Chapter 9(구)

The spell in the dark-WJSN

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it was when she finally had the chance to talk to Yeoreum, that she couldn't find her anywhere, most of the time she was talking to her cabin mates, which kind of distracted her, but she decided since it's near lunch-and everyone else is either walking around near the forest and in the lake- that she could have a chance to actually talk to her cousin.


There is only two days left of this trip, and she would be upset if she didn't get to see or talk to Yeoreum.


Dayoung sighed as she sat on a wooden log, looking around for her cousin, deciding to get up and look for her, and soon enough she found her cousin sitting on a wooden log on the field, with people surrounding her.


Yeoreum was reading a book, and them people wouldn't leave her alone, "Hey gonna talk to us?" One of them laughed, Dayoung clenched one of her fists.


"Don't be so weak and fight us..." someone mocked, Dayoung clenched her teeth, looking at the sight of her cousin being bullied, a guy grabbed her book and threw it into a puddle of water.


Dayoung clenched her other fist, her blood boiling at the sight, "HEY!" She shouted, getting all of their attention, they turned their heads towards her, and ran away.


Dayoung ran over and sat on the log, looking at her older cousin with concern, "Are you okay?" She asked, Yeoreum didn't answer. Instead, she got up and walked away without giving an answer, maybe she's just not feeling well, or cold, Dayoung thought.


It was soon lunch and she smiled, hoping to see Yeoreum and maybe even sit beside each other, and when she was sitting down and looking around.


Yeoreum was no where to be seen.


•*Seola's pov*•


it was lunch, she sat down, on an empty bench, thanking god that there was no one sitting there.


She looked around before getting a plate, looking at the bug table full of food, she grabbed a few things, making sure not to grab too much, she thought even a sandwhich and a yoghurt would be enough.


She sat back down at her bench and smiled slightly, biting into her sandwhich before feeling that someone was near her, she turned her head to see Exy coming towards her, she groaned.


She turned her head back around and continued eating as if she wasn't there, please don't sit down, please don't sit down, she begged, hoping that her plead would work.


Unfortunately, it did not.


Exy sat down infront of her, her lips, "Out of all benches, why here?" She spat, Exy rolled her eyes, "If you haven't noticed, there is no more room on any other benches and people are sitting on the grass, they probably didn't want to sit near you" she laughed.


Seola clenched her fists under the table, trying to compose herself mentally, making sure not to cause a scene infront of everyone.


Seola grabbed onto the mayo without looking, too busy looking around, touching Exy's fingers, she looked at Exy, noticing Exy was also going for the bottle of mayo for her sandwhich too.


Seola instantly let go, shivering at the contact, Exy rolled her eyes, opening the bottle and trying to squeeze some out, "I don't have a disease you know..." Exy snapped, Seola laughed.


"I don't have a disease you know..." She mocked, Exy groaned at how hard it was to even squeeze a bit out.


She turned it side ways and tried to squeeze some mayo out, "AH!" Seola shouted, Exy looked up at her, in an 'o' shape as she looked at the other, mayo covered her face and a bit on her top.


"Oops..." Exy mumbled, Seola banged her fists on the table, "I'm going to kill you..." Seola muttered, thankfully Exy heard so she got out of the bench quickly and ran off, Seola chasing after her.


•*Mei Qi's pov*•


Mei Qi ran over to the empty big table, looking for one of the teachers, " you want me to help?" She asks, finally finding a teacher near the lake, the teacher smiled brightly, "That would be lovely, thank you..." She said, getting off the wooden log, walking over to the big table.


Soon enough, Ju Eun and Eunwoo joined, helping the teacher set out all the food, Mei Qi smiled at the sight, standing beside Ju Eun, "Thanks..." She said, Ju Eun smiled brightly, showing her teeth.


"No problem..." She says, high giving the other, "Where's Eunwoo?" She asks, Ju Eun looks around for a bit, shrugging as she looked behind her to see where the other blonde haired girl went.


Eunwoo came back, "Sorry I was using the bathroom..." She says, panting slightly, both Mei Qi and Ju Eun laughed, "You didn't have to sprint over here..." Ju Eun said, patting the blonde on the back.


Eunwoo got her breath back and smiled, "Looks like we're getting lunch in a few minutes now..." She mocked her lips, looking at the big table filled with food, Mei Qi giggles slightly.


"Its lunch!" The teacher shouted, getting everyone's attention, soon a lot of people came over and started picking what they wanted for lunch.


Mei Qi sat down on one of the benches with Ju Eun and Eunwoo, wondering where XuanYi was, she sighed as she looked around for the cabin leader, not notching that she's hear.


Mei Qi got up and looked around, going to the cabins and opening the door to see XuanYi with her head phones on, they're really loud, she thought, going over to the bunk bed and tapping it slightly.


XuanYi took off her ear phones, looking at the blonde standing beside her bed, "Hey, lunch is ready..." She smiles lightly, XuanYi nods as she gets off the bunk, getting her shoes on and walks out of the cabin, Mei Qi catching up with her.


"So do you like sharing a cabin with us three?" She asks as she got to their bench, XuanYi sits beside Mei Qj while Ju Eun and Eunwoo sit infront of them.


"At least you all aren't loud..." is all she said, forgetting to go up and get food, and soon enough they all came back with the food they wanted.


Xuanyi didn't talk the whole time, none of them really did, but it wasnt awkward, it felt nice for people to actually get along, XuanYi didn't even eat half of her food and she said she was done, offering one of them to take it.


Ju Eun happily accepted and took the rest of the plate, smiling as she took a bit of the unbeaten Apple, Mei Qi and Eunwoo looked at each other, giving the same look.


•*Cheng Xiao's pov*•


After what happened with Eunseo and that little incident, she kind of felt bad, but she hated the way Eunseo immediately blamed her even though she didn't say anything.


She shook her thoughts, not wanting to think of that pathetic girl, grabbing a plate, some food and sitting no where near all the benches, she couldn't stand all the noise that everyone makes.


The loud talking, the loud chews, just everything about everyone annoys her, she sat down on a wooden log, looking around while she eats.


"Hey...want a drink? I really recommend it..." someone said, Cheng Xiao looked up, seeing a girl with Black hair and blue eyes, she was definetly foreign.


"Sure..." She shrugged, receiving the drink, the girl waved as she went off, Cheng Xiao looked at the drink, opening the bottle cap and taking a drink of it, she instantly spat it out.


"This tastes like ..." She muttered, throwing the bottle in the near bin, eating the rest of her food, signing as she sat there with the paper plate on her lap.


Seeing Eunseo at the benches with a few people, Cheng Xiao noticed the other not talking a lot, maybe because of the incident, but there is no way in hell Cheng Xiao is going over there and saying sorry for nothing.


She sighed as she also threw her paper plate in the bin, stretching her slightly numb limbs, deciding to go for a walk.




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