Thrown Into A Lions Den (Chapter 1)

‘Wayo’ = Why
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Clamour and whispers. The paparazzi hang out outside the building of YG entertainment to get a scoop about the rumoured new member of one of the top girl groups in Korea, Blackpink. It has been awhile since the group released a new song and the public already wonder if they even making a comeback. The fame and influence of the group were undoubtedly great internationally. Nevertheless,  since a lot of issues surface around YG himself, it is challenging for any artists under the label to tame the hate coming from Knetizens. The media received a tip from an anonymous YG employee that a new member of Blackpink will be coming today to commence her work officially. No one knows who it is and the company refused to disclose any rumour spreading across social media. Therefore, the paparazzi discreetly hold their cameras and ready for any action.

Few moments later, a black van suddenly pulled over  in front of the building. A man casually dressed came out of the vehicle and opened the passenger's door. Canny and ready to draw near their prey, the paparazzi never cease to capture every moment. As soon as a young lady got off the van, they all gathered around like a flock on attempting to catch a glimpse of the artist. This alarmed the man and some security guards. The paparazzi are coming too close that the young lady can't even go inside the building.  So they politely told them to give the young lady some space. Seeing the crowd, the young lady lowered her head. Luckily for her, she is already wearing a hoodie and a mask. The guards managed to make a way and the man assisted her inside.

Meanwhile inside YG's conference room....

"I wonder what she's like. I hope she's nice. I have a feeling that she'll like us" Lisa excitely said shifting her gaze from Jennie to Rose. She looked hopeful but to her dismayed the the girls are busy on their phones. Feeling ignored, she grabbed Jisoo's arm and rest her head against the other girl's shoulder.

Jisoo smiled softly and turned her head to check Lisa''s adorable pouting face.  "You're not even listening." Lisa whined making the latter giggle.

"There. There. I am listening." Jisoo said, patting her back. "She'll definitely like us. Who can resist our charm especially yours." She vaguely whispered the last senstence hoping that the other person didn't hear it.

"Well, not being a y about it. But why do we need another member and a leader? I thought we're doing well. It would be better if one of us is the leader." Jennie  blurted out in protest, making her members gasp and stare at her with uneasiness.

"Jennie... the camera"  Rosé whispered cautiously as she pointed her fingers at CCTV camera mounted inside the said room. The main rapper of the group could only sigh in defeat because she knows that almost everything inside that building is being monitored by the CEO.

"We just have to jump into it and make her feel welcomed. And another member means another family member. It will be fun." Jisoo appealed to s which the girls just took as her trying to uplift their spirits.

"Eonnie is right" Rosé added on and flashed a comforting smile. "Don't be sad Jendukkie. We're all in this together okay?" Rosé added and wrapped her arms around the sulking Jennie who felt so embarrassed of what she did.

"Good morning girls." Hwang Bo Kyung, the new YG's CEO, greeted them when she walked in the room followed by few employees. The girls immediately stood up and bowed respectively to them while the rest of the crew find their seats.

"So are you ready to meet your new member?" Ms Hwang bluntly asked the girls and sat beside them .The girls nodded, unsure of what to anticipate.


Jisoo's POV

Meeting our new CEO always makes me nervous. I am not entirely certain how to act in front of her but I believe she's trying to accommodate all of us. It was so different when YG is still here. Even though he is scary at least we could attempt to make him smile. I remember seeing him along the corridors and singing the song I made everytime we cross paths with him. 

Anyways, Ms Hwang is kind enough to ask about our concerns which we honestly told her. It is difficult to comprehend how things are at the moment. We thought we are doing amazing with all our international collaborations and guestings. But the board of directors think we can do more and try to gain more love from Korea. We were not really keen on the idea of adding another member. To make it worse, we have no previous interactions or details about her . We only know that she's a trainee for a short period of time. Nervous or sad is not the definition of what we felt that moment. Jennie is right in some ways, we function well as a group already. We have been friends for years and now we share a special bond. They decided to not appoint a leader in our group because YG knows that the four of us are good friends. This is disappointing and very unnerving but a change is needed. It is not a hidden fact that we only released mini albums unlike Winner or other artists who manage to produce their own songs. I wish I could do something like that. YG also gave us little TV promotions in Korea which I think we could do more. At first it was frustrating but now I just think of it as a YG thing since a lot of artists are experiencing the same. 

I was listening intently to our manager and Ms Hwang exchange some ideas on how to manage us when I noticed a tall man and young lady pan into view as the door eased open. 

"This must be her." I said to myself and quickly diverted my eyes to Rosé, who is seems striken by god knows what. The expression on her face screams dazzled as we stood to greet her.

"Look at Chaeyoung." Lisa softly nudged me. 
"Oh Chaeyoungie" I mentally faceplamed myself seeing her shyly smiled at the new girl.

"Hello. My name is Choi Soohyun. Please take care of me."

I turned my attention to the new girl. She politely bowed and gave a small grin. I stole a glance at the rest of my members. Jennie is smiling like her opinion before didn't matter anymore while Lalisa beside me cling onto my arms. I glanced at her and realised that she's pursing her lip.
"how cute." I took note of how she must be nervous about this Soohyun. So I considered having a good look.

The first thing I noticed is her height. Standing next to Chaeyoung, she's definitely taller but slender with a form of elegance.Her cat like eyes is alluring with her dark long eye lashes. I looked closely and her eyes are almost similar with Jennie's. Her lips fuller and her nose narrow. Her cheek bones are high and her face chiselled into a y narrow shape. No wonder why they seemed bewildered, she's intimidating yet dazzling. More to that, we found out that she actually auditioned in YG when they held it America. Choi Soohyun became a trainee when sh

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