One sided Love?!

So Far Away

Suga POV 

We all went home using our van since Y/N said that she is with an intern who will help her these follwoing days. She texted me if I wanted something coz she will go get groceries before going home. I told her to buy snacks since we will watch movies tonight and cuddle. Ohh.. I am already imagining how sweet we can be when we are alone in her room, well snack are just my back up plan for I know we wont need it. I was busy day dreaming when I heard someone mention my name. 

"Suga hyung, I heard you went to the doctor and saw Noona's baby. How was it?" RM said to me lowly that only the 2 of us can hear it. "Hmmm, first things first, it is not just Y/N's baby it is also my babies." I answered him back proudly but still in a low voice so no one else can hear it. "Wow you will have twins, maybe that's why Noona's tummy is getting bigger." RM was quite loud that I needed to cover his mouth good thing the others are also talking loud. 

"Yes, I know we have a girl and a boy. I am happy that they are healthy. I want to let them feel loved and cared for by their parents." At that point I was too emotional. "I don't want Y/N to be raising them alone. I know she thinks I am young to be a father but I am old enough. I already have a plan and soon it will be revealed." I wiped my tears as a couple of them fell, I dont know why I am so emotional thinking about this but I think RM knows. "Hyung whatever your plan is just make sure that you don't hurt yourself and Noona. You know I or we will always support you both." I smiled at RM and just nod to acknowledge what he said. 

The rest of  the journey was fine as we reached the house. I went straight to my room and Jin followed. "Yoongiaah, can we speak?" I nodded and let him entered my room. We sat on a sofa near the window as I was eagerly waiting for Y/N to come. "What are we going to talk about hyung?" I asked him calmly. "Y/Nnnie talked to me earlier asking me to help her so that you will not be revealed as the father of the baby." 

"Babies..." I corrected him and he was suprised. "Wow I have 2 nieces or nephews?" He asked happily. "Aniyo... You will have a niece and a nephew." I also smiled like an idiot coz I am happy. "OMO Appa will be happy about that but he really wants to know who the father is but Noona don't want to reveal." He really sound disappointed but... "Well noona have a good reason for all that. I just want to know Yoongi what are your plans? I want to fully support you both." He said with all sincerity. "I dont about her doing it alone. I have a plan for her to accept that no matter what she do, I will be the father of our children. I know she loves me and she knows I cannot live without her. I am just trying to understand everything for now but I will talk to Mr. Kim and the rest of the family soon." I explained to Jin Hyung. "I know that you will try to stop me but I already decided and my parents are supporting me. We want to be part of my children lives." Hyung just smiled and winked at me as he went outside. "I got what I came for so I need to go and cook delicous food for my princess." He says while walking out of my room. "Yah Hyung I want to cook also for my queen" So I followed him in the kitchen. 



I dropped off the new staff and called Jin to ask if he needs anything since I am going to buy groceries. 

"Yoboseo, Jinniesssi... do you need anything? I will be go to the grocery" I asked him but suprisingly it was Suga who answered. "Hi Babe, do you need me to go to the grocery to help you?" He asked. "Aniyo, why did you answer Jins phone is he alright?" I was a bit worried since Jin does not like people answering his phone for him. "Ahh, we are doing something and Hyungs hand is kind a full right now." 

"Oh, okay Yoongissi, can you ask if he needs anything so I can buy it and what do you guys want for dinner?" I asked him. "Hmmm we already took care of dinner. maybe just buy fruits for you and snacks later when we spend the rest of the night together baby." He said seductively. "Aigoo, my little meaow meaow is acting y. Okay I will buy lots and lots of cat food for you. hahaha" I jokingly told him. "Aish! you really know how to trigger Miss Kim." He sounded annoyed. "Hahaha, arasso I will buy snacks later so we can eat it while spedning time together my meow meow. Can you also tell Kookie to bring pillows if he wants to join us later in my room also Jimin." 

"Whaaa... Wae? You promised theat we are bonding tonight. Why will Kookie and Jiminssi joining?" Suga sounded disappointed. "Well.Mr. Min, they will just stay during the movie. Unless you want them to sleep over with us? and by the way that's a good idea. okay bye for now" She then hang up and Suga was in awe thinking what he just did. "She got you, hahaha" Jin was laughing at Suga. 

A couple of hours passed. Suga opened the door, "Kamsamida, how did you know I was about to..." The maknae line already snatched all that Y/N is carrying til she got lifted by Suga in bridal style going towards the sofa. "My queen welcome home!" Y/N just smiled and thanked him. "Yah! be careful with Noona. You might drop her and she might get hurt." RM and Jin shouted. Suga just ignored them and showered her with kisses as they reached the couch. He just sat and placed her ot his lap and caressed her tummy. Jimin sat across them and juat pouted in front of his Noona. "Aww why is my Mochi pouting? Do you want Noona to hug you?" Jimin nodded receiving death glares from Suga. He knows that Y/N will give her attention to Jimin and leave his lap. She did stand up and sat beside Jimin and hug him as she pats his head. Jimin smile crazily knowing he won and show Suga a bit of his tongue to mock him. Since she is now free from Suga the 2 maknaes also joined Jimin. 

"Okay dinners ready let's all eat." Jin called them and went to his Noona to guide her where to sit. "Oh Jin is this a new chair?" She was looking at a comfy chair ith pillow all aroun to make her feel comfortable since she has been complaining that the dining chair sa hurting her back. "Yes Noona, Namjoon and I ordered it for you. Making sure you ar comfortable eating with us." Jine smiled at her ans she returned it with a warm hug for both. Jungkook went beside his Noona ang gave her strawberry milk. Noona I know this is your favorite right now. Drink it I mixed it with banana milk, as I saw you did last night. I prepared 2 more in the fridge so you can just get it if you crave for it." He just smiled at his Noona. "OMO! I know that all of you are trying to spoil me please don't. Let's live just like we do. No special treatment please." All nodded and bowed their heads thinking they got scolding from me. "And lastly, Komawo!" She stood up and kissed all them on their cheeks except Suga.

Authors POV

Of course everyone even Jin, got a dark glare from him but it didn't scared them since Y/N was there. HIs angry face immediately tirned to a to cute pouting face when he noticed Y/N sight is going his way. "Aww my little grandpa kitty is acting cute..." She then cupped his face and gave him a quick peck on the lips. We now have a happy Yoongi, showing off his gummy smile to all "Come on let's eat" With that he lifted Y/N and carried her to dining hall. Suga was all smiley and talkative as he tells how his day went on with a lot of bad luck but he just laugh it off. Everybbody noticed how lovey dovey the two were. It was like all natural to them as long as it was just us that they are with. Jin and Suga were the most toalkative once while the 3 maknaes just have fun with thteir noona. Namjoon and Jhope on the other hand was smiling along but their eyes were fixed on one person. 

After dinner Y/N asked to be excused and went to her room. Soon followed by Suga and the other boys let them be. They know how Suga is exerting effort to have an alone time with the one he loves. But little that everybody know there is one person building up jealousy, he himself didn't realize that he too wanted Y/N to be his. After experiencing her sweet side and charming side, he knows there is no other woman for him. She was the only girl that matters to him. He is just watching and wating for his perfect chance. He knows that Y/N is not yet fully given her full heart to Yoongi. 

Hoping that one day he will be alone with her again and feel her one more time. He followed teh two as they walk towards Y/N room. Seeing how she teases suga made him imagine that he was the one she was teasing and already daydreamed about what happens next. 

Third person POV.

Day dream...

I went ahead of Suga and carried her in my arms going inside her room. I closed the door and Y/N kissed me as she locked the door behind me. The passionate kiss became more aggressive that we are already removing our clothes. I felt her skin heatign up as a caressed it lightly. Givinge shivers to her spine and she was hungry for me that she already loosened my pants and removed it together with my Undies. I trailed kisses on her neck collar bones until I reached her . We reached the side of bed that made her fall backwards lying flat there. She is areskin now as I am, Our skin is literaly touching each other and heating up as I hover her. The little fellow who is now hard and ready to be in her makes me wantiner her more. Until I hear her voice saying "Good night Sunshine! See you tomorrow." Why should she say see you tomorrow in our position. Then I woke up from my daydreaming as I heard the door closed. 

"Hyung do you have a fever? You are perspiring too much and very hot." Tae was beside me and used the back of his hand to feel my temp. "No, I just dont feel well. I will go my room." I then entered my room and went straight to my bathroom to take care of my bulge. AFter releasing my heat I stayed in the bath tub for an hour trying to move on from her. I know that Suga Hyung is already having a hard time with her. I will just wait if I will be given a chance. Right now I will focus being happy for them. 


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