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recently added: everytime - no matter how hard irene tries, she just keeps going back to her ex



1. what do i call you (4:48) - taeyeon
irene isn't sure what to call seulgi now that she's no longer hers.

2. jelly (8:13) - red velvet - irene & seulgi 
irene and seulgi are best friends and a little more, but jealousy wasn't supposed to be part of the equation.

3. moving (4:06) - krr
irene thought that moving out would help seulgi get over her, but she didn't consider that living alone would make her realise her own feelings for seulgi.

4. the only (10:25) - irene
irene can travel back in time and she uses it to construct the perfect relationship for her and seulgi because what could go wrong?

5. every summertime (4:58) - niki
everyday is summertime when they're with each other.

6. until i found you (16:13) - stephen sanchez
only an idiot would search the infinite universes for their lover, so call irene the biggest idiot in the entire multiverse.

7. a white night (16:39) - irene
(part 1/2) the love story of an aspiring news anchor and an aspiring musician 

8. a white night (19:15) - irene
(part 2/2) more of the love story of a news anchor and an aspiring musician 

9. everytime (16:47) - ariana grande
no matter how hard irene tries, she just keeps going back to her ex



the concept of this oneshot collection is that every oneshot will be based off/inspired by a song 
i won't always use the exact lyrics but i try to incorporate the same words if possible and i try to make it the same vibe as the song (keyword: try) 

i would recommend having a read of the song lyrics before you read the story, just so you have a bit of an idea of what it'll be like!



editing 15k words for part one of the next story :x
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