The golden mystery

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Attending the Paradise academy, an academy for people with superpowers, you have heard a lot of different legends during your school life. One day you and your friends, the school's infamous group Iz*one, learn about the legend of legends: The golden mystery. Everyone is searching for it but no one knows what it is, what it looks like, and how to get it. Legend says that no one has ever found it and some have died during the search. You and your friends become interested in this legend and decided to find it on your own. But what will happen if the legend is true? Would you die on the search? Would you accept the consequences coming with the found of the golden mystery?



Park Jahoon

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  • Birthday: November 10th, 2000
  • Number 1 in the school
  • Superpower: Absorbing powers
  • Known as the most powerful person in the school
  • The daughter of the King and Queen of Utopia world (The paranormal world)


Kwon Eunbi

kwon eunbi

  • Birthday: September 27th, 1995
  • Number 8 in the school
  • Superpower: Ice manipulation
  • Known as the Ice queen of the school


Miyawaki Sakura

miyawaki sakura

  • Birthday: March 19th, 1998
  • Number 3 in the school
  • Superpower: Body manipulation
  • The school girl crush (alongside with Wonyoung)


Kang Hyewon


  • Birthday: July 5th, 1999
  • Number 9 in the school
  • Superpower: Electricity manipulation
  • Known as the school visual


Choi Yena

choi yena

  • Birthday: September 29th, 1999
  • Number 5 in the school
  • Superpower: Fire manipulation
  • Known as the school clown


Lee Chaeyeon

lee chaeyeon

  • Birthday: January 11th, 2000
  • Number 13 in the school
  • Superpower: Air manipulation
  • Almost everyone's friend


Kim Chaewon

kim chaewon

  • Birthday: August 1st, 2000
  • Number 11 in the school
  • Superpower: Earth manipulation
  • Known as the school council president


Kim Minju

kim minjoo

  • Birthday: February 5th, 2001
  • Number 12 in the school
  • Superpower: Poison generation
  • The school nerd


Yabuki Nako


  • Birthday: June 18th, 2001
  • Number 7 in the school
  • Superpower: Shadow control
  • Known as the shortest in the school (Don't come after her with it or you will regret it)


Honda Hitomi

honda hitomi

  • Birthday: October 6th, 2001
  • Number 10 in the school
  • Superpower: Mind control
  • Known as the sweetest person in the school


Jo Yuri

jo yuri

  • Birthday: October 22nd, 2001
  • Number 4 in the school
  • Superpower: Item duplication
  • Part of the school choir


Ahn Yujin

ahn yujin

  • Birthday: September 1st, 2003
  • Number 6 in the school
  • Superpower: Controlling the deads
  • The trouble maker of the school


Jang Wonyoung

jang wonyoung

  • Birthday: August 31st, 2004, maknae
  • Number 2 in the school
  • Superpower: Self-multiplication and healing
  • The school's girl crush (alongside with Sakura)


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