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How To: ChanSoo

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Kyungsoo had his head tilted upwards as he stared into the sky. He observed a few lone seagulls until they left his line of sight. Considering that it was almost the end of November, the sky was unusually blue, without a speck of clouds. But stepping outside proves the sun to be pretty useless these days, the temperature during the day already stayed around the freezing point.

Keegan called him a burnt marshmallow when Kyungsoo was about to leave the house wearing his thick coat and travel backpack. Soo just flipped him off before throwing his arms around the much taller man in an attempt to say goodbye.


He stepped outside and shuddered due to the sudden coldness surrounding him. Pulling down his beanie further into his face, he lit a cigarette. It was anything but easy because he left his gloves inside. ‘The loneliness of the outdoor smoker’ he thought to himself and chuckled. It was his own fault if he decides to smoke in this cold. No need to blame anyone except himself. Fumbling with his lighter, he managed to light the cigarette at last.

The wind was sharp and carried a hint of ocean in it, but you still couldn’t hear the sound of crashing waves at the bottom of the cliffs. His destination, the cliffs, were still an hour drive away from his current location.

The screaming of the seagulls passing almost drowned the sound of a vibrating device. With the doors shut, the vibration was muffled and Kyungsoo watched his mobile device slowly slide down on the slightly rounded surface before dropping straight into the footwell. Deeply annoyed, he squinted his eyes towards the opposite direction from where he was standing at the car. The cigarette dangling between his purple-blueish lips, he opened the car door and bent down to grab his damned, and still buzzing, phone from the ground and throw is hand above his head, flipping no one in particular off.


“Soo-ah~”, sounded an obnoxiously loud voice from the speaker.
Watcha want?” Kyungsoo gritted his teeth. Holding cigarette between his index and middle fingers, he massaged the bridge of his nose with the tips his of thumb and index.
“Stop furrowing your brows or you’ll get nasty wrinkles”, a laugh resonated from the phone. Kyungsoo turned back to the opposite direction and unceremoniously flipped of the caller this time.


“Ah, I see, a grande black coffee it is”, was the only answer Kyungsoo got, the next part of the speech was mildly less clear, “Right, and I like to also take two of those muffins, and, eh-”
“Tobacco, a green pouch, that on-, no, ah~. That one over there. Yes, that’s all, may I pay with card?”
“Should I end the call?”
“No, no, no, no, no!”
The frozen male sat back into the car and stared towards the gas station in the rearview mirror, “That’s an useless expense of money.”
“But I wanna hear your voi-”
Kyungsoo snorted irritated and ended the call.


Shortly after, the passenger door was opened and large hands handed him the purchased goods. Couldya take it?” a muffled voice asked, and Kyungsoo knew for sure the man was eating and talking at the same time.
“Sure, but what did your mom teach you about eating and talking at the same time?” Kyungsoo looked up questioningly.

The giant bent down to level with the sitting man, stabilising his stance by resting one hand on top of the door, half eaten muffin still in hand, and the other one on top of the car.
With a dazzling toothy grin, crumbs on his lower lip, and showing a beautiful eye-smile, he asked, “Could you leave mom out of it?”
“She told me to keep an eye on you.”
“Says the one who flipped me off minutes ago. Hypocrite! And I’m older, I should keep watching you instead”, Chanyeol winked at him and closed the door.

Rounding the hood of the car, he opened the driver’s door and slid into the seat. “I like me a good heater in the car seat”, he wiggled deeper into the seat and bit into the muffin. Chanyeol grabbed one of the cups and lifted the lid, peering into it.
“That’s yours”, he said and swapped the cups. The men sipped their beverages and ate in a comfortable silence until a beep cut through it. Curiously, Soo stared at Chanyeol, who stifled a laugh when he checked the content of the message.



1 unread message(s)


Keep your dirty hands off my penguin >:(


Chanyeol was about to type a response when Kyungsoo stopped him and wiggled with his finger, indicating Chanyeol to pass the phone. Chanyeol held his phone near Soo’s face and hit the audio button.

“Sehun-ah, dear~”, Kyungsoo’s voice dripped like honey, coloured with mischief, “I don’t think your man wants you to call other men ‘yours’~”

“And you’re lucky that you’re cute when you’re angry”, added Chanyeol.






The males shared a heartfelt laughter, Chanyeol buckled up and motioned his best friend to do the same before he started the engine. Turning on the motor caused the radio the start again and Kyungsoo almost spilled his coffee when the music started playing at a high volume.

“...when the world seems to shine like you had too much wine, that’s amoreee~”, Chanyeol was singing along in full volume while he tried not to laugh at Kyungsoo’s reaction, but that only resulted in him cracking his voice. Chanyeol lowered the volume and grinned at Kyungsoo before pulling out of the parking lot, back on the road.
“Channie, you look like an idiot grinning like that. Stop it, it’s creepy as .”


Sometime later, Kyungsoo was talking about something recent. “Well, I don’t know much of it myself, but apparently we drank so much that I curled up at Keegan’s side, wrapped my arms around his torso and fell asleep, while Mina was with us. Keegan seemed to instinctively wrap his arm around me. That’s at least what Moritz told me.”
The car stopped at a red light and Chanyeol slightly tilted his head towards Kyungsoo while he kept an eye on the traffic light, “And what did his girl do? I’m quite intrigued now to know what kind of stunt she pulled this time.”
“She was like”, Kyungsoo changed the pitch of his voice to a female, more obnoxious one, ”‘Hey bae, wanna tell me somethin’?’ And he didn’t know what to say.’”
“Go on, I’m already sitting on the edge of my seat”, Chanyeol answered him with a faked shock on display, he set the car in motion again.
“Channie, you’re sitting in your seat as if you own the world”, Kyungsoo mocked him playfully.
Pulling a pout Chanyeol answered with ‘party pooper…’. But then, he tilted his head towards the driver’s window and propped his head on his hand. He smirked, Kyungsoo watching him with evident suspicion.

“Would you believe me if I said I can hold the whole world with my hands?”
“Chanyeol, you’re not Atlas...”
“But if I cup your face in my hands, I’m able to hold my whole world with my hands.”


Kyungsoo raised a fist and waited for a safe opportunity the smack Chanyeol on the upper arm, who was laughing delightedly at the flustered male. Kyungsoo would never admit that he blushed beyond the tips of his ears.
“Anyways, she asked him if he had a thing for me, like he turned gay, and he was like choking on his drink and said ’pardon me, babe?’ Moritz pointed out that she did feign anger, but she did a miserable job at keeping a serious face.”


Chanyeol, eyes still trained on the street, started laughing. He patted Kyungsoo’s thigh, overly enjoyed, and continued in realisation, “Ah, right, I just remembered. Didn’t she also say she would pick you over Keegan anytime if she had the opportunity, a few months prior?”
“Oh, yeah, you’re right!” Kyungsoo clasped his hands together in delight, “She also told Keegan that he wouldn’t even have a chance with me. Apparently, he was still speechless and dumbstruck at the same time. And if it wasn’t enough, my other roommate passed through the living room and asked Keegan ‘you don’t know he’s an ace?’. And this point, I was back to almost being awake and mumbled something like ‘and a homoromantic one’ on top of that.”


Chanyeol let out a sound of surprise, “Ahh, he didn’t know until then about your uality”, he pulled into a parking lot and turned the engine off. Unbuckling his seatbelt, he turned towards Kyungsoo, “Wait, he didn’t know it before that?”

The smaller one grabbed the door handle and pushed the door open to exit the car. Outside, he pulled over his coat, beanie, and scarf. He lit a cigarette and, inhaling the smoke, he turned around and looked back at his best friend. With a dazzling heart-shaped smile, he rounded the car, came to a halt next to the giant and linked arms with Chanyeol, who was currently adjusting his scarf as well. While he dragged Chanyeol along and taking drags from the cigarette, they neared their destination, the cliffs by the shore.

“Well, I never told him, I saw no need to do so.”
“Understandable. And how did Mina know?”
“Remember the one time someone tried to set me up with a girl, around a year ago?”
“Don’t tell me she tried to play Cupid. That’s too good to be true!” Chanyeol exclaimed, “But I still ship KeeSoo.”

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