Push & Pull
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The First Meeting



Her grip lingers at the door handle. “Once I open this … my life officially changes, right?” Her voice, soft and unstable.

It’s her first time back in South Korea in such a long time, she left everything behind in Canada after her aunt, her only family, had passed away. She had nothing else but her career … at least, that’s what it felt like losing the only family she’s ever known.

“What’s that, ma’am?” The temporary assistant in-charge of her asked. She quickly popped her head to the side to give the woman a brief laugh. “Miss, uh, I don’t remember your name but were you given to me by Mr. Maynard or are you from the Park & Co.?” She asked. Her eyes travelled back at the building in front of her, the new agency she was recommended to, or she prefers calling it getting relocated, by her boss back in Toronto out of pity.

She can’t deny that she’s been a little crazy and substandard since her aunt’s passing but because she’s been working with POSE for so long, this was the best option according to her boss.

She remembers him even saying, “This could also be a good rest for you, you make it or break it.” Which she totally thinks is pure B.S., she believes he’s just too scared to fire her in case he needs her in the future so he wants to get rid of her but keep his hands around her neck at the same time for his own good.

It's like an open relationship – ‘I’m taken but I’m also down to anyone who has .’ That’s what she feels about it. Men are trash, as she would always proudly say. She prefers avoiding them at all cost.

“It’s Go Hyesoo, ma’am. I work for Park & Co., and I was asked by Miss Park Hara herself to take care of you for today, she's overseas right now for a fashion show.” The assistant answered politely. Jiwon lowered her head to laugh again. “Wow, I remember Mr. Maynard telling me I was recommended as an artist handler and fashion coordinator in the agency itself, am I here to actually handle the famous supermodel Park Hara? Aigoo, I wasn’t ready for that, hm?” She yarns back.

She didn’t mind. Handling models and their wardrobe is no biggie but that was also the main problem – she is basically downgrading herself coming back here to South Korea. From being a fashion director in a respected magazine back in Toronto to an artist handler and fashion coordinator, it’s some brave move she had to make to preserve her connection with POSE.

“No, Ma’am. Miss Hara has informed me that your position will be for the entirety of the agency. Now, shall we go in for the meeting?” Hyesoo asked.

Jiwon looked down to the folder given to her and opened it once more. “So, it’s Do Kyungsoo and you said he’s Park Hara’s fiancé, right? He works here as one of the managers too … so is he scary? Is he a ? A lot of men in this industry are s, I just want to make sure.” She checked her knowledge about the upcoming meeting one more time.

A small chuckle came out of Hyesoo’s lips, confusing her a little. “Don’t worry, ma’am. He’s very nice, too nice if I would say so myself. You have nothing to worry about, the meeting and the signing should go on smoothly.” She answered, seemingly being honest.

A small sigh escaped her lips as she lifted her head, adjusting her sunglasses higher. “Alright, let’s do this.”




“Baekhyun, do you have any photoshoots today? Yes? No?”

Organizing his office table for the nth time, Kyungsoo constantly glanced at the man who was comfortably sitting himself down the couch. “Yah, Kyungpoop, am I not allowed to hang around here? Do you know how many gorgeous models walk in and out of this glorious facility of yours? Well, not yours, your fiancée’s family owns this. Oops.” The man replied, spreading his arms on the head of the couch while looking at the glass wall of the office.

“Hmm,” Kyungsoo leaned on the table and folded his arms. “One? My sweetie, Hara.” He answered, a giddy smile instantly formed on his lips.

Baekhyun gives him a look of disbelief. He never understood this guy for being way too loyal to Park Hara, or any man with the same attitude in general. He has known him for almost two years now since he used to be a personal assistant of Park Hara

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