Who You? Part 1 (Chapter 13)

‘Wayo’ = Why
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Tucked underneath the bed sheets that morning, the sleep pooled on their eyelids and the sophisticated decorated room filled with the soft sound of people sleeping. The buzzer of the phone went off like an annoyed rattlesnake. Song Eun Ae, known by many as Abby, unwillingly scooped the phone, spoke to it, listened for a moment and handed the phone to a half-asleep Soohyun.

“Hello?” A sweet voice of a woman echoed from the device.

Soohyun begin to analyse her thoughts lazily as her eyes flicker open. Her vision remained blurred unable to get a clear image. She narrowed her eyes but with no success.

“Hyun, here.” Abby softly said, passing a pair of eyeglasses that saved the poor girl.  Now, she can properly see an image of a blonde- woman on the screen.

“How are you?” The woman brightly waved when Soohyun addressed her warmly and told her that she’s been doing well.  They talked about the recent events and Blackpink’s leader gave an update about her mother’s condition. After days of stress and worry, she could relax and feel at ease. Things worked out in the end. Her mother is now ready for discharge.

“That’s good then.” The woman pulled her hair off her shoulders and noticed the stranger in the room. “Who’s that?”


Soohyun surveyed the surrounding and briefly glance at the woman wearing a black silk nightie.  Haven’t properly introduce her companion, she asked Abby for draw near her.

“Chae, this is my friend, Abby.” Soohyun spoke while her friend moved even closer, waving at they’re video chatting with. “And Abby, this is Rosé.”

“Oh! Is that her?” Another female voice boomed from the speaker phone and a familiar face showed up on the screen.

“Hello...Oh hey Abby.” The other girl smiled and cleared , trying to maintain her energy levels up.

“Hey Jennie.” Abby replied, trying to stifle a giggle upon sensing the change in these girls’ moods. She stole a glance of her friend and teasing kissed her friend’s cheek. “I’ll get ready first. Don’t make me wait too long, okay?” She touched Soohyun’s shoulder as she moved away. The other girl could only shake her head because unknown to those girls in Korea, Soohyun’s companion playfully winked at their leader. Not to flirt but to taunt her friend.

“Where are you?” Jennie drew her attention back to them. She rubbed a brow in thought.

“I’m at Abby’s. It’s closer to the hospital so she offered” She responded genuinely since Chaeyoung and Jennie remained in contact throughout her stay in New York.

“That’s nice of her.” Jennie said struggling to brush off her gut feeling there’s more to Abby than being Soohyun’s friend. “When are you coming back?”

“I’ll fly in Wednesday next week.” Soohyun replied. Both girls on the screen smiled and talked to their leader for another 5 minutes. “Look I have to go now. Abby and I need to pick up mom and then we’ll meet some friends.”  She added on, causing the girls to whine but Soohyun replied, “I’ll see you girls soon, okay? Take care.”

“See you.” Rosé and Jennie waved goodbye then the call ended. Checking the time, Soohyun hurriedly had a shower and got dressed into a semi-casual attire wearing a dress.

“Alex, have you considered being polyamorous?” Abby pulled out a grey coat in her wardrobe and handed it to Soohyun.

“Not really. Why?” Soohyun said.

“Hm...” Abby went to her vanity, picked up a brush and switched the blow dryer on. “Just a thought.” The woman applied hot air to her damp hair, leaving it soft, sleek and frizz free.

“Are you?” Soohyun raised a brow, crossing her arms on her chest since this piqued her curiosity on the quizzical question. “Are you open for that?”

Abby chuckled and briefly made an eye contact to her friend, then proceed on doing her make up. “Alex, I’m getting married. You know I---"

“You love Ryan.” Soohyun said in a whimsical manner, taking a step forward and snatched the colourful palette of eye shadows off her friend’s hand. “Let me.”

The surgeon didn’t protest and trusts her friend to apply the make up on her face. She never felt uncomfortable on their closeness, she extends her hand and pinches Soohyun’s nose.



“If I’m polygamous, I would have kept you for myself a long time ago. But we both know that we’re better off as friends.”

Soohyun took a step back, tilting her head to check her masterpiece. “Here. Wear this colour.”  She handed Abby a lipstick and scoffed. “You wish I’m yours because I’m worth it.”

“That’s not fair.” Abby whined that caused Soohyun to laugh but it was short-lived. They both exhaled and looked down, thinking of those days they almost ended up together.

“How about her?” The half Korean randomly probed according to her observation. Soohyun gape at the woman and raised a brow.

“Jennie.” Abby answered quick before she confuses her friend. “I haven’t seen someone that keen unless she has feelings for you.”

“What do you mean by keen?” Soohyun directly stared at her with a slight frown. They both gaze at each other and clueless as she is, Soohyun wrinkled her nose.

“Oh wow. You have no idea.” Abby cackled and puffed her chest as she breathes in. “She met with your parents. Uncle told me she has some courage to tell him that he is wrong and that he should be proud for having you as his daughter.”

“Jennie did?” Soohyun blinked in surprise, still doubtful. “When?”

“Last month. I believe she was in town and called your mom to meet. Auntie invited me over for dinner, but I have to work that night.”  Abby blotted her lips with a bright red lipstick and face the mirror to ensure she won’t it mess it up.

“That’s...” Soohyun lost her ability to speak though the reason is too obvious.

“How do I look?” Abby turned around but met a quiet Soohyun. So, the woman held her friend’s face and sighed, “Don’t hurt yourself by overthinking.  She must be crazy to do that but then again no one would do such a thing unless they love you that much. Alex, think about it.”

“Yeah, I guess.” Soohyun nodded that seems to be enough of an answer for her friend.

“And also...” Abby grabbed the smart phone from the bedside table close by and grinned. “Rosé seems to like you too.”

“Ha! Now you’re being funny.” Soohyun shakes her head in disbelief and grabbed her handbag before heading out the apartment.

“No. She does.” Abby swiftly marched in front of Soohyun. “I know.”


Abby looked over her shoulder and winked at Soohyun. “I’ve been there.”

Meanwhile, back in Korea


“Abby is pretty.” Rosé placed her phone inside her bag and intertwined her hands with her friend and go inside a convenience store. Jennie having a strange feeling went to check the freezer and found a milk flavoured ice cream. She grabbed one and placed it in the basket.


“Yeah, she is.” Jennie’s voice sounded dull but managed to grin. “I’m craving for gimbap.” She dragged the main vocalist to a different aisle, gathering all her strength to prevent discussing about the woman Soohyun is with. Rosé conversely wished to know more about the stranger but cease to ask since she got the impression that Jennie is not in that kind of mood.

“Gimbap” Rosé pointed at neatly wrapped food that is made with steamed white rice and dried seaweed. “Tuna or chicken?”

Jennie looked at the choices and selected tuna while Rosé picked chicken. The two popular girls chosen more snacks and set out to join the rest of their members back at work. The public may think that these celebrities get to rest in their apartment but in reality, they are back inside the van where they spend most of their time due to the demand of the work they do.

“Chae, do you think she’ll ever like me?” Jennie murmured, leaning on the girl’s shoulder as she doesn’t want their manager to hear any of this.

Park Chaeyoung who is wondering the same tapped Jennie’s lap and sighed heavily. “If she doesn’t then she’s an idiot.”

Jennie tugged her bottom lip using her fingers and replied, “If she ended up choosing you, can you promise one thing?”

“Jennie, that’s ridiculous.” Rosé turned crimson red, hiding her eyes with her hand and took her time to calm down before gazing at the girl.

“I’m serious.” Jennie firmly said that both become solemn.  “Don’t hurt her if that happened.”

“I won’t do such thing, Jennie. Or we can clone her so that we can have one each.” Rosé voiced her opinion, that  they laughed.

That night in the suburbs of New York City. 

In the comforts of the dimmed light, the dark room was like a place out of time, place to rest without consequence. A sanctuary to recharge and forget what the world has said that needs to be done. Soohyun gazed at the window and wait for the morning sun to light up the sky. She pressed a button on her portable computer and it automatically lit up. With music blasting from the earmuffs, she started to write on her own canvas filled with notes and melody.

“Alex you should sleep.” A voice came from behind her, followed by a pair of hands gently massaging her shoulders. “Abby and Hana are asleep already.”

Soohyun gave the young lady a once over and removed her headphones off her head and hang it over her nape “I can’t sleep. My body clock is so used to Korea’s timezone. But hey” She got on her feet and led the girl to sit at the leather office chair. “Listen to this.” She hooked the left bud onto the girl’s ear and same for the other side. She hit play and it was quiet for 4 minutes.

The girl grinned and glanced at the composer, giving her a thumbs up. “How do you do this?” The girl played the song again and hummed nicely to it but growl hearing a female voice belting a high note. “Damn. Abby’s voice really hit that note nicely.”

Soohyun laughed and turned back at the girl with a smile of satisfaction. “Heh, well that’s Abby. I wish I can release this.”

“Why not?” Shock registered on her face, but a small smile played on Soohyun’s lips. “Why not get your group to do it?”

“Well...” Soohyun shrugged her shoulders. “It doesn’t work that way in YG.”

“Of course, it doesn’t” The girl said as her mind shattered and the rest of her followed suit. Without a backup plan, she’d be nothing now.  “They changed the CEO, isn’t it?”

Soohyun nodded while the other girl puckers her lip in thought.

“How is it?” She continued to ask that made Soohyun rubbed her nape.

“Very strict than when we were there.” Blackpink’s leader scoffed, shaking her head because there’s many changes that happened since YG entertainment itself became the headlines of the news.  

“Really? Guess the criteria to debut changed a lot too.” The young lady with short hair finally commented, recognizing it has been years since she left YG entertainment to pursue something more certain. “Why not get those girls in that show to do it with you?”

Blackpink’s leader laughed in disbelief hearing the suggestion. For why would YG allow such thing when they wanted the leader to appeal a certain way to the public.

But the girl just hit her and said, “I’m serious. Sometimes you have to get out of that box. Look how many songs you have. And when is your solo?”

Soohyun ignored the girl and walked across the room, grabbing the acoustic guitar before handing it to the woman. “For old time’s sake, please Jia.”

 Friends for a long time, they exchanged a look and the girl who radiates a chill vibe, started to strum the guitar despite the fact that it is already 2am. It might wake up those who were sleeping but they didn’t care. The guitar in her hands sang the language of the universe as she beautifully sings. Soohyun sat on the soft mattress and closed her eyes, swaying her head as the music relaxes her.

(Author’s Note: imagine this is her friend Jia, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dr_OBqupWDM)

 Nostalgic about the good old days, both girls take turns in playing the guitar and singing till someone went inside the room. She is shorter than the two occupants of the room but there is something innocent about her looks, yet her appeal exudes.  Then finally Abby walked in and not even slightly surprised to see these girls still up. They joined Soohyun on the bed and instantly their voices blended, their voices silky smooth.

(Author’s Note: Below picture is them, i don't own the picture. Link  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YqZv6ZRM-Wo )


“Wow. We haven’t done this for a long time.” Abby commented since the last time they gathered like this was 10 years ago. All of them snort a chuckle since a lot changed since then.


“Whose fault is that?” Jia squints her eyes at Soohyun and Abby’s direction. Both raised a brow in defiance, but their friend didn’t budge. “What? I’m not as busy as you guys. And Hana pretty much does nothing.”


“Excuse me?!” Small flushed circles flared on Hana’s cheeks as she glared at short-haired woman though she’s to inherit her parents businesses, she still needs to prove herself. “I do work. You have no idea how my dad orders me around. I’m better off working in an office.”


“What do you do exactly?” Soohyun set a sight on and asked Jia in an attempt to change the subject before those two girls bicker like kids. The Kpop artists never had time to stay in New York for a long time and mostly it comes with work.


“Oh yes. Ummm..” Jia shifted on her seat and yawned, stretching her arms in the air. “I’m a software developer. So, I get to work from home. Anyways, it’s your birthday next week. What should we do?”


Soohyun gaze at the three girls and slouched, fidgets with her fingers. “Uh well, I have to go back to Korea in two days. They said it is urgent.”


“Already?” Abby gasped in surprise because she thought the girl still have another week to spend with her family. “They really make you work that hard huh. Even I get a vacation. “


Just before dawn, the sky fills in with blended tones of rosy pink and sandy yellows. These four girls stayed up the entire night for this is the only time they had till they go on separate ways once more. Singing, talking and laughing they savoured each moment until Abby and Soohyun have to leave.


“Abby.” Hana called out for surgeon when Soohyun got inside the car with her manager. The tall and slender woman turned and slightly tilted her head because Hana slyly grinned and leaned close enough for her to hear.“Jia and I are wondering if you’re still up for it?”


Abby stifle a giggle and nodded, “of course I am. I called CL yesterday and she’s letting us stay at her place.”


“Great because I just called my grandma, she’s happy for us to use the restaurant for one night.” Hana confirming that the restaurant they’re looking at will be reserved for them. Jia joined them after hang up the phone, she rests an arm over Hana’s shoulder and said, “Flights are all booked. Thank me later.” Jia teasingly smooches Hana’s cheek but the girl pushed her away and scowled.


“Stop it!” Hana glared and rolled her eyes but her friends just laughed. “You’re laughing now.” She turned to Abby then knitted her brows. “Wait till you see the rest of 2ne1 again.”


"I'll be the least of their problems." Abby retorted back and smirked having full knowledge of Soohyun's recent heartbreak. "My mistake was I lead her on and said no in the end but believe me someone did worse." 


Hana desires to know more but Abby declines. Then Jia rubbed her chin weigh up about the worse thing could happen but without any idea, there’s no point of dwelling on it.

“Geez. Oh well.” She shrugged her shoulders and chuckled “But hey I get to know Rosé more.”

“No, you’re not. She’s off limits.” Abby strongly warned by wagging a finger at her. Being friends for 9 years, the girls know Jia’s history with girls.  

“Fine. Jennie then.” Jia said putting a hand on one side of her waist.

“Nah ah, especially her.” Abby copied the latter but since the surgeon carries a commanding aura Jia raised her hands in the hair and said, “Alright. I’ll behave.”

After three days, midnight at the outskirts of Korea

Kim Sejeong saw the screenplay as kind of dance between the actress and the audience, that she should get her brain to waltz and let her skills speaks for itself. For a moment the only movement is the thick white smoke that’s creating a rolling fog that lies low to the ground. Then suddenly the actress jumped high above, harnessed with metal strings attached on her waist.  She landed on her feet in a fighting stance and like in sync, men dressed in dark robes appeared as if they’re attacking her, but each hit is bogus. Hero in the play, Sejeong did an amazing round kick, matching it with martial arts skills she recently learned. The villain in the story fell backwards or laid lifeless on the ground.  With the last shot, the director called “Cut” and there’s applause from the production team praising the actress for a job well done.

“Okay. Next scene in 15 minutes.” The director turned towards the crew and they all scattered around, some lining up to grab a drink of coffee and the rest setting up the props for the next plot. “Let’s get Choi Soohyun ready.” He tapped the back of the assistant director and the man went on his way towards the trailer where Choi Soohyun and her manager has been waiting for 4 hours.

“I’ll just quickly check on her.” Sejeong informed her manager as she wrapped herself with a blanket.

Sejeong’s POV

Five days ago, I received the copy of the script for the next episode of the action series I’m doing. It came to a shock because my character is going to be involved with a young woman possessed by man’s spirit.  It is burdensome at first but the next day I got called that Blackpink Choi Soohyun is playing the said character for two episodes and agreed to do the shooting as soon as possible. And here we are, doing the first shoot and they just arrived four hours ago. I’ve been so busy with my own scenes I haven’t greeted her. So since we’re doing a scene together, I made to at least say hi.

The door is already open when I got there, I followed the assistant director and walked inside and met a new face. She introduced herself as Jung Siyeon, Soohyun’s new manager. When I asked where’s the other managers, she did say that Manager Song and the assistant managers have their hands full of Blackpink’s schedules that YG entertainment hired someone specifically for Soohyun.

“Where is Soohyun?” I kept looking around since there’s no sign of her. Her manager giggled and clasps her hands together in an adorable way.

“Ah yeah. She’s just getting dress for the scene. Have a seat.” She offered me to sit at the couch which I did. It only took 2 minutes and Soohyun came out of the dressing room. She’s wearing a light

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