Chapter 2

Love Contract
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Everything was weird.

Three days later, she was surprised to see Jimin waiting outside her house with a pack of breakfast. Never in her 15 years of friendship with him had he ever done that before.

It was usually her waiting for him to arrive at her doorstep as he rushed from two doors down, late by 20 minutes, messily trudging through traffic and the morning crowd as they ran to get to school on time.

“You’re on time today?” Jihyun gave him a perplexed look as he nodded and placed the breakfast in her hands. “For you.”

“You got breakfast for me? What’s gotten into you?” She asked as she looked at the sandwich and milk in the paper bag.

“Just thought of it as a nice thank you.” He shrugged as he skipped along the pavement. “Thank you? What for?” Jihyun gave him a confused expression.

“For your letter! I mean, I know I was charming and all, but really Ji, you could have told me you liked me. I liked you then too.” Jimin said with a gentle smile, and Jihyun widened her eyes in surprise.

“W-what did you just say?” She asked, unable to believe what she had just heard. “You liked me, right? In middle school?” Jimin said as he pulled out an extremely familiar envelope. She snatched the letter from his hands and read it frantically.

Dear Park Jimin,

I like how you’re always so caring and kind towards me. Today a girl accidentally dropped her lunch on me, and you were so worried for me that you took off your shirt in the cafeteria and ran to your locker to put on the dirty shirt you wore yesterday during dance practice despite all the weird looks you got.

That was really nice of you.

Every morning, I look forward to walking with you to school because we’d always be able to talk about everything and anything under the sun. You make me happy.

I think you’re the most attractive when you dance. Oh wait, scratch that, maybe when you smile. Okay, you actually look attractive all the time.

Thank you for being my best friend and I would love to be more than friends with you if you’d like to.

Yours Sincerely,

Kim Jihyun

She stayed frozen to the spot and her face paled. “H-how did you get this?” She asked hurriedly, and Jimin shrugged. “I found it in my mail today? Didn’t you send it to me?”

Facepalming herself, she instantly knew who were the ones who did it.

Kim Seokjin and Kim Namjoon.

“I didn’t send it out. Jin and Namjoon did.” She said with anguish in her voice, but Jimin merely smirked, “But you wrote it, right?”

“I did, but I was in middle school. That was a fleeting crush, Jimin.” She explained and Jimin nodded, “Yeah, I know. I did have a fleeting crush on you then too.” He snickered, not taking the letter to heart.

“Wait.” She placed out a hand to stop him from walking as he turned to him, “Just to make it clear that I don’t feel that way anymore, okay? Let’s not be awkward about this.” Jihyun said with an embarrassed voice and Jimin merely laughed loudly, “Come on, Ji. We were all young and our hormones were raging. Besides, I know you like Tae.” He chuckled while ruffling her hair and Jihyun rolled her eyes at his sentence.

“So, you really think I look attractive all the time, huh?” Jimin teased while Jihyun smacked his head playfully. “Go away, Park Jimin!”

When they arrived at school, she charged towards the lockers and found Seokjin and Namjoon standing by theirs. When they locked eyes, they could tell that Jihyun’s eyes were livid and she wore an angry expression. They instantly knew she had found out.

“Run!” Seokjin shouted as he pulled Namjoon away at full speed, while Jihyun gave chase. The hallway cleared up as the siblings ran through, and Jihyun chased them to the soccer field.

“Kim Namjoon! Kim Seokjin! Come back, you pricks!” She screamed loudly as she threw a shoe towards them, but they were out of her reach and merely laughed as they ran away to the other side of the school. “Bye Ji!” They called out as they stuck out their tongues playfully.

Out of breath from running, she put on her shoe angrily before making her way back to the hallway. When she arrived, the hallway was still crowded with people, but she could spot someone standing at her locker.

Jeon Jungkook? That was a rare sight.

Sure, Jungkook and her did spend time together, but they weren’t exactly close like her and Jimin, nor did they hang out together all the time.

Also, she hated to admit it, but there was something about the boy that made her nervous and flail like a teenage girl, she didn’t know how to act around him sometimes.

Jungkook was one of the most good-looking boys in Bangtan. Sure, all of them looked good, but Jungkook’s beauty was on another level. His lockers were constantly filled with love letters and presents, and everyone in school knew he wasn’t into serious relationships. He would usually end up with a hook-up or a casual fling, but they never really lasted for more than a week.

But this wasn’t the old Jungkook. The old Jungkook used to be someone who believed in relationships and happy endings. He was a hopeless romantic at heart, but it all changed because of one girl.

Park Hyorin.

Jungkook had met Park Hyorin in their first year at Seoul University, and it was the first time that any of them had seen him so in love. He had never spared a second glance at other girls before, but Park Hyorin was the only one whom he had actively chased after.

Flowers, chocolates, letters - Jungkook did it all. Everyone was surprised, but it wasn’t exceptionally surprising since Park Hyorin was one of the prettiest girls in school - captain of the cheerleading team. He had seemed so wrapped around her fingers, something that was particularly unusual about Jungkook because he had never been fazed by anyone before.

They spent six months together, Jungkook’s longest relationship as yet, till the day where Jungkook had caught Hyorin cheating on him with Seoul University’s rising quarterback - Park Jaebum.

Since then, he seemed to have sworn off love. He turned into this new individual, starting his day with a hangover and ending his day with a drink or one-night stand - a different girl in his bed every night.

The group hated how Hyorin had treated him and how he had changed their youngest from an innocent and pure boy into someone so unrecognizable, but he had told them to back off and let it go, insisting he was fine.

He wasn’t, and everyone could tell.

What made it worse was that they were still in the same college, and Jungkook had to see the couple together everyday. They all felt bad for Jungkook, but he merely shrugged it off and kept his feelings to himself.

Walking towards Jungkook, she gave a small wave while he smiled. That toothy grin.

“What’s up?” Jihyun asked as she stood in front of him. “Do you have something to tell me?”

Tell him what?

“No, I don’t?” Jihyun said, muddled at his question. He raised an extremely familiar envelope, and Jihyun realised she had just seen the same one this morning.

No way.

“Dear Jungkook, Maybe it’s the way your-” Before he could continue, she muffled his mouth to prevent him from speaking while she tried to smack her hands away.

“Yah, if you didn’t want me to have it, why did you send it to me!” He said between breaths of open air when he got her hands away from his mouth.

“It wasn’t me! It was the doing of my two older brothers!” Jihyun stomped the floor in anger.

Oh she was definitely going to get them for this.

“Well, it was nice reading it.” He laughed as he looked at the letter in his hands.

Dear Jungkook,

Maybe it’s the way your doe-like eyes light up when you talk about something that you’re passionate about - like dance, or photography, or si

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