Push & Pull
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Love, Indeed



“We’re home!”

Baekhyun grinned as he turned to Jiwon before looking down to Hana who was standing in between them, holding both their hands on each side. Hansol on the other was latched tightly around Baekhyun, his one arm supporting his tiny body—he just woke up and wasn’t in the mood at all. “I’m so nervous, am I also going to meet his nurse slash girlfriend?” Jiwon moved closer to him to whisper.

Speaking of the devil though, they came out of the kitchen. Haesun, the nurse, pushed Mr. Byun’s wheelchair. The old man’s face lit up immediately when his eyes landed at the two toddlers. “Oh my goodness—they’re real.” He looked up to Haesun and grinned. “They’re real, honey. My heart is melting right now.” Jiwon and Baekhyun broke the gap between them and let the kids approach the man in the wheelchair.

It was a beautiful and surreal moment. Mr. Byun introduced himself to Hansol and Hana as their grandfather, carefully reaching for their faces to pinch their cheeks. The two seemed curious about who he was and most especially … his wheelchair, they were fascinated by it.

Jiwon took this chance to look at Haesun. “Oh by the way, I’m Kim Jiwon. Nice to meet you, ma’am.” She bowed politely and the old lady nodded shyly. “Hi, I’ve heard a lot about you, Jiwon. It’s nice to finally meet you.” She responded and smiled at Baekhyun as well. “Oh right, I brought my daughter with me to help prepare the meal. She’s in the kitchen, let me call her so you guys could meet her too.” She left the scene, letting go of the wheelchair. Baekhyun took over and brought his father to the couch. “How you feeling, Appa?” He asked as he assisted him to sit on the couch.

“I feel amazing, okay let the twins go up the couch too. I wanna chat with them.” He grinned. “Come here. Come sit with Harabeoji.” He patted the spaced on his left and right. Hesitantly, Hansol made his way up to the couch, climbing like a pro. Hana on the other hand looked up to Baekhyun and Jiwon, unsure of what to do. Baekhyun took the initiative to lift her up in his arm. “Hana, don’t be shy. It’s Harabeoji. Appa’s Appa.” He explained more clearly. The toddler looked back at him while hugging his neck. “Appa appa, you call appa too? My Hachi?” She asked.

Baekhyun chuckled. “Sure, your Hachi. He’s your Hachi.” Carefully, he helped the little girl settle down the couch beside the hopeful old man. Hansol looked up to him and shyly sniggered. “Me and Hana Boji?” He asked him. Jiwon laughed out of embarrassment, the twins pronouncing the new word in entirely different ways. Mr. Byun laughed in delight and put his arms around their bodies on each side. “You can call me anything you want. Aigoo—you two are the most precious thing I have ever seen. I love you already, more than my son.” He claimed.

Baekhyun scoffed in a joking way. “Wow, I’m replaced that fast.” He threw an arm over Jiwon’s shoulders and they shared a giggle.

Just then, Haesun finally came out of the kitchen with her daughter. “You guys, I’d like you to meet my daughter, Hyebin.” They all turned and Baekhyun’s stomach immediately turned upside down. Jiwon on the other hand raised her eyebrow trying to recognize the face as if she had seen her before. The woman, Hyebin, looked shocked but a smile formed on her lips. “Oh, wo—hi. Nice to meet you, I’m Byun Baekhyun.” Baekhyun hesitantly bowed like a stranger making the woman hesitantly do the same. He then turned to Jiwon who was now glaring at him. “And this is my partner, Kim Jiwon.”

Hausun grinned. “Hyebin here is a model in Seoul.” She introduced. “Isn’t she beautiful? I’m so proud of her.”

Hyebin cleared . “Uh, anyway, let’s give them more time to hang out. Eomma I should get back to the stew we’re making. Let’s go.” She left and rushed back to the kitchen with her mother. Mr. Byun who was busy chatting with the twins looked up, noticing the panic expression on his son’s face. “What? What did you do?” He asked, frowning slowly. “Byun Baekhyun, do you know her?” There was awkward silence until Baekhyun felt Jiwon’s hand tighten around his. He released an awkward airy laugh while scratching his neck. “I mi—I might have worked with her bef—fore? You know—like Haesun said, she’s a model, so there’s a big chance that I have worked with her. But I don’t know her in any other sort of way besides … that.” He answered.

Jiwon suddenly dragged him all the way to the other end of the house, at one corner. Still both holding hands and facing straight ahead. “You’ve ed her before, haven’t you. I remember her face, she’s the one who you went home with that night. I know you said nothing happened at that time and I believe you but the point is … you’ve ed her before.” She muttered with a firm tone. Baekhyun’s stomach turned even more, out of fear and panic. “Definitely, maybe more than once, I don’t remember well—oh my god, I don’t even remember where my ’s have been anymore, I’ve had so many. Oh . What do we do?” He confessed without any hesitation, more concerned about Haesun, the mother, finding out about it.

Jiwon sighed heavily before shooting a glare at him. “What are the odds of you meeting your father’s girlfriend’s daughter whom you’d slept with and—oh wait, there’s no odds. Byun Baekhyun’s had been everywhere.” Baekhyun gave her a fake grin before glaring back. “Okay instead of bullying me, just help me find a way for Haesun and my father not ever finding out about it because it’s going to be so weird.”

Surprisingly, Jiwon laughed confidently and let go of his hand to pop her knuckles as if she’s about to beat up someone. “I can probably settle this with a firm talk with he—”

Baekhyun grabbed her by the shirt, pulling her back close to him. “Okay. No cat fight, I repeat, no cat fight. Don’t even.” He muffled. “You don’t do firm talk; you just bite the opponent’s head right off. I know you. Stay here with me and don’t get me in any trouble, missy.” Jiwon rolled her eyes and elbowed him lightly on the gut. “What the hell do you want me to do then—yes baby?” She suddenly changed her tone and smiled towards the couch when Hana called her.

She glared at Baekhyun again before dragging him back to the couch. “You want a drink? Okay, Eomma will get you a drink.” She pushed Baekhyun down to sit on the arm chair. “Sir, is it okay for me to grab water from your kitchen?” She asked as she took out the twins’ tumblers from their bag. “No problem, help yourself up. And call me Abeonim.” The old man responded with a smile.

Baekhyun grinned nervously. “I’ll come with y—oh, no?” He got pushed right back down the couch. “I’ll be right back, babe. Stay there.” Jiwon eyed him meaningfully before walking to the kitchen. As soon as she arrived in, both Haesun and Hyebin turned to look. “Smells nice, what are you guys cooking?” She asked and Hyebin smiled in response. “Sundaeguk. It’s Baekhyun op—it’s Baekhyun’s favorite, Eomma told me.” There was a long pause before Jiwon walked to the fridge. “That’s good, he’d love it for sure. I’m just gonna get some water, is that okay?” She asked, looking at Haesun more. “Of course, dear. Help yourself up.” The old lady said.

As she poured water into the tumblers, Jiwon eyed Hyebin who was busy preparing the side dishes on little plates. “Anyway, Miss Haesun. Sin

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