So Far Away


Being an only child you were loved and treated well. In return you are also a caring and well loved family memeber to all. The day you lost the only parent yoi have... A big revelation was mentioned...

A revelation that will change your life. Everything will be new and you have no way to back down. 


A strong woman, determined but still with grace, is how you were described by the people around you. But deep inside you are such a softy, so vulnerable that you can just cry watching heart breaking kdramas.

A cold and isolated persona is what an acquaintance would describe her but those who calls her friend knows how sweet and fun girl she is.

Who are you?

You are Lee, Y/N a step sister of one of the most famous boy idol in Korea. You never really knew your father, it was when you were 25 when your aunt revealed that you were just adopted by you father since your mom came home from Korea impragnated by a rich Korean guy.

They never thought that guy would find you when your mom died in a car accident. Your adoptive father was selfish in letting you kow because he loves like his own daughter. You were his life, love you more than his life since they never got a chance to have their own child. You were in your 20's then but still he looks at you as his precious child whom he'll never allow anyone to hurt you.

He always says that you were an angel sent from above. You have a golden heart, voice of an angel and an incomparable beauty like your mom. Yes you were a photocopy of your mom. When you asked moved out to live alone since your 23, he never told you he suffered depression.

You didn't know he was lonely and always trying to kill himself multiple times even if you just lived just a block away from him. You often visit him but at night once you leave, he changes to another person. He gets drunk whenever his alone and always try to kill himself saying he is alone and that he wants to be with his only love which is your mom. Until one day he succeeded in killing himdelf by drowning himself with his antidreppesion pills.

You only knew about it as your aunt tells you this on his wake. That was 2 years after you moved out from your place. One of your aunt blames you for your dads death tht she never forgave you. While you were grieving she always tries to go near but you other aunt keep her away from you. The rest would just say that she was just hurt for the fact that she loves him so much and she was just jelous that all of his assets will be yours. It was also that time that they revealed that we were not blood related. "I was just adopted by their brother and was loved by them just because you always says that I am your angel Dad. How am I supposed to live without you." You were whispering this while you were sobbing beside your dad remains. 


At my adoptive fathers funeral no one dared to talk to me on the first night for my dark aura was really felt. I was dead ice cold, my social side was shut down. My only focus was my dad, why he did this? Why he left me? Why didn't he trust me? Why he kept all those inside him? Why he didn't ask for my help? Why he did he not say he does not want to be alone? I was blaming myself, angry at myself not being able to know what he was going through.

At first they hated the fact that their brother is marrying someone impregnated by another guy. But when they saw me and they were all memerized by and angel that all helped raising me. Not one of my Dad's sisters treated me differently for he is their only borther. They loved me like how they loved my dad but I understand why my dad's eldest sister is mad at me coz I failed taking care of him. "Dad! Why didn't you tell me... I could have stayed with you till you are ready. This is all my fault!!" I almost shouted those words then my dad's elder sister hugged me, "Y/N It has nothing to do with you, his death is not your fault. Your Dad just can't take it being alone." She said while she hug me tight. "Auntie He died because I left him, I'm sorry!" I keep on crying. That is when I got hit by what she said, "You're Dad will never like to see you crying this way. You need to be strong. Many will have interest on your Dads asset you still need to be strong after this. He will not like seeing you WEAK! Remember his gone and what matters now is let him see you strong and happy for him since he joined your Mom!" 

"YES HE JOINED YOUR MOM and WHY wouldn't you join them as well!!! You don't have to be here becuase you are not FAMILY!" The eldest sister of my dad shouted at me. The made my knees weak and just followed my other Aunt. So my Dad's elder siter explained to me and tht made me quiet the whole week during my fathers funeral. 

It was revealed that my biological dad was a very famous korean businessman and that I have 2 younger siblings. Growing up as a solo child I have always wanted siblings preferrably brothers. At first I got a little excited of the thought of having siblings but I really hated the idea of having another father whom I never met. Yes I am just a person who also gets mad.

My aunt told me that's one of the reason why my adoptive father got depressed he was always thinking that my bilogical father will steal me away from him. The constant calls he gave my adoptive father made him weary and anxious. This was the cause of his depression.

My aunt told me that ever since my mom died my real father wants to know me and get me. He would like me to live with him in Korea saying he wants his daughter back and that he never got a chance to be with my mom whom he loves do much. That everything was a misunderstanding back then. He wants to make up and wants to be with his daughter whom they never allowed him to see.

It was on the 3rd night of my fathers wake that a tall handsome korean guy approached me. My Aunt introduced him as Kim, Nam Jung. I reached my hand for a shake but he hugged me tightly. I was dumbfounded and shocked, thinking who is this guy. Is he one of my mom's friends in Korea that I haven't met or my Dad's business partners. Is this the way they greet in their country. It was awkward for I was feeling warm in some ways like I have known him for so long but I don't know him. 

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