How To Blow it Like a Flute

How To: ChanSoo
a/n: Chanyeol has saved Kyungsoo as "Satansoo" in his contacts, but in a friendly and ironic manner and refers to him glaring when he forgets his glasses. Personally, I condemn this term for him outside the ironic use and don't use it, but since the story is older, I might change it at some point if I found something better.

- a scientific approach by DKS -


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Chanyeol saw the notification and his curiosity was instantly sparked, Soo takes the initiative to write first very seldom or when he's drunk, so it’s a rare occasion, nonetheless. Given that it was a Friday night, that latter one had a high possibility. He unlocks his phone.


Blow it like a flute, show me what it do ♫





How drunk r u?

Self-made liquor.



no valid reason to quote Lu


ya kniw

My swags on fire! ♪



Stop. Quoting. Luhan!


gonna blackmail ya with it


u gonna regret it


trust me

I just wanna show you my affection. :(



for starters in the affection department: wrong start


I have to teach ya…


second of all, WITH THAT TYPE OF LYRICS?

No good good?



Chanyeol was about to smack his head on his desk he was currently sitting at. Soo might be a fairly good drinker, as he was always the one to get the drunk giant home. But with self-made liquor? Well, hell was sure to break loose.

While Soo's unfailingly the quiet type, not much social interaction, observing, glaring when he forgot his glasses, needing his sweet time until he trusts you, but being a great friend nevertheless. Chanyeol's the absolute opposite, loud, outgoing, trustworthy, friendly, and Soo would definitely add “too obnoxious for his own good” to the list. When Chanyeol trusts you, then he would get a lot quieter, more composed, which was on stark contrast to his outer appearance and behaviour. That's one of those reasons why both males get along fairly well, they complement each other in different means. They could enjoy a long time without talking, thanks to it being a comfortable one.



1 new message(s)




Wanna go home.



ure away with the guys?




ask on of them?

Will do.



Chanyeol waited for an answer. He's tapping his chin in thought, squinting at the wall in front of him. There's an ugly doodle of Chanyeol, drawn by Picasso himself, Kyungsoo. He added a little note, quoting one of the YouTubers he watched frequently: obnoxious, but consistent. He even added a little heart beneath it.
There are stains all over that napkin, courtesy of spilled alcoholic beverages. The date stated one of the countless meetings two years ago; under the influence of alcohol they decided to draw each other respectively.




No luck.



Dialling Satansoo


After a few dial tones the call was accepted. The background noise was filled with an unpleasant noise, probably the inside of a noisy pub; a lot of incoherent mumbling, loud slurring and a disagreeable choice of music. A door chime was heard, at least it sounded that way to Chanyeol's ears. A muffled shutting and then nothing, the unexpected silence was unnerving at the moment after all those loud noises.

“Soo, you're going home?," Chanyeol heard Kyungsoo inhaling strongly, probably him smoking, “Is someone with you?”
“Nah, I'm going home by myself," Kyungsoo was slurring heavily. Chanyeol heard a string of muffled cursing, Soo probably stumbled over his one foot or his loose shoelaces. His prediction turned out to be correct, when he heard the phone contact a hard surface and Kyungsoo’s next words came out restraint and with a bit of distance in it.

“Channie, you're still hearing me?”
“Yas, loud and clear.” Chanyeol leaned back in his chair, feet on his desk and staring outside the window. It was mildly raining, he saw the reflecting artificial light in the drops that sloppily made their way downwards on the smooth surface, “Is it raining over there?”

Sounds like Kyungsoo picked the phone back up, because his voice sounded a lot clearer than seconds ago, even with the heavy slurring.
“Nah, dry," he answered with a steadier breathing.

It would be a quiet call, just listening to each other’s breathing. Chanyeol knew that Kyungsoo just needed someone on the phone, while he's on his way back.

“Ya know, Channie…”
“I miss you, a whole lotto…”
“I miss you, too.”
“Don't interrupt me, I wasn't even finished!”

Sassy Soo was back, a drunk Soo is always a highly sassy one and emotional on top of that.  Chanyeol chuckled softly, “My bad, please, continue.” He made a light unseen bow.


“Ya know, well… You, you know I'm bad with words regarding emotions.” Kyungsoo almost swallowed the last few words, a whisper, almost inaudible to the ear, but on the phone it was as clear as a happy shout on a pleasant summer's day. Chanyeol decided to stay silent, except for the occasional mumbling. “But I really miss you, the last time we saw each other is… what was it? A month ago?”

“Could you..., uh-oh, maybe… uhm…," a deep breath followed, “Free this weekend?”
“Ticket's already booked," muttered Chanyeol into the receiver, while he stared intensely at his desktop and clicked the confirmation button in the opened browser window. Chanyeol didn't need to hear an explanation, after all these years it was already a given that he wouldn't ask why, Kyungsoo did the same for him.

Kyungsoo’s voice was laced with an internal hall, which sounded like he was already in the hallway of the dorms, which led to the conclusion that the pub is located down or up his street, he didn't use public transportation. The damned creaky apartment door and a loud clattering of keys inside a bowl confirmed it. Also, the displeased grunting sounded exactly like Kyungsoo, who tried to get rid of his shoes, while having the phone placed between ear and shoulder.

“You okay, dude?," laughed Chanyeol into his phone.
“I hate you," answered a huff of annoyance.

“Soo, we both know that this statement is not true and therefore invalid.”

Kyungsoo was clearly scoffing at the receiving end. A lot of shuffling, muttering curses, creaky doors, and another string of blasphemous profanities later, Kyungsoo somehow managed to fall face first into the cushion of his bed, Chanyeol all the time on the phone, observing him by the pandemonium he made.

A bit more shuffling and grunting later he tried to get Kyungsoo’s attention but was only met with a light snoring.

“Good night, bae.”


Call Ended: Satansoo

32:43 minutes


The next morning.





r u sober?

ˢᵉⁿᵈ ⁰⁸˙⁴⁷

ʳᵉᵃᵈ ¹¹˙⁵⁸


I’m moderately functional.



i take that as a no

You don’t say.



remember much?


hmm? :>

i don’t like where this is going, I refuse to scroll through the chat and don’t you dare to elaborate that!



Blow it like a flute, show me what it got?

ʳᵉᵃᵈ ¹²˙¹⁶



My swags on fire??

ʳᵉᵃᵈ ¹²˙²¹


Bye, it was a pleasure to meet you, but I’m going to dig my own grave now. I refuse to live anymore; I feel like I gambled my permission to walk on earth’s surface away.
And I’m ing hungover…



hey, its not that bad


he still has good songs


but ya decided to sendthose two, to, and I quote, “show [your] affection”, unquote

ʳᵉᵃᵈ ¹²˙³²


Should I just jump down from the balcony? I’m standing on it anyway.


Wait, scratch that, the old grumpy lady from the first floor just pulled weeds two days ago.


But did you know that humans make great fertilizers?



why do YOu know that?

Did you try to blackmail me right now?



ure lucky u ddint sent any selcas this time ;)


I’m going to the library now.


Don’t you dare to disrupt me.




Shut up.



love u

Love you, too.


I’m going.



before u go-go u asked me to visit u the next we

Dear god, no!



Chanyeol smiled to no one in particular, a hungover Soo is always a delight. It never disappointed and always made his day. He did feel sorry for Soo, but would never say that aloud, another one of those mutual understandings.


«Incoming Call: Satansoo»
Accept          Decline
[✓]                   x


“Who said I shouldn’t interrupt them?”

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