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Requester: tenmachan
reading and making analysis started on 17th Dec, 10:30AM. Finished on 18th May 2016, 8:44AM (wow took me five months, sorry :') )
writing review  started before 26th May


No longer active on AFF, but I will try paying up all my debts—debts, being the reviews that I still owe to my requesters. To my pending requesters, your patience is greatly appreciated and I'm never thankful enough for that. I deeply apologize once again for not diligently tending to your requests, which causes the major delay. If you wish to cancel your requests, I understand, please let me know. I assure you there won't be any grudges from me.

To interested requesters, it's saddening to inform you that I will have to decline future requests. New semester is starting soon, and I am aware that  I will be extremely occupied with university matters, thus limiting the time that I will spend on AFF. Nonetheless, thank you for the interest to request me to review your stories. In whichever way you found me—be it from my amateur-like review portfolio, or the shop that I'm currently employed, or anywhere, really—thank you for noticing me. I believe there are much better reviewers than me that you could find, that could help you out with your stories :)

To my loyal supporters, thank you so much. Thank you for the trust, understanding...everything. There's just a handful of you, but without you guys, I don't think I could ever go for months in reviewing. I know I can never thank you enough but still I want to say thank you.

For now, farewell *bows*


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Deeply Rooted  •  English, ficlet, songfic  •  Yoo Changhyun , Hyun Ae (OC), Aeri (OC)  •  slice-of-life  •  29th March 2013 - 

Waiting To Exhale[Complete]  •  Malay, oneshot  •  Nam Jung-eun (OC), Lee Chanhee (Chunji)  •  comedy, sad  •  5th May 2013  •  the ramble

Junk[Complete]  •  English, oneshot/drabble  •  Kyungsoo, Chanyeol, EXO  •  casual read  •  7th Feb 2014 

Ironic Bind  •  English, ficlet, side story to Deeply Rooted  •  Shin Hyun Ae  •  slice-of-life   •  [COMING SOON!]

Transkripsi  •  Malay, two-shot  •  [COMING SOON!]

Currently a Malay fanfic reviewer at Death Note Review Shop. Alisa's review portfolio (x)