Chapter 6

Love Contract
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“I’m thinking of asking Sohee to prom.” Jimin said as he popped beside Jihyun in the cafeteria before she jumped in shock. “Park Jimin, stop doing that!” She smacked his head lightly while he laughed.

“So? What do you think?” Jimin asked excitedly. Jimin had always consulted Jihyun for her thoughts on the girls that he was chasing after. He had always trusted Jihyun’s hunch, because the girls that she deemed trouble - were usually the case.

One instance was when he was head over heels over Lee Minyoung, the friendly extrovert who was friends with everyone. Jihyun had seen her bullying another girl in class before, and she was not particularly fond of the girl even though everyone seemed to love her.

When she first made her concerns known to Jimin, the boy merely shrugged her off and said she must have been mistaken. But when Jimin had caught her doing the same thing to someone else in his class, he was quick to stop her and dump her on the spot.

“Are you talking about Min Sohee?” She gestured to the girl who was sitting two tables down, looking at Jimin with a shy smile.

“Yeah.” He nods, shooting back a warm smile to her.

“Honestly I haven’t really heard anything about her, she seems nice.” She hummed while he pumped his hands in the air excitedly, “Great! I’m going to ask her to prom!” He said as he settled down in the seat beside her.

“Who are you asking to prom?” Taehyung asked curiously as the rest of the boys joined the table. “Min Sohee.” Jimin said with a smile as he placed a mouthful of chicken in his mouth.

“Right, prom.” Taehyung said absentmindedly as he drifted off. “Prom proposals are big in this school, you better find an awesome way to ask Chaeyoung.” Hoseok patted his back while he nodded.

Jihyun was surprised that she wasn’t as affected when she thought about the idea of Taehyung and Chaeyoung going to prom together. Sure, there was a slight pang of disappointment, but nothing she couldn’t handle as she continued eating her meal. She silently smiled to herself as she thought about how she was slowly getting over Taehyung. Small steps.

“Has Jungkook asked you?” Jin asked, and the whole table turned to look at Jihyun. Thankfully Jungkook hadn’t arrived yet.

“Not yet.” Jihyun merely shrugged. She hadn’t thought about prom at all. Prom was a yearly affair for the school, and she usually hung out with her brothers and the singletons of the group before spending the rest of the night in the garage with pizza. But she guessed this year was going to be different, because she supposedly has a boyfriend - and everyone else was going with a date.

Right, a fake boyfriend.

“Well, I’m sure it’d be amazing. When Jungkook asked Park Hyorin to prom last year, it was the talk of the school for weeks.” Hoseok exclaimed, and immediately the Kim brothers along with Jimin had shot a look towards him. Yoongi had noticed, but Hoseok hadn’t paid attention to any of it.

“What did he do?” Jihyun asked curiously, and she could tell that Jimin had tensed up beside her. She hadn’t really kept up with gossip in the school.

“He appeared during one of the soccer games where she was cheerleading at. After the game ended, he ran down to the field and blared music over the speakers outside with the entire dance crew in our school, though Jimin and I refused to join.” Hoseok said, paying no attention to Yoongi’s hand clutching onto his knee tightly. Jihyun looked towards her best friend who merely gave her a smug look saying “I got you.”

“He did a whole flashmob thing and danced for her in front of the entire school. At the end of it, he had this whole speech prepared saying how much he loved her, pulled out a bouquet of flowers, and the dance crew pulled out a huge sign saying “Will you go to prom with me?” He continued, and Jihyun felt as if she had heard enough. thickened and she was unable to speak, shoulders hunched as she slumped further into her seat.

This time, Yoongi slapped Hoseok’s knee loudly while giving him a look. Hoseok shot a death glare towards Yoongi, but his expression turned apologetic immediately when he saw the pale look on Jihyun’s face.


“Ji, are you okay?” Taehyung asked with concern while she nodded briefly, “Y-yeah. I’m fine.”

“Don’t worry, Ji. I’m sure Jungkook has something big planned for you.” Namjoon reassured while the girl nodded weakly. “I guess.”

She told the boys she wasn’t expecting anything at all, but truthfully, she was.

As she looked at the prom proposals that had occurred over the week, the thought of Jungkook not asking her to prom yet was something that had been weighing on her mind.

Sure, they weren’t officially together, but it wouldn’t make sense for either of them to be going with someone else since everyone thought they were together.

Jimin had prepared a bouquet of flowers for Sohee, Taehyung shared that he had taken Chaeyoung out on a date and asked her to prom then. She had also heard from Mina and Yoona that her brothers had surprised them respectively on an amusement park and ice skating date before asking them from prom. Yoongi had asked Hoseok to prom with a song he composed himself, but there was still nothing from Jungkook.

Even when they hung out and she tried to bring up the topic of prom, Jungkook merely shrugged and didn’t mention much. It was killing her softly, and she couldn’t believe that she was freaking out over prom, over the fact that her fake boyfriend hadn’t asked her to prom yet.

“Let’s go?” Jungkook asked when he arrived at the school entrance. He looked fidgety, but Jihyun didn’t probe - she was still pondering over the possible reasons why Jungkook hadn’t asked her to prom even though it was just a week away.

“Do you have time today? Let’s go for dinner, my treat.” He said with a smile, and her hopes were raised slightly. Maybe he was going to ask during dinner.

“Sure.” She nodded, a little too eagerly while he led the way.

He had bl

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