How To Drunk Text Message

How To: ChanSoo

- a tutorial by PCY -

Kyungsoo felt utterly exhausted. After discarding his bag, he stepped out onto the dorm’s conjoined balcony, while lighting a cigarette. His wristwatch reminded him that it was already 2:43 in the morning. His day has been a disaster in the ateliers and he just came back minutes ago.

“Dear God", he muttered into the night sky sprinkled with an uncountable number of stars, “Just let me enjoy my cigarette and don’t let that call me.”

He knew his best friend was out drinking with his fellow students, but luck clearly wasn’t on his side this night. As if on cue, his phone started buzzing in his back pocket, indicating an incoming call. With furrowed brows, he ignored it.

Angrily, he puffed a cloud of blueish-white smoke out into the sky. The veil shrouded the stars behind an almost invisible cloud before dissolving into thin air. Some incoherent mumbling was heard, and the buzzing stopped. Kyungsoo was still standing on the balcony, arms propped up at the railing, with closed eyes and head tilted towards the sky. He inhaled deeply and exhaled the smoke just as slowly to let it sway away with the mild wind again, opening his eyes in the process, trailing the smoke. The wind managed to let his exhaustion subside a little.

After unceremoniously flicking the leftover stub over the railing, he turned around and kicked his shoes into the direction of his bedroom. He knew he was alone for the weekend, so he decided it wouldn’t hurt to stay a little longer in the living room. He switched one of the smaller lamps in the open kitchen on and retrieved two beers from the fridge. Back in the living room, he let his crush down onto the fluffy carpet and lay down, very ungracefully someone might say. A long sigh was heard before he propped himself back up on one arm. Glancing around, he saw that the sound system was still on, he decided to turn on the Bluetooth. The bespectacled boy already knew that sleep wouldn’t come to him that easily, so there was no harm in staying awake and listening to some music, right?

Kyungsoo squinted his eyes at the brightly lit display after unlocking it. Rubbing his eyes, he settled his glasses back on his nose. He decided to ignore the still incoming messages for the time being and scrolled through his playlist until he settled on something. The room was instantly lulled into the quietly sounding music, presumably Ryuichi Sakamoto, recently he found a lot of inspiration in it.

Scrunching his nose, he opened the messages, but not before opening the beer bottle. He already knew it was going to be a long night.



14 unread message



 -1 missed call(s) 02:47-

















Do Kyungsoo!?








I kwn yu hom


The selca Chanyeol sent him, showed him covering his face with a peace sing, fake glasses on his nose and wearing a black hat and a jeans jacket. He clearly wasn’t in the comfort of his own room or home.



What?! Stop typing! I swear to god, Park Chanyeol!

Kyungsoo answered with a image of his own, looking anything but unimpressed and judging.


ohhhhh, gud, yu hom



How drunk are you? You know I cannot and won’t pick you up.

I miss yu
          ˢᵉⁿᵈ ⁰²˙⁵⁸



ʳᵉᵃᵈ ⁰²˙⁵⁹





whoops capslock


stopp ignorg me


          ˢᵉⁿᵈ ⁰³˙⁰⁸



Kyungsoo tried to set his phone with his sheer willpower and glare on fire, but to his dismay, neither the phone nor Chanyeol ignited. He took a big gulp of his beer and started typing again.




Whiny little .

Ugh, What do you want and you still didn’t answer my question, Channie.

How drunk are you? Did you drink some water? Did you have some fresh air?

i dunno, yes, yas



Good god.




Yes, Chanyeol? How may I help you?

i miss chu~


it has bin







Type slowly…



benn a long tim


i mis you~



Didn't we saw each other last weekend?

exactly, last weekend


lung timr


          ˢᵉⁿᵈ ⁰³˙²¹



Frustrated, he fell back on the carpet, sighing and staring at the ceiling. He held his phone at eye level and waited for Chanyeol to finish typing. They both lived two hours apart if you calculated in public-transportation-time. The art major placed his phone with the backside first onto his chest, pushed his glasses onto his forehead and rubbed his eyes again. A quiet “ding” indicated the finished message.



i wanna cuddle yu, I ned sum loaf from chu, babe~



1. How did you even manage to be accepted as a literature student into your university?
2. And have you ever heard about autocorrect?
3. How old are you? 7? 4. If you ever call me
“babe” again I’m going to beat you up.                              ˢᵉⁿᵈ ⁰³˙²⁷


“What I’m going to do anyway next time we see each other," mumbled Kyungsoo into the direction of the ceiling. He rolled onto his stomach and waited for his best friend to answer, again.




Sorry, had to take a piss.
I feel offended on a damn high level Soo
I’m not drunk, can’t i play a lil prank on you from time to time?
maybe a little tipsy



do you have an idea how hard it is to write on purpose wrong if lord autocorrect tried to correct everything u write wrong?
and to answer ur questions: passed the entrance exam, already answered that, born 92 -  defs not
u’re still my babe :*



Sending Chanyeol a selca smiling very cutely, the peace sing barely in the frame, Kyungsoo inhaled sharply. He chucked down the beer and stood up, turning back to the balcony to smoke. He fumbled during the whole time with his lighter, deep creases on his forehead. He started to get a headache.

And apparently, Chanyeol was “tipsy” enough to oversee the three dots Kyungsoo has sent him because he hadn't stopped writing bull. He unlocked his phone, after settling down again. Two could play the game. He opened the second beer.



Heeey beautiful, looking good *awkward wink with both eyes*
          ˢᵉⁿᵈ ⁰³˙³⁷
You there?
          ˢᵉⁿᵈ ⁰³˙⁴¹
          -1 missed call(s) 03:42-
Oh !
OH !
          ˢᵉⁿᵈ ⁰³˙⁴⁴
          -2 missed call(s) 03:45-
Kyungsoo, I’m sorry, i… I…
Please don’t kill me.
          ˢᵉⁿᵈ ⁰³˙⁴⁷



ʳᵉᵃᵈ ⁰³˙⁴⁹


«Incoming Call: »
Accept           Decline
[✓]                    x



Silence, he could only hear Chanyeol’s more or less steady breathing, but nevertheless it sounded quite heavy due to intoxication.

“Soo… I’m so s--orry..." Chanyeol was slightly slurring his words, but his voice was dripping with regret. He wasn’t drunk, but neither was he just “a little tipsy", so much Kyungsoo could hear. He thought it was a miracle that Chanyeol was still able to write correctly, even if he failed the punctuation and some minor mistakes a non-literature student could overlook.

Kyungsoo heaved a long sigh, “It’s okay, Channie.”
He could clearly imagine Chanyeol’s pout and puppy eyes, his weak point.
“You’ve already forgiven me?”
Kyungsoo chuckled and nodded at Chanyeol’s surprised voice, at least until he remembered that Chanyeol couldn’t see him.
“Thank you, Soo. I love you!" whisper-squealed the puppy, “But could we go back to writing, I’m slurring, right?”
“Uh-hu. And I love you too.”
Kyungsoo ended the call and exhaled heavily.


2 unread message(s)

How was Kyungsoo supposed to stay mad when Chanyeol was looking so innocent with his glasses on. The image he sent him was taken in his own room, no more hat and jeans jacket, but still the cursed peace sign in front of his face and those glasses.






Park Chanyeol, stop picking your nose while typing!

wait, how do you even…
youre stalking me now?
do you miss me taht much



Channie, we’ve been best friends for years, I know what ya doin’.
You told me that you are missing me and not the other way around.

Here we war again, the sarcastic remarks…



Well, I don’t see whatcha talkin’bout.

Soooooooo! I already told you I’m sorry…



You’re still outside? It’s Like 04:25 in the morning already.


Kyungsoo started to feel the sleepiness slowly crawl into his bones. Armed with beer, phone, and smoking necessities, he got up and walked on the balcony for the nth time this night. He sat on the windowsill after he placed everything else down.



u concerned bout me?
nah, back home since I started writing you.
well first selca obviouslyyx on my way back home
sittin on the balcony?



Kyungsoo raised an eyebrow and huffed.






Who’s stalking who?

«Audio Text Message 00:03»



“I love you!” came Chanyeol’s slightly slurred voice from the sound system, which was still connected to the phone.



Wanna watch the sunrise together?



Why not? I presume you’re already sitting at your window yourself?


Chanyeol sent him a photo of his feet in his usual I-wear-socks-in-sandals-and-I-wear-my-socks-above-my-sweatpants outfit placed on the windowsill in his dorm room.



Bring me the sunset in a cup,
Reckon the morning’s flagons up
And say how many Dew,
Tell me how far the morning leaps—
Tell me what time the weaver sleeps
Who spun the breadth of blue!
          ˢᵉⁿᵈ ⁰⁴˙⁴²



Kyungsoo didn’t google the extract and just chose the easy way, he knew he would get the answer who it was anyway.




Poetry, seriously? And that’s about a sunset, not sunrise.

Bashing Dickson now?
Whos the literature student, u or me?
youre probably picking your fingernails right now cuz theres paint left
fite me!



I don’t see watcha talkin’bout.


The bickering continues for a while until the sun’s up and the boys share photos of the sunrise until both fell asleep. Kyungsoo at least managed to leave the balcony somehow and flopped down onto the couch and dozed off with a content smile on his face. He should really meet up with Chanyeol next weekend.

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