When Blood Meets Silver


Hyunjin is a vampire that hunts rogue vampires, and sticking to her mission is as important to her as her love for the Moon. But when a human slayer crosses her path and she saves her life by accident, Hyunjin is caught up in something much bigger than herself.


Hyunjin stopped on her tracks behind a wide tree. Her eyes widened at the girl holding two curved blades, too long to be knives, and too short to be swords. The one on her right hand faced upwards, and the one on her left faced backwards, her fingers gripping so hard on the handles it had turned her knuckles white. Her eyes were open and alert, and her eyebrows knitted together as she took small steps around, her eyes trying to face everywhere at the same time.

What was a slayer doing there?


For the ones who read my 2jin story 'The Phases of Kim Hyunjin', you'll probably remember Heejin was working on a vampire story based on Hyunjin. This fic came from me thinking 'what if I actually work on the story Heejin was working on?' And when I thought this would be a short fic, a long 2jin vampire au, the longest story I have ever written, emerged.

It's the first time I'm writing a fantasy story, so I deeply hope everyone who chooses to go on this long ride enjoys it a lot! You can expect lots of action, adventure, some drama, and lots of fluff as well! DISCLAIMER: it contains mild violence.

I also prepared a playlist for this story! They're either songs I associate with specific scenes of the story, or that I overall listened to a lot while writing. You can check it out on spotify here!

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