Ironic Bind


"Promise me to be yourself, Hyun Ae-yah."
Hyun Ae had vowed to keep a promise with someone whom she held dear.
A few years later, a young man with deep, black orbs came waltzing into her life, as if it was a classic drama scene, eventually changing the course of her life.
What would happen afterwards?
"I've done it," Hyun Ae whispered to herself, sniffling, "but am I at fault...?"


A Deeply Rooted's side-story.

You may proceed reading this fic even without reading Deeply Rooted. I try my best to make this fic stand on its own, which means that it wouldn't be heavily reliant on its counterpart.

It will not be a mere change of POV from 'her' in Deeply Rooted to 'I' in this fic...or something along the line. Surely, there are new elements that will be added to this fic that were absent in Deeply Rooted.

If my beloved Deeply Rooted subbies happened to stumble upon this story and decided to follow Hyun Ae's point of view as well... well hello there, lovelies! <3


I just finished looking at the previous chapters and made a few additions and changes. I'm having a brief hiatus soon, but I'll try my best to post at least a chapter before November ends.
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