My Type (Chapter 3)

‘Wayo’ = Why
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Rosé's POV

Months passed and we're finally able to comeback with a full album. Thanks to Soohyun who worked so hard. I mean we gave our best and made an effort to make her feel welcomed. Overall, it is a team effort. YG entertainment even organised a showcase where we introduced Soohyun as our new nember. It was exciting and nerve breaking like when we debuted as four. A lot of people came because of curiosity but we gained a lot of support afterwards. Surprisingly, our 2ne1 seniors showed their love and support by posting our new song on their social media. This rarely happens. It helped a lot because it lessens the fan wars. It is flattering yet sad,  considering that majority of them are not in YG anymore. I wish we had a chance to hang out with them like Winner and Ikon. 

Anyways, there are still Blinks who can't accept Soohyun but we're trying to show them that she is now an integral part of our group. Mind you, she seem to attract a lot of girl fans though. I mean she must've love the attention since I overheard that she's interested in girls. Not that it bothers me. It's just----well different.  Speaking of different, a lot has changed in our dorm. Like Lisa and Jennie kept sending this weird vibe between them. I cannot pinpoint what exactly but something is off.  On the other hand, Soohyun and Jisoo sort of became close. For some reason our leader is kinda playful around Jisoo. For example, they must've forgot that their bedroom door was left open because I found them having a pillow fight and mocking around like children. I couldn't understand what they were arguing about. All you could hear were "You shut!" "No. You shut up" "Fine". "Whatever." 

One day, those two returned home with a brand new PS4 and installed it in our living room. We always see them play  video games together, especially when they don't have any schedule on. Did I mention they are both competitive? 

Last night for example, they were playing Street Fighter and they would nudge, push and distract each other to a point that they would bicker of who cheated.

"Yah!Not fair!" Jisoo yelled loudly that it penetrates deep inside our ear. Soohyun knocked out Jisoo's character in the game because she kept leaning on her. It was a site to witness.

"What? Not my fault you ." Soohyun was laughing while our 4D oldest repeatedly hits our leader's back. I was laughing with them when I noticed Jennie beside me staring strangely at them. Her cheeks flushed and her face is somewhat contorted with her arms crossed against her chest. I am aware that we all wanted to be close to Soohyun. Who wouldn't? I've been trying too because I know I can learn from her. She's a person with a few words but warm and thoughtful.  

"Can I play too?" Lisa broke her silence that made Jisoo stopped hitting Soohyun. Both of them turned to look at her. 
Jisoo handed the console to Lisa and scoot away so that our main dancer can sit properly in front of the TV. 

"I want to play too. I just don't know how. Can you teach me?" I heard Jennie said to our leader. Soohyun nodded her head and gave her the console she's holding. Jennie sat on the wooden floor next to her. I watched Soohyun teach her what each buttons are for while Jisoo weirdly making faces that made our maknae laugh. After a few minutes, Jenlisa played against each other. It is fun watching them though after Jennie won and randomly hugged Soohyun, Lisa rolled her eyes. It was quick that the others didn't notice it. It is a peculiar behaviour for Lisa. She's one that is friendly and always smiling. 

Nevertheless, we are currently in MBC musicbank for our last stage performance.The time is only 10 am but we arrived early to prepare. Our stylis told me to put on my outfit for the day which I did. I quickly went inside the change room and removed my hoodie together with the shirt I'm wearing. Left with my undergarments on, I flinched and yelled at Soohyun who burst into the room without warning. 

"What do you think you're doing?" I managed to say since that is unexpected. I grabbed my hoodie and attempt to cover my chest. She's unbothered that I am technically not decent and start undressing herself, leaving her wearing a black bra and undies. 

"Hello?!" I roughly asked her because I'm a little uncomfortable. The four of us never change together. Besides, I know she's into women. Being like this makes me feel awkward and shy.  She turned her head towards me with that set expression on her face. Damn it. I'm starting to get flustered. 

"What? They told me to get change now" She flatly asked that made me glare at her. "And come on. We're both ladies anyway."

"Not if you like women..." I whispered in a low voice.

"You saying something." She cast a skeptical  eye on me which jolt my mind to shake my head and clear my throat.

 She arched a brow like she's peering into my soul. Feeling pressured, I turned my back on her and got dressed as quick as I can and got out there.

Few hours later....

All of the Kpop idols were done with their performances when we were instructed to gather on stage to join them. We were guided to stand next to the emcee. Our new song is charting well so we get to stand with other two groups who are doing great too. The audience is filled with fanservice supporting different groups. Blinks were easier to find since they are waving their lightsticks when they saw us walked on the stage. I stole a glance at my members, I noticed Lisa, Jisoo and Jennie are holding each others hand while our leader is smiling and looks at the screen in front of us. My eyes caught a glimpse of BTS Jungkook. He is actually good looking and I can't help but feel the butterflies in my stomach. We don't see them often since we rarely promote. But I monitor his group and became an Army as well. 

"Stop burning holes on him" I heard the husky voice of our leader against my ear and felt her arm across my shoulders. My cheeks burned hot being caught red handed. The countdown begun and the tally showed that we won first place because our album sale sky rocketed. This is our 10th win since we start promoting as five members. Jungkook handed the mic to me and we met eyes. That grin on his face is so beautiful that my throat feels dry. I was looking for words to say but eventually faced the camera to thank everyone who made this happen. The encore started.  A lot of idols congratulated us but my vision always finds Jungkook. He already greeted us and told us our song is great. I wish we can have more conversations. It's difficult because some fans might get angry. Praying it will happen though.

We got home late and finally we can sleep in since our next schedule in on Sunday on Runningman. The night is cold since winter started. I put my jammies on and ran outside upon hearing Jisoo and Soohyun screaming at each other. Jennie and Lisa probably heard it too because they were standing outside their rooms. 

"No one is asking your opinion anyway." 

"How can you be so ughhh!!! Just freaking tell---ugh!!"

"If you think it's stupid, then shut up!."


"Yeah whatever."

The three of us stared at each other and had the same question: "What is going on?" It went quiet for awhile so I volunteered to go in but then the door swung open, came out  an upset Soohyun.

"And where do you think you're going?" Jisoo angrily followed her while we're so dumfounded to see her in this state. 

"I'm getting out of here." Soohyun grabbed her sneakers without looking at us.

"Dont be so immature." Even more stunned of what we are witnessing. The two oldest members were fighting like a couple. 

"Immature?" Soohyun stopped what she's doing and faced our visual with a piercing expression. "I'm immature?" She pointed a finger at herself. Well, if she's planning to runaway. Yeah...immature. But we have no idea what they are fighting about. She looked left to right before rolling her eyes at Jisoo.

"Huh!" Soohyun scoffed and slammed the door behind her.


Jisoo's POV

"What's that all about?"  Jennie asked but I'm not in the condition to answer that. 

my body felt tense and my nape is throbbing. Calming myself is never easy. I don't get angry easily but she was so obnoxious. She called me 'stupid' and that hurts. My feelings and decisions are not idiotic. How can she just walk right in and called Lisa a ? I get it. Lisa's not herself these days and Soohyun did told me that Lisa is quite rude. She kept blubbering about how our maknae is giving her a cold shoulder lately. Like hey! Lisa is the sweetest person in our group. It's not her fault if Jennie kept flirting with Soohyun. 

"Is she going to be okay?It's already late" Chaeyoung joined in. I felt their eyes on me. An outpouring of guilt and realisation overwhelmed my mind. It was a silly fight and I let my frustrations get the best of me. Our leader is beginning to open up to me but I shut her down.

"I'll call her. It's just a misunderstanding. Don't worry." I tried to be optimistic about it and smiled weakly. Chaeyoung and Jennie nodded their head. I shot a glance at Lisa then sighed. "Excuse me." I said and went to my room to dial Soohyun's number. I remained on the line and saw the empty bed across mine. 

"The number you have dialed is either unattended or out of coverage area. Please try again later" The phone operator said, creating a deep sense of burden inside me. "If something bad happened to you. It'll be my fault." I said in my head. 

"Are you okay?" 

It's Lisa but I'm in no mood to talk. I nod my head and hoped that would suffice for now. There's nothing much I can do. The fight already happened. I cannot take back the words I said to Soohyun. 

"What did she do?" She reached out at the plushy Soohyun gave me as a price for beating her on an online game. Lisa's hugging it now.

"What makes you think she did something wrong?" I said belligerently and start fixing Soohyun's side of the room. Her bed wasn't made because she was about to hop inside. Her jammies laying on the ground since she got changed quickly and left. 

"You don't get angry without any reason." She said and sat on my bed. I refused to look at her. She's the reason why I had that encounter with Soohyun. And it makes me angry that maybe our leader is right. Maybe Lisa is so into Jennie that she won't look my way. Even if I want her to only look at me. I don't think she would. I pull the blanket completely over the bed and made sure there is no crinkle since Soohyun hates it.

"It's nothing." I'm covering it up. I acknowledged that. "She'll come back." I said trying to end this conversation right now. Besides feeling guilty, I'm staring to have an impression it doesn't bother Lisa that Soohyun is gone. Neatly, I folded Soohyun's clothes and placed it on her bed.

"Oh. I am not worried." She breezily said that I needed to turn and see if my assumptions are true. She must've read me like a book because she shrugged her shoulders and pouts. "She can handle herself. And to be honest, what she did is very childish."

"Oh I see. The way you act around her isn't childish at all?"  I sarcastically said. Lisa blinked a couple of times like an innocent child. My blood boil. Yes, Soohyun walked out. But I wouldn't be in this situation because of Lisa's immaturity.


"Don't pretend like you don't know." I said, hacking off the irritation building in me. "You think she's immature? When you're the one we're fighting about.

"Hang on--- "

"Well don't!" I suddenly snapped. A tear rolled down my cheek and it probably took Lisa by surprise. Her eyes widen and let go of the plushy to hug me. Her warm body touches mine but my hands felt cold. Somehow, I feel alone. "Soohyun is just trying to knock some sense to me . But you just have to be----"

"I'm sorry... I'm just're getting too close with her. I don't want to lose you too" She said while running her fingers between my locks. It should be comforting but it doesn't make sense. "I don't like her guts but I just..."

"It's Jennie again isnt't it?" I pulled myself away from her and
peer slightly at her. "You're intentionally ignoring Soohyun because of her. She didnt do anything wrong to you."

"But---" Lisa is at it again that I swat he

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