining for her even though we’ve broken up long ago.”

Right. Park Hyorin.

“I guess we’re using each other then.” She laughed and he shrugged with a small smile, “I guess we are.”

“Let’s set some ground rules.” She said firmly, turning serious all of a sudden.

Pulling out a piece of paper and a pen, she continued. “Jeon Jungkook and Kim Jihyun’s Love Contract.” She wrote out on the piece of paper, while Jungkook chortled at how serious the girl was. “Okay, what’s first on the list?” He asked as she placed the pen on her chin, thinking hard.

“First, we align our story.” She said, thinking out loud. “We started getting to know each other more because you comforted me while I got over Tae, and we went out on a couple of dates.” Jihyun said as Jungkook nodded, “That works.”

“I asked you out first, we started dating and we got together about a month back. We didn’t want to publicize it yet because we wanted to make sure we’re stable as a couple first.” Jungkook continued while Jihyun nodded. “Same as the story we told Tae.” She said as he nodded.

“Next, our love contract.”

“Rule number 1.” She scribbled onto the paper, “Only hugs and small pecks (when necessary) are allowed.” She said while looking at him. He looked amused but nodded his head nevertheless. “Okay.”

“I’m not sure if you’d be able to resist kissing me though. After all, you did say that you liked me and that I made you nervous.” Jungkook teased while she smacked his shoulders, “That was high school! Stop raking that up.”

“Rule number 2.” She continued as he peered on the sheet of paper, “No one-night stands during the period of time we are together.” Jungkook raised an eyebrow questioningly, “Controlling my personal life now, aren’t you?”

“Well, I don’t want to come to campus hearing other girls talk about how well my boyfriend s.” She rolls her eyes, reminded of the times where she heard some girls in the bathroom talk about how good Jungkook was in bed.

“You heard?” He smirks cockily as a tint of red appeared across Jihyun’s face, “Some people were talking about it and I happened to hear.” Jungkook couldn’t help but laugh at how embarrassed she looked. “Well, you did see my chiseled abs before and think that I have the body of a model at New York Fashion Week.” He continued teasing while she blushed red.

Okay, she did catch a glimpse of his abs from time to time because the group had gotten so comfortable around each other that they changed in front of each other, sometimes forgetting that Jihyun was there too. Or the times where they went to the beach downtown and Jihyun could see Jungkook’s workout results paying off as he showed off his lean yet muscular body.

Shrugging off her thoughts, she ignored his words and rolled her eyes before continuing.

“Rule number 3, if at any point of time we face any difficulties or uncomfortable situations about being together, we have to let each other know immediately. Even if it’s a fake relationship, we’re still partners, so we should be there for each other.” She said as she jotted the rule down, and Jungkook couldn’t help but smile when he heard her words. It was nice to hear that from Jihyun.

“Rule number 4, no one except us should know about this, unless necessary.” She said while he nodded, “For sure.”

“I think that’s it from me. How about you?”

“I only have one rule. Don’t fall for me.” He said, and Jihyun looked taken aback.

“Ji… I’m not a good person to love.” Jungkook said softly, and Jihyun could detect the pain in his voice. “If I was capable of loving someone, maybe Hyorin wouldn’t have left me.”

Jihyun couldn’t believe what she was hearing. Jeon Jungkook was one of the most perfect human beings she had ever seen in her entire life, and yet he was doubting himself. That realization made her realise how human they all were, and how much Park Hyorin had ruined him.

“Jungkook, don’t think that way. You’re a wonderful person and you deserve to be loved too.” She comforted as she placed a hand over his as he gave her a small smile, “Thanks, Ji.”

“You too. Don’t let the incident just now justify your worth.” He said in a reassuring tone, and Jihyun couldn’t help but smile as a quiet contentment washed through her body. “I won’t.”


The group usually gathered during lunch, and the group chat was filled with multiple messages, but Jihyun wasn’t in the mood for that. She didn’t want to see Taehyung, and she was still upset with Namjoon and Seokjin for causing this mess.

“Ji? Where are you?” She heard Hoseok’s concerned voice when she answered. She had refused the trio’s calls for the entire day, only willing to pick up when Hoseok did.

“If you’re asking for Namjoon and Seokjin, tell them I don’t want to speak with them till I get home.” She said firmly and Hoseok chuckled, “Okay, I’ll ignore Seokjin’s and Namjoon’s cry for help then.” Jihyun could hear protests from the back, but it seemed that Hoseok had shut them up. “Yoongi and I have something to say, can we come and find you?”

“Sure, I’m at the soccer field. I’ll see you guys here.” Jihyun said while Hoseok agreed, “I’ll bring lunch for us!” He said excitedly before hanging up.

She had lost track of time as she continued staring at the blue skies. Jungkook had left a while back for his singing lessons, and Jihyun was left alone in the field. It started getting crowded because it was lunchtime, but still quiet enough for Jihyun to straighten her thoughts.

She hadn’t even noticed Hoseok and Yoongi had arrived till they placed a bowl of her favourite jajangmyeon in front of her. “Only the best for our princess.” Yoongi had said before ruffling her hair as they both settled down in front of her.

“I really needed this, today was such a bad day.” She grumbled under her breath while the two looked at her, confused. “What happened?”

“I don’t want to talk about it.” She changed the topic quickly, “So what’s up?”

The two boys looked at each other before placing their bowl of jajangmyeon down. Reaching out to each other, they suddenly held hands as they looked at her nervously.

Confused for a split second, Jihyun widened her eyes in surprise and gaped as the duo’s expression remained afraid and they let go of their hands quickly. Jihyun realised that she had given off a wrong vibe and quickly linked their hands back together again, holding them in place as she looked at them with a wide grin.

“You two!” She exclaimed as she pointed at them excitedly while squirming in her seat.

She had suspected it before, but she never thought that she was right.

She noticed how Yoongi had always wanted Hoseok to be the only one in his studio while he was working. Yoongi hated anyone disrupting him while he worked, and Hoseok was the only one who was permitted to be there. She found it

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