Deeply Rooted


Why must you leave?

Every time I miss you, I want to find her,

I want to be hugged by her.

I can't help it, it's hard being on my own.


Because of the guilt over this crash of emotions, 

I can't look at you straight in the eye.

I see her in you; I hate myself for being like this too.

                                                                                                                                  -"Missing You" by Teen Top


Just one night, just one more night. I want to find you in her.
We swayed slowly to the song played. Her body warmth against my chest was soothing, but it felt very different than the one that used to rest against me.
Deciding to shoo away the sudden uneasiness that invaded my body senses, I pulled her closer to me, taking in her scent slightly afterwards. 
The familiar scent that I'd missed so much; the scent from the perfume I gave her not too long ago.
The very same perfume that I gave her on her 18th birthday, on our 100th day anniversary, three years ago.
Looking at the face now resting her left cheek peacefully on my shoulder, I couldn't help but whisper an apology. 
I'm sorry, I'm really sorry.
Or so I thought. Because no voice escaped my lips. My trembling lips.


Pairing: Ricky/OC

Genre: Slice of Life, Angst, University!AU

Type: songfic, ficlet/chaptered shot



"Great grammar, great storyline. I found the latter enticing, cold and realistic." LeeChaeMi & korea9153 from The Iridescent Review Shop
Rating: 9/10 [ch 1-5]
"The exposition was well executed. Your writing style was so addicting, I really related to the characters." Minderaser from World of Literature 
[ch 1-8]
The Nerdy Review Shop [sulfur; ch 1-8], Crimson Twilight Review Shop [Katrina; ch 1-5], unmethodical [voicelesss; ch 1-8; 79%], Midnight Sonata Cafe [momodays09; ch 1-8; 85%], Sehun's Review and Recommendation Café [khurui; ch 1-8; 83.5%]

Preface/ Author's Note

I promised a one-shot for this story before, but decided to make it chaptered. Each scene, one chapter. I find that I'd be more focused to develop each scene this way. Also, I'm using British/Canadian English for this story, so to those who are used to American English, please excuse the different spelling for some words.
[04/01/2014] Changed the story title from "Missing You" to "Deeply Rooted". I was advised to change the story title since it was very common and overused. A big thanks to ErisChaotica for the title suggestions!
[22/01/2014] Poster and background added! Done by lovely imankarmilla from Stardust Planet. Thank you!
[MissingYou] It's titled "Deeply Rooted" from now on! :)
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