Deals in MOS: Persona Jacket Photoshoot

So Far Away

Namjoons POV 

I woke up early since Noona reminded me of the Photo Jacket shoot of Map of the soul : Persona album. This is what she was working on the whole month. She was also going back and forth to US making sure that the MV shoot with Halsey will have no issues. Everybody is excited since Noona left a big breakfast for all of us. But Suga Hyung is not with us in the kitchen. I went to his room and studio but he is not there. I also knocked on Y/N Noonas door just to ask if she will be going with us. There was no answer, it seems she already left so I called her. 

"Yeoboseyo" She answered my call. "Noona, I am just wondering if you will be riding in the van with us?" I asked her while I hear someone talking, it sounded Suga Hyung and another person that he keeps on addressing as Sajangnim. "Oh! Actually we are on our way there after my check up." 

"Is Hyung with you Noona?" I asked her and then I heard an awkward laugh,"Ha.. ha.. ha.. Is that it!?" that was hyung coz he is the only one who laughs that awkward. "Yah! How dare you? Laugh like that... calling my angel an it... Are we done here doctor ... if yes I need to leave since I have lots of thing to do. I will back in couple months right... to know the gender." Oh no Hyung is in trouble Noona was talking sternly and a hint of agitation. Her mood swings are scarier than Suga Hyung. "Mianhe babe I just dont know how to call our angel." Omo hyung is acting cutely is really a sign for us to never get to Noonas bad side today. "Aish, you bad grandpa cat who never knows how to behave. Just leave me alone. I don't want to talk to you. I got the photo and CD so let's go... Again thank you doctor." Noona is really irritated and I was about to hang up since I thought she forgot that I am still on the line when ... "Yeoboseyo! RM are still on the line." 

"Neh , Noona we are already close to the location see you in a bit?" I was trying to be cool not to sound that I evesdrop on them. "Please don't tell the others what ever you heard earlier. Will give you an idea later. Arasso!" Noona is sounding so stern and a little cold. Atleast I am prepared for later. "Arasso Noona be safe and see you later." I ended the call and I know that the shoot will be thight and of course Noona will not take criticism of what clothes she brought for us or else, hmmm I better tell the boys to behave or we might see her hulk side to us. 


From the clinic to the parking lot Suga was  just following Y/N like a kid pouting from behind since she was obviously not in a good mood. Suga learned how to deal with her once her mood swings are triggered with something. Lately she really get agitated and condencending with the smallest things specially if it is just the 2 of them. But when she is in her lovey dovey mood or cutesy mood she never want hyung leaving her side. She always say that she needs to smell him or see him or else she will feel sick. 

When they reached the car she signaled Suga for the keys, "Y/N-ssi I will..." He was about to offer to drive for her but Y/N already glared at him that made him open the door and gave her the keys. Suga just rub his nape while shaking his head as he walked towards the passengers seat. When he tried to open the passenger seat beside the driver it was locked, he knocked on the window and signaled Y/N to ulocked the door but there was no response. She is not done with her silent treatment and just signaled him to seat at the back. If this was just an ordinary situatioon this ends with a huge fight but Suga just did what she wants. As soon as he got in she started the engine and drove fast. Suga was really shocked and nervous on how fast she was driving that he just froze on his seat.

"We're here please get ready and I don't want delays today arasso!" This is a totally a different Suga since he is really tolerating her and showing her his patience as he just follows what she wants as long as he can always go near her. "Aish this girl is so cute... I will be good to you for our baby but please return to the sweet Y/N." He whispered to himself as he enters the studio. He was greeted by the staff and other members. 


I reved up after leaving Suga in the main entrance and parked the car near the back door of the studio. I am really not mad at Suga and I feel guilty but I was not feeling well and I don't want him treating me like a kid during work. It is best that he knows I don't want  him by my side now since my bump and symptoms of being pregnant is so obvious. People will start asking questions and I don't want them getting ideas about me and him. I really want to be with him always for I always crave for his smell, looking at his gummy smile and also his warm hugs. Aish Y/N control yourself... so I dialed a Jins number to ask him to help me carry some stuff and I would want to talk to my brother. 

"Hello Noona!" Jin answered immediately. "Jinnie can you please go here, I am parked just in front of the back door of the studio. I need your help with this stuff and I need to talk  to you." I think he was already walking since I hear him moving. He hang up and I saw him waving at me as he walks towards the car. I went out and he suddenly ran towards me and hugged me. "Noona are you okay! you look pale but still my worlwide pretty sister" He was checking my hands and face as he asks me a lot of questions. "Why did Suga left you he should have stayed with you." He was talking fast while he hugs me and also checks my pale skin. "Jinnie, please stop I am okay can we get in the car for a while I need to talk to you." Jin just followed and we went to the back seat. 

"Jinnie, I really need your help in hiding this. I know that my bump is obvious now and as much as possible keep Yoongi away from me. I mean I don't want him to act like a sweet boyfriend in front of anyone. If someone ask about it just tell them you don't know. I will try to come up with a story I don't want you guys to be affected by this." I told him holding his hand. "Neh, Noona just tell me immediately what I can do and you know I got your back." Jin says and hugs his Noona. "I already called Appa about this and I think he is happy having a grandchild but not happy not knowing who the father is. Please don't tell him okay!" Y/n pleaded to Jin. Jin just looked at her in awe and then sweetly smiled to his sister. "Arasso, this is our secret for now but I know Yoongi really want to be the father but I also understand you. We'll just try to see what happens okay Noona. Don't worry too much it is bad for you and my niece or nephew." He caressed my tummy. "Woah Noona your tummy is getting big." He says as his eyes widen. "Neh that's why I know people will start questioning me but I think I got this as long as Yoongi behaves well and you guys keep quiet about the real situation." I gave him a sweet smile and he smiled back. We both got out of the car and get the their outfit from the trunk. 

Some staff went out to help us out and I saw Yoongi finishing his make up. Suddenly I feel 2 hands  on my waist. Jungkook was back hugging me and I immediately tap his hand. "Awww! our maknae is trying to be sweet so I will not scold him." I said it a very low voice with sarcasm in my last statement and tapped his hands indicating for him to release me but no he just tighten his hug. "Noona I can feel your tummy and  feeling the babies heartbeat." He whispered to my ear and I looked a him lifting one of my eyebrow to sginal him to shushh and let go of me. "Neh, Noona don't scold me. I just want to feel having a sister." I smiled at him sweetly "Arasso but I can't breath and people might have a different impression of what you are doing right now. Promise, you can stay at my room later and hug me at home, arasso." Jongkook releases me with a big smile as I ruffled his hair and winked at each other. "Go and eat some snacks so we can start."

We record the photo shoot and I asked Jungkook to do the intro while he was munching the snack I gave him. "My outfit is so clean, I know you chose this for me." I just winked at him since I need to check on V for the next voice over but I recorded their group shot first. AS I hid behind some camera I was looking at Yoongi and he seemd to be not in his good mood. While the other boys were having their turn I spoke to him. 

Suga's POV

"Yes Miss Kim, you called?" I said in a cold way just coz I know she will do her best to chang my mood and I am waiting on what she will do. "OMO, Mr Min you are so formal, I like that. I called just to check your outfit." She walked closer to me and I smell her scent as she approches me. My cat senses would want to lock the door and eat her here. Why is she so damn hot even with that baby bump arrgh... "It seems that your shirt is tucked in too much let me loosen that." She ily whispered to my ear and I can feel her wamr breath on my neck. "And you look good in this shirt and fake glasses. You look like a good boy and I just want to do this." She gave me a light kiss on my lips that made it pinkish and she also applied a pink lip balm so to retouch my make up. I was wanting more that time but she moved back while I was just smiling like an idiot. "That's unfair I want more, if you do it one more time and promise to have time for me later I will behave well." Now I was the one walking towards her until she hit the wall. " Yongiahh, not here please." She said biting her lips. Omo that's it I can't take it anymore. 

I kissed her lips passionatley and she responded. I entered as deep as I can but she lightly bit my tongue ti stop me. "Wae?" I asked her in a low voice. "Okay, tonight you can sleep with me in my room just make sure to finish this shoot as quickly as we can. "I will let me just fix myself and I will make sure we'll have plenty of time later. No backing out okay." I tell her and she gave me a peck on my lips and said, "Okay, now let's go out. They might have different idea why we are taking too long here." I am so happy and went back to  the studio. Just in time for my and Taehyungs take. 

"Hyung, why are you so pump up and sweet." I was looking at Y/N and she was cehcking all the photo's smiling. "Tae get on Yoongis lap since you're almost on it and make a V pose for him hahaha." This kid really took her direction and I made face to her. "Ahahha.. Poke his cheeks and yours ahahaha..." She is really having fun with this. Then it was my solo, I try ot look y for her an I see her gulping when looked directly at her. She was just looking at me and I looked back at her. 


OMO Yoongi is really making this photo shoot finish faster I need to have an accomplice. " Yah Suga that's way too y can you do a cute pose." He held both his cheeks and smiled cutely on the camera. Which made me smile as well, I imagine him making faces with the babies while playing with them. I didn' trealized a was dazing for a while. Then I heard Hoseok laughing at what Suga was doing. "OMO, Yoongi you are so cute." Hoseok said, "I think someone likes what Hyug is doing?" Jungkook and V mentioned as they are all looking at me. That made my senses back and felt something in my stomach that made hold it. "Huh... I think need to sit down." Jin run immediately by my side with a chair since he heard me and saw the sudden change on my face. "Noona, are you okay?" he asked lowly. "Don't worry I am okay maybe just a little tired. Can you get me a cold water and fan. It seems hot here." Jin looked at me confused since it was freezing but still he gave all I requested. 

I requested for them to make face as if they are looking at a baby and when i looked at the shot, "Aigoo they all have aegyos. hahaha Jhope you look cute, Jimin is like a little kitty, RM hahaha you look cute here and Jinnie my baby is so adorable. hahaha" I was praising them and I seem to skip someone. "Oh Yoongi you look cute too." I said coldly. "Yah, why is your reaction not like with them." He pouted and I just smile at him. 

I love the last take and they will change their outfit. I was wearing a scarf and someone snatch it from me to match his purple outfit. "Yah Yoongi, return my scarf." I shouted at him. "Aniyo, look it a good accessory for my outfit and I want to smell this." I just scoff at him and they continued their photshoot. "Omo, Yoongi ang RM why are doing a y pose? do you want to kill all the Armies?" I shouted and the staff laugh.

 They all change to another outfit but I needed to leave them since Jimins PJ's was not the one I ordered. When they finished the shoot I showed Jimin the outfit and he laughed. "Hahaha, Noona you really have a weird taste but don't worry I am Park Jimin. I can work on that." I hugged Jimin and gave him a peck on his cheeks that made him blushed. "Kumawo, Jiiminssi I will treat you later because of this." He smiled as if he lost his eyes already. "Saranghe Noona." Little that I know Suga was listening ot us and lost his mood again. "Aww you look cute in that outfit..." Yoongi was beside Jin, I think he thought I was talking to him as he smiled but I approached Jin and fixed his outfit. 

They started thier shoot and I think one of the camerman saw how Yoongi was looking at me while I check on the photos. "Suga make a heart like giving it to your love one." On my pheriperal view I saw him staring at me and not the camera so I moved for him not to see me. When it was Jin and Jimins turn I was cheering my brother. "OMO Jinnie you look great with your PJ just like mine hahaha." I was laughing at him "Park Jimin why are you wearing my jacket, hahaha"  Then we are down to the last group photo. They were lying down in their tummys and I was getting ready to leave. Yoongi was so excited to leave. I was about to wear my jacket when he back hug me and whispered "Let's go home baby" I removed his hands and face him. "Yoongiahh, you should not do this here. Remember we are being careful." But little did we know someone already took a picture while he was whispering something on my ear and it looked like he kissing me from behind. 

Third Party POV

OMO did he just hugged Miss Kim and she looks like pregnant. Are they a couple? No not my Suga. I came here to be an intern to be close to him. I know she is like a goddess but she is too good for my Yoongi. I will investigate more I know something is going on but will share this picture to other Arrmys. "Seram, what are you doing here? Miss Kim needs you to get all the outfit from teh dressing room and help us put it to her car." A staff came to me and hopefully she did not see the picture on my phone. I went to Miss Kim and bowed. "Oh you are the new intern, nice to know you. Can you help me bring the outfit in my car and if you can also hep me tomorrow in buying new stuff for the boys. I will send you where to meet me." She sweetly smiled to me and also reach out her hand for a shake. "OMO, Miss Kim, It is my honor to work with you." I smiled at her as she smiled back at me. She really is pretty but I am feeling iffy with her body langauge around my Yoongi. Yes he is my Yoongi I worked hard to be he accepted here just to be closer to him.

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