The Cold Guy Melts

So Far Away

Author's POV

Some ARMYs were spotted infront of a Hotel hearing that BTS booked rooms and even rented 1 whole floor for them. Some reporters tried to get in to get confirmation about a member's controversy of getting married there.

Even the when the staff mentioned that they are just filming a run BTS episode the fans are not believing them and still waited outside the said hotel. It has become very difficult for the invited family member of the boys and Y/N to get in the hotel without noticing. Jins family which is technically the family of Y/N was able to get in smoothly as Y/N said that she is on hiatus because she is about to give birth. While Suga's parents and brother joined them using Y/N's SUV when she went out one 2 days before the wedding. Y/N and the other family members stayed inside the hotel for a week while the boys resume their schedules. 


The boys attended the MMA and Y/N joined them just to make sure that everything is in place. Still having the happy feeling of winning the Daesang Awards in the Golden Disc Award and now they are going get another award. "Yah dont get nervous you are all winners." She flashed the sweetest smile to the boys which melted their hearts. 

She was even disguised herself with the press people taking their picture. She even sat in the audience area to watch them without the boys knowing. Suga noticed her and kept looking where she is. Every award they won she was cheering. When Izone was performing Suga focused on the sreen showing messages about about love. He saw her wiping her tears while reading the messages. That made went back to their dressing room. He also noticed Jhope and RM were not around. 

JHope POV 

I know Noona is here somewhere, but we need to go back. "Oh there she is"' She was near the stage holding 2 small bouquets with a little girl. I think the staff asked her to help out. I was about to go near her when the staff told us to sit. I saw Yoongi Hyung also tried to go near her but was ushered to sit down. Y/N was all smiles seeing the girl danced to all songs and was not even looking at us. But when the girl dance the last song Jimin and Y/N looked at each other and laughed out loud. "I wish my kids are talented as her." Y/N said loudly that we all heard her. She then hugged the girl and went to the backstage with them. We followed her since we need to get ready with the performance. 

"Jimin fighting I know that you will start it with your best." She shouted and we all shouted "How about us?" She then go to us one by one to hug and give as a peck on the cheeks except Yoongi who pouted and I saw him pulled Y/n in a corner. 

Yoongi's POV 

I saw her giving hug and kiss to the guys but me. I don't know I was controlled by my emotions so I pulled her in a corner and gave her very passionate kiss. She responded but when I stopped I saw her suprised expression. "Now I am energized again. See you later babe." I said to her and she just nodded. She held her tummy which made me hold it. The babies are moving, "Hush don't give mommy a hard time. Ok daddy will work but be back after." She just smiled at me and I kised her on the cheeks before running towards the boys.

She was just there in front watching her ideas coming to life. I know for a fact that she will be dancing with us if her tummy is not yet obvious. She was teary eyed when we were performing fake love coz it has meaning to us. After our perfomance we got the 2 top awards that we were very heppy receiving. 

Back to the present

A week after MMA they were busy with a lot of award shows but still manage to have a private wedding.

It was a very intimate wedding that the only visitors were his family and mine. Of course some staff were invited to help us get ready as well. She was just wearing a very simple white dress but still looked elegant. She was really stunning with her baby bump really showing whch looks like it is about to burst. Jin was the best man and the rest of the boys were also  standing beside him. 

Yoongi was standing near the altar while waiting he was really nervous. "Hyung, are you crying?" V suddenly asked seeing Yoongi wiping his nose. "Ani" it was Jin who was sobbing as well answered. "Aish, these Hyungs are cry babies." Jungkook commented but he was also crying. Actually all 7 of them were. While Y/N and Mr. Kim were walking towards Yoongi people were adoring Y/N.


OH my Noona is looking great. Even with the baby bump she is the prettiest bride. Only her can match my pretty faceu. OMO why can't I stop crying, Eomma please let me hide my Noona. I don't want to give her to my brother. I really can't say it loud but I really don't want my Noona getting married, I just had her now this Brat is stealing her attention from us. Still I am happy for them I will have little Yoongi and Y/N in a couple of weeks from now. 


"Daebak! She is really my soulmate" I was mumbling and feeling very proud and lucky knowing I will be married to an angel. I know that my brothers are jelous of me and damn she is so hot. Once my little ones get out  from their mommy. I will definitely make new ones. I can't stop myself getting erted thought of her and also my excitement of having my dream family coem true. I will never feel alone now, she will be my forever partner and will never fail to show her all my love. 


My eyes were teary but only looking at an angel walking toward us. I feel like a groom waiting, ready to accept her and live forever. She radiates a blinding light that I can imagine flowers around her. "Perfect" I whispered "Yes she is" I heard Jhope who is beside me answered me in a whipser but he is also just in awe of her beauty. I was already imagining me and her witht he kids. Doing all thing a happy perfect family would do. Me being with her forever. "Kamshamida Mr. Kim I will take good care of her." Yoongis cracking low voice pulled me back to reality that I am not the groom but him. I saw her closer as she smiled to all of us and change immediately when she face Yoongi. She looked cold and serious and I felt sorry for my brother coz Y/N already told me her plans. She asked for my help and I know that soon Yoongi's happiness will shake.

Authors POV 

The wedding was very quick since Y/N always signals to hurry up since she is not feeling well. Everybody was understanding her since she is only 2 weeks away from giving birth. She almost cancelled the reception but luckily Mirs. Kim and Mrs. Min was able to convince her that we will just a very quick program. 

Y/N and Mr. Kim still did the father and daughter dance which lead to the first dance of the couple.The young man has the sweetest gummy smile on his face. This is the first time that his brothers and family seen him witht he brightest smile that what is in front of him is hi greatest award and treasure to keep. The only person whom can recognize that hint frustration was the person in front of him, she knows that because she was showing a coldest look that a person can make and letting feel that there is no love in that marriage. Though inside she really does love him and seeing that affects him breaks her heart into milinons of pieces but still she wants him to leave her and have a better life. She still feels that she is not enough for him and a monster destroying his career and even his life. The thought made let a couple of tears escape her eyes which was wiped by the young mans warm thumb as he carefully held both of her cheeks and softly caressed it before hugging her tightly. At the end of the dance she cupped his face and looked into his eyes with a hint of apologetic look, the first time she looked at him with all warmth and love for him. She was being honest with her feelings for the first time and more tears escaped her eyes when she placed her lips on his giving him a soft most passionate kiss. Yoongi's eyes were wide of the shock for a a couple of second but he reciprocated the kiss and held her nape tighter to make not to let go of her when  she tries to stop. Her thoughts were only filled on how much he loves him and for a moment she blocked all her worries. The cheers and claps were ignored since both were devouring that moment. 

Yoongi POV 

I don't want to stop kissing her, there is this feeling that I will not be able to do this again once it ends. Only if we can be like this until we get home (forever will be better) I will not let you leave my side babe. I am getting this vibe that you are planning to leave me and that will never ever going to happen. She was about to release me from her hug and I felt her detaching her lips to mine, but I pushed her nape towards me as I hug her tight so I can kiss her again. She allowed me... I was savouring her lips and touch but it all stopped when my ears heard Jin, "Yah we are still in the reception hall wait till you go to your room. Ani, wait till my Nephew and Niece come out you brat. Yah... Noonas lips are getting ruined... you are eating my Noona's pretty lips... STOB IT S-T-O-B-I-T STOB IT" I heard every body laughing becaus hyung is giving his rapping skills the attention but I don't want to stop. I know both our eyes are close as I felt her lips parting from mine so I openmy and saw Jin pulling Y/N from me and Jhope pulling me. We were both panting and our face were red as the guests were all laughing and our parents were smiling at us. Seeing love in their eyes and being proud that we love each other. 

From there on I was just smitten and just dazing at her while holding her hands. Thinking of all sweet moments with her wanting to suppress all my worries that there is still a chance of losing her and my kids. I was also thinking of choosing them over my fame. But I know that she will neve like it. 

After the program we both went to our room and decided to rest. She was already complaining that her feet hurts and that she wants to just lay down and cuddle with me all throughout the evening. When the lift stopped reaching our floor I carried her bridal style before it opened. Managernim was with us carrying her stuff and he opened the door for us. "Congratulations Mr. and Mrs Min. Please rest well and enjoy your honeymoon." She laughed and said, "I think the honeymoon stage was done look." she pointed her belly and we all laughed as managernim went out. 

I placed her on the bed and made sure she is comfortable before I closed the door. She smiled at me and patted the other side of the bed signaling me to lay beside her so we can cuddle. "I think we need to freshen up first, I know the wedding dress is comfortable but it is best for you to wear the most comfortable pajama." I told her. "ANI, I want to use your PJs but I want the oversize FG white shirt, Do you have it?" She asked and I was relieved since I never forget to bring that shirt in events like this. It is her favorite that she already have a couple of my shirt that she keeps, she never tells me why. But there was this one time I heard her whining on the phone looking for the same shirt saying she can't sleep because she can't smell it that it calms her down and makes here relax. "But babe I am here why do you need that? I will embrace you all night." She then glared at me so I just got up and get it. I helped her freshen up and wear the shirt with my Pjs and she even got one of my boxers. 'Aish this crazy girl' I told myself in my mind but I was really smittened by this crazy sweet side of her.

I was a bit suprised when she extended her arms, pouted her lips and asked me to hug her while trying to look cute as I went out of the bathroom. "Hubby Daddy, I wanna sleep now pwease." I was like frozen staring at her cuteness when her facial expression was about to change, I giggled and went beside her, wrapped my arms around her waist whie we were facing each other and both lay down on bed cuddling. She shifted as as I moved one of my arms under he nape and my free hand caressing her tummy while I spoke to her, "Wifey?" I whispered. "hmmm" She responded while she was playing with my hair. My head was on her chest as I listened to her heartbeat. "I want to you to be honest with me, do you still love me?" I felt that she gasp a little and giggled a bit, "Silly you, why ask that pabo, didn't we just got married earlier. So you think I will exert effort if I don't love you?" 

She then cupped my face and lightly pulled it in front of hers to give me small kisses. "My kitty swagger grandpa cat is worried, weyo?" I was just staring at her as she give tiny kisses all over my face and when she stopped we looked at each others eyes. Her eyes were so sincere as she speaks thrugh it how much she loves me. At the moment I just crashed my lips to her soft lips and I gave her a passionate kiss. When I pulled out we were both smiling and panting trying to get some air to recover. Now I want to be honest with her "Yes I was afraid, earlier I was having this feeling of you saying your goodbyes that it seemed like you are giving me my last kiss." 

"I will not lie Yoongi, earlier it was really a goodbye kiss. I thought of leaving you, wanting to make sure that you choose yourself rather than beign dragged with my problem but I realized that I am being selfish, I love you so much that I know I can't live a life without you.Now I chose to stay by your side no matter what. Just keep your promise and I will never leave you Mr. Min. You own me and I own you now we should always be one." She was saying it with a smile and kissed me again when she ended her piece. The night ended with us cuddling each other and staye din teh hotel for 2 days without going out. We wanted to be alone cherish every quiet moment we have. 

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