+5 Star+ (Chapter 8)

‘Wayo’ = Why
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YG Building, A day and half later

“1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8” The choreographer kept counting the steps when Blackpink flowed in dance as if it were the only way their body can speak. The rush of adrenaline run in their blood stream, fuelling them to jived to the music with each calculated move.

But there is someone taking a deep breath, wanting to throw a tantrum and scream just by watching the messy formation in front of her.

“Yah! Kim Jisoo!” The choreographer shrieked and pointed the girl at the end, clumsily move about in an attempt to get the steps right. “Kim Jennie, more power! Come on girls, lift those arms up! 1 2 3 4. Gosh...stop!”

“At this rate, you cannot afford to slack off. I’m so disappointed.” Five girls halt and stayed in their own position panting, head downward as they ponder on their mistakes “You’re not even in sync. Lisa is the only one pulling the dance well.”

“Am I interrupting?”

The ambience become menacing when the CEO entered the room that Blackpink bowed in courtesy with a rictus grin, nervous to why the boss is there. They didn’t dare look at one another but they were asked to perform in front of the top person in the company. They held their customize microphones and start from the beginning. They did their best till the backing track fade in the background.

“I see.” The straight-faced boss woman closed her hand, holding her waist and scrutinize them with icy stare. “Rosè, how long has it been since you debut?”

“5 years, ma’am.” The blonde hair girl kept biting the inside of her cheek, clenching the hem of her shirt as if that prevents her being under the woman’s radar.

“And Soohyun?”

Soohyun vacantly stare at the woman and answered, “2 years, ma’am”

“So, there’s no excuse for this. I’m not even sure what to call it.” The woman expressed her disappointment. “Everyone we’ll be watching you and people will see how insincere you all are. Is that how you’d return the fans love with a mismatched harmony and with a half assed choreography, Jisoo? How about Lisa? Or maybe Jennie?” The CEO addressed every member but kept her gaze at the one responsible for the group- the leader. “Choi Soohyun get your house in order or I will. Do you understand?”

“Yes, ma’am” Her voice quiver.

“Get this right and meet me at 6pm in the board room one.” The woman then turned at the choreographer and instructed her to leave the girls to figure things on their own as she wanted to discuss something with the choreography crew.

Alone in that room, the five girls sighed. Soohyun cleared and sat at the floorboard.

“Okay. Let’s hear it.”

Rosè’s POV

Distraught, I’m at fault for missing the right notes, to rack one’s brains, I’m the main vocal but I’m too distained. The members made it clear they’re not mad at me. Would you believe it though after having that conversation with Soohyun?

The day before

As luck would have it, we got in that meeting a minute earlier than everybody else despite the fact that our leader slept in. Yes, the infamous Commander Soohyun, needing one of us to wake her up for the first in history. And so, our CEO went it with the #1 Kpop group in the current global market, Bangtan Sonyeondan also known as BTS. They are dazzling in their casual attire and I’m not one to hide that I’m eager to be collaborating with them, and then have more time with Jungkook.

The session begun by getting acquainted with one another which is silly since we kept bumping on them in music shows and awards night. Our CEO together with BigHit’s boss discussed about the collaboration and how we’ll divide the sales accordingly. Producer Teddy Park and BTS Producer Kang Hyowon were there too though it is our leader’s composition and song were using. After going through the budget and promotional details, our CEO gave the producers to talk. Sneaking a look at my boyfriend, I saw Jungkook flick a glance my way, and blissful as I am, I waved at him.

“Soohyun, I applaud you for producing great songs in your age.” Mr. Kang extended his hand towards our leader, his face beaming since the girl returned the same compliment and shook his hand. As Blackpink’s member, we’re all proud of her achievements and hearing it straight from another great producer, it must’ve encouraged her more. They kept sharing ideas and we listened. BTS leader Namjoon also joined in their conversation.

“For the song, Lonely...” Mr. Kang is the one to speak, we we’re handed the lyrics for the song, which I’m familiar with because I used to spend a great deal of time with Soohyun when she’s home writing songs. She has a heart for music and is willing to help us improve our skills. During those times, I found out she does play guitar and piano too, we would normally jam together. If we’re keeping a tally, she plays the drums too, making her a total girl crush. Fun times.

“I’m thinking if we can add a rap segment so that we could include BTS rappers.” Mr. Kang added, causing everyone in the room to look at Blackpink’s leader. Her face brooding and stare at the man.

“I don’t think that’s possible.” I noticed her fine jaw tightened but it doesn’t seem to bother the man, talking about the adjustment he wanted to do. “I’m sorry but it’s a song that needed vocals and not rapping skills.”

The tension was so real that you could cut the air with knife. No one wanted to concede, and our boss have her hands fold together while this is happening, as if she doesn’t want to drop her cards and let our leader lose this battle.

“Maybe...” Kim Namjoon aka Rap Monster was the one to disrupt the disagreement. “We can do another song for the rap line of both groups.”

“Not a bad idea at all” I thought to myself and looked over my members, who have worry written all over their faces.

“That’s a great idea.” Mr. Kang nodded in delight, maybe proud that Namjoon thought of it. “I just wish we have enough time to do that.”

“Oh...you don’t have to worry.” Our CEO, Ms. Hwang interjected, clasping her hands together and pointed at our leader. “Soohyun has been writing a lot of songs. I’m sure she has one hidden somewhere that we could use. Do you happen to have your samples?

And that hit me, I saw our leader stare at her with moist eyes as she protested, “But Ms. Hwang, those songs are for my members and my---”

“Come on Soohyun, you’re a great writer. Don’t be shy.” The woman asserts her authority despite the fact that Namjoon and Mr. Kang mentioned that they can work together with Soohyun in making a new song. I guess that didn’t impress our boss because she asked Soohyun to follow her outside and when they come back, our leader is bringing her laptop and was asked to play a series of demo tracks. The palpable mood was weird, but our boss together with their produce jot down, good tracks that Soohyun have in her. Some of the BTS members praised her with each track that they like but our leader quietly sat there but polite enough to dip her head and force a smile. In the end, they agreed to proceed with the song entitled, Lonely with BTS vocals and our vocals while Lisa and Soohyun joins BTS rap line in a different song.

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