Push & Pull
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Epitome of Stubbornness



Three days had passed and Jiwon took the time to fully settle in with the twins. She had successfully unpacked, bought some necessities and groceries, took them to shop with her new van and a lot more things that was possible to do on her own. So far, so good. Kitchen was quite full, bedrooms including her office were organized and her sleep schedule including the twins’ were starting to get back to normal.

“Hello hello.” A voice from outside called which made Jiwon turn from the television. It was Jihwan. Oh, motherer. For the past three days, he hadn’t really had the time to stop by because of all the distant friends he had to meet up with, fashion shows he was able to attend and so on and so forth – the man was busy as hell for those three days.

Jiwon stood up and walked to the door to open it for the man. “Hey, friend!” She exclaimed, almost too loudly making Jihwan raise an eyebrow. “Okay, someone’s settled in.” He gave her a sarcastic tone before stepping in.

They went into the living room and Jihwan immediately skipped into the playpen at the corner of the living room, to greet the twins who were busy playing with some new toys. “My sweet oo’s!” He kissed them on their chubby cheeks and as he collapsed on the foam, they crawled into his spread-out long legs. He locked them into placed before wrapping his arms around them. “How’s my little Koreans? Y’all gunna stay here forever and ever, okuuur?” He baby-talked in the sassiest way possible.

Jiwon frowned in disgust. “Uhm, excuse me? Don’t say crap to my kids.”

Jihwan turned with a sweet, almost annoying, smile. “As their uncle and as the only man who witnessed them come out of your fat , I have every right to decide where they stay and they stay here and meet their dad. You fix your and I fix mine … by getting married to a hot Canadian model named Justin—not our Prime Minister, I wish.” He argued while pointing a finger up to make an emphasis. Jiwon couldn’t help but laugh at her friend.

“Anyway, girl.” She cleared . “Hara and Kyungsoo visited me three days ago and I might have accidentally told them we’re getting married and I might have accidentally told them you’re the father of Hansol and Hana? Also … I might have told them accidentally that you’re biual and you like both ways and the other way ended up to be … me?”

The room turned dead silent. Jiwon nibbled with her bottom lip as she waited for a decent reaction from her best friend.

The moment his head turned towards her direction, she immediately took a coward step back, making herself fall right on the couch. A nervous laugh came out of her lips as she looked back. “You … told them … we had ?” His voice was deeper than usual and his big long arms are now covering the twins’ heads, to cover their ears together.

Jiwon laughed again. “I mean—well, like—not that way, obviously but … basically? Wait, that’s what you’re mad about?”

Jihwan stood up, carrying the twins into his arms. She watched him walk into the baby room and took a few moments before getting back out, now without the twins. Okay, was about to go down if he had to put the twins inside.

“Honey.” Jihwan put his palms together, his voice was in between a chuckle and a borderline mode. “You told people … that my … went into … a girl’s ?”

Jiwon looked away, not wanting to laugh at this argument at the moment. She really wasn’t supposed to. He was furious about that part the most. “Who gave you the right to adjust my uality and spit out lies about our relationship to save yourself from having to face the truth? Huh?” This time, she lost all the urge to smile when Jihwan went on a dead furious mode. “Jihwan, listen, I really didn’t mean to. I panicked, that was all. You know me, I’m very scared of every—”

“After everything, after having these two wonderful innocent children … you’re scared of what?” Jihwan cut him off, his voice raising slowly.

Tears quickly build up in her eyes as she opened to speak. No word came out. “You’re—” Jihwan chuckled in disbelief while palming his forehead. “You’re so selfish, Jiwon. Look at your twins, they’re growing up every day. This is your chance to correct things and—” Jiwon stood up, cutting him off. “Correct things? Through what? Choosing to be with their father who is allergic to loyalty and commitment? I tried, do you not remember? I went to him that night before I went to the airport for my flight. I ing gave in, but what did I see?” She laughed but tears started streaming down her cheeks.

She wiped them away quickly. “A girl. He already had a girl coming into his apartment with him, kissing him and being all over him as she pushed him into his home, and we both know what they did in there. The same ing day he was trying to get me back or whatever the it was. The same day he told me he loved me. The same day he … made me think otherwise about him.” Jihwan looked down, sighing. He did remember about that because he came with her.

Jiwon looked down, watching as her tears drop straight to her clothing. “It wouldn’t have worked out and it’s just going to hurt my kids more. When I found out I had them … I didn’t even think twice. I couldn’t let them go through something like that. As long as they have me, it will be fine. We’ve been fine. I’d rather be the only one present in their lives and give them all of the love in the world than force someone like Baekhyun to take responsibility and just … hate me and the twins forever because we destroyed his bachelor life.”

Jihwan shook his head. “Sure, until they grow up, learn how to talk and think for themselves and ask you … Eomma, do we have a dad?” He argued. “Do you want them to go through something you went through? Not knowing where the your father is? Until now?”

“And I’m fine, see? I’m fine. I’m perfectly fine on my own.” Jiwon replied, tapping her chest hardly.

Jihwan shook his head again. “Well, you’re obviously not when you say that with the most miserable face I have ever seen from you. Your judgment is ed up. We might have seen what we saw that night … fine, the was all over him and kissing him but he didn’t seem responsive. In my memory, he wasn’t. , he looked wasted, Jiwon. For all we know, that woman was just taking advantage of him because he was drunk. You see what you want to believe because you’re a coward. Even now that you have Hansol and Hana, you still care more about those ing traumas. Grow up.” He said with finality before walking to the door and leaving.

“Where are you going?” Jiwon followed. “Jihwan, I’m sorry. Let’s talk more.” She cried as she watched her angry best friend walking away to the hallway.

Did she just lose her only best friend?



Baekhyun received the weirdest phone call ever. It was from Im Jihwan. It took him a moment or two—and some reference from Jihwan himself—to remember who he was. It had been three years after all and he had only met him, literally, once. Well, twice if you would include that millisecond, he opened the door for him and shut it closed again … that day.

Anyway, Jihwan had asked to meet him. It was very weird and normally, he would definitely decline … but something about his voice sounded very urgent and concerned. He just had to go, simply because he got curious himself. The man didn’t mention anything else other than ‘I know you might think this is so weird but Baekhyun, we need to talk and it’s a matter of life and death for you, I swear to god.’ And by hearing that, he just gave in.

He went into the café they have agreed upon to meet at. It was very close to Empress, Hara’s store, which was convenient because he was planning to go visit her later anyway. Hara had given him a call yesterday too and she wanted to meet up so he could help her buy some new clothes for Seojun – Kyungsoo was away on a business meeting and so he understood and said yes. He had time anyway.

“Hello.” He greeted hesitantly as he arrived at the table. He was surprised to find it very easy to spot the man. He was freaking tall after all and he just remembered that the moment he saw him. “Wow, lookin

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