Push & Pull
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Strawberry Coconut




“That got me really full, thank you guys for the visit.”

Jiwon gave the couple a big smile as she leaned on her armchair while they sat on the couch. After work, Hara and Kyungsoo surprised her at home with take-out food. “No problem, we really want to welcome you the best way we can. So how are you liking the place? I stayed here before when I was going to university, you like it?” Hara asked before taking a quick sip of her wine. Kyungsoo grinned while nodding. “I did too, I was her assistant before and I used to sleep here sometimes. I like the shower.” He joined the conversation. Jiwon grinned in amusement while looking at the man. “Right? The rainfall shower is amazing, I didn’t even have it in my old condo in Toronto.” She agreed.

It's officially been week since she moved to South Korea and she’s been working a lot – for both current and upcoming projects.

Hara looked at her fiancé before putting her arm behind him on the couch. “Yeah, this cutie pie used to help me with my personal stuff including school. I was so busy and kind of stupid so I needed help. I remember, my twin brother Chanyeol recommended him to me.” She openly admitted earning a pout from the man. Jiwon nodded while listening. “Oh, I met your brother once, he covered for one of my old project magazines for POSE like two years ago? He’s so freaking tall, you both are.” She chuckled in amazement.

“Girl, you need to meet up with him again. He’s actually single, I assume you are too?” Hara then suggested making the woman cringe a bit. “Err, no, sorry. I’m not interested in entering a relationship to be honest. I’m happy working independently.” Jiwon went straight to the point before taking a big gulp of water from the bottle she’s holding. “How come, Miss Jiwon? You’re very pretty, really.” Kyungsoo nodded encouragingly like a kid.

Jiwon gave him a genuine smile. “Aw, thank you. But eh, I really don’t want to.” She put the bottle down the coffee table before leaning back on the chair and crossing her legs to get more comfortable. “Speaking of which, is Baekhyun still bothering you? Kyungsoo and I have been quite busy with our wedding preparing for the past week, we really haven’t had the chance to check on you much.” Hara then asked out of sincere concern. As soon as the name was mentioned, Jiwon’s expression darkened as she looked them in the eyes.

“Don’t even get me started.” She grunted. Hara responded with a nervous smile. “Uh-oh, what has he been doing?” She asked and started pulling her hair all up in a ponytail. “Seriously, guys, why did you hire that psycho? He’s very loud, he bothers everyone, he keeps interrupting serious meetings and he keeps hitting on me with his empty cringe-worthy pick up lines.” Jiwon burst as she began recalling the instances for the past six days since she started. “He’s really good in taking pictures, he’s a good editor, he has a wide connection in the industry and also he’s good in training our artists and staff, that’s why he’s very silly but we can’t fire him for that.” Kyungsoo explained, guilt evident in his tone.

Jiwon scoffed. “Okay, silly?” She asked as if she’s about to explode. “Yesterday he asked me, loud enough for everyone in the photoshoot to hear, ‘Are you a parking ticket? Cause you’ve got FINE written all over you, honey.’ Like what the hell was that for? Some executives of the freaking magazine we’re doing the photoshoot for were all there to hear!”

Hara covered to hold her laugh while Kyungsoo nodded in concern, not really getting the pick-up line at all. “That’s really bad. Parking tickets are never fun and most especially, who vandalized your body? I never got a parking ticket because I’m very careful in driving but I’ve gotten in trouble for writing something on my desk chair before when I was in school.” He replied with a big pout. “Sweetie, she didn’t—okay, never mind. Just don’t ... say anything.” Hara covered her fiancé’s mouth while she sniggered.

Not caring for the man’s out-of-this-world response to her story, Jiwon rolled her eyes as she tried to think of more things that happened while they were busy. “Oh, two days ago? I was busy in the dressing room to get some models ready for a show and this freaking walks pass me for like … four times?” She rubbed her forehead in frustration before continuing. “And when I finally acknowledged what he’s doing and asked him to leave me alone, he asked me, ‘Do you believe in love at first sight—or should I walk by again?’ and everyone screamed like they just saw some stupid romcom movie, he’s making my life a living hell and I think he’s enjoying it.” She finished the story and took a big bite of her leftover food even though she was already full.

Kyungsoo nodded. “It’s hard to love someone at first sight because you don’t really know them personally yet and mayb—” Hara covered his mouth once again to stop him from making the atmosphere any more awkward than it already is, she grins nervously while looking back at Jiwon. “I understand, Jiwon … he can be quite a handful sometimes but seriously, the best way you can do is ignore him. The more you react, the more he does it.” She attempts to give her a woman-to-woman tip.

Shrugging her shoulders, Jiwon looked away. “And every single freaking day … he texts me Good Morning and Good Night like an idiot. It’s starting to annoy me, I never even replied and yet he wouldn’t stop, he’s wasting his time.” She added softly while looking in space. Hara nibbled with her bottom lip as she glanced at Kyungsoo. She doesn’t actually think that one is bad at all. Despite knowing what the guy is up to, the effort alone is quite indirectly sweet and very unlike him. “Hmm, maybe block him Jiwon.” Kyungsoo finally suggested something sensible.

Jiwon scoffed, looking down to her phone and rereading his text messages she never responded to. “Yeah, I guess I should.” She locked her phone and dropped it beside her on the chair. “Anyway, how’s the wedding preparation? You guys need any help?” She changes the topic, feeling quite a discomfort just talking about the guy right now.

It’s been a stressful week because of him




A fun photoshoot day today and it’s for a makeup line’s ad, some of their modes were chosen as ambassadors. Jiwon loved the bright design of their set, she doesn’t usually this kind of vibe in western photoshoots. There’s a kiddie pool with colorful balls, there’s a machine for bubbles and there’s other more props that you’d see in a beach.

She patted the back portion of the model’s outfit and checked the pins on the sides to make sure they’re hidden. “Gorgeous, oh my god, your waist is so thin. I’m jealous.” Jiwon grinned as she gestured the model to go get ready in position along with the other. She looked at the makeup artist and signaled her to follow the model and check the makeup one last time.

Jiwon smiled in satisfaction as she stood behind the scene.

That was until the bubble machine was turned towards her direction. “What the—yah!” She put her arms over her face and looked to see who did it. She immediately heard Baekhyun’s laughter from behind the machine. “Can you not? We’re doing a photoshoo—Byun Baekhyun, stop!” She tried running and avoiding the machine but he would just turn it towards her every direction until the other staff were also affection but they just laughed it off, they’re used to him.

This time, she completely turned around, letting the bubbles hit her back. She met eyes with Kyungsoo who was smiling nervously at the back with the other staff.

“Ooh, your back is already wet. Fine, I’ll stop. Wow this machine is strong.” Baekhyun gave up although he still laughed quite victorious as he pushed the machine away, letting another staff position it where it should be positioned. Jiwon glued her glare at him as she started ing her blouse and untucking it from her black pencil skirt. “Yes, it is very wet, you jerk.” She removed the blouse completely leaving her with her black tank top.

Baekhyun stood there motionless, his eyes dilating towards her.

Other staff briefly looked but didn’t react in any weird way, it’s not like she stripped completely. She spread the blouse in front of her to check how wet it is at the back. Baekhyun gulped the lump that has formed in his throat. “W-what are you doing?” He asked, not planning to say that at all.

A smirk formed on Jiwon’s lips as she realized what she just did to him without even trying at all. “What do you think?” She started walking towards him and she watched as he took a few steps back. Then, she threw the blouse right on his face making him flinch hard. “You dry it for me, .” S

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