The Stray Cat

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Lee Chaeyeon was on her way home when a phone she picked up received a message.

[Come to the Mapo Bridge at 8:00pm. If not, I will jump down with our baby.]


Hello, this is going to be my first (kinda) long fanfic which is not a one-shot. This will center around KkuChaen preparing to be parents and being parents as they deal with their past. It's probably going to be around 10 chapters long. I'm pretty sure this will take around 15-20 chapters now lol Look forward to it!~

I will be inactive indefinitely. This means I will halt all of my works including my twt AU until I finally find the time and inspiration to go back to writing. Everything just changed after IZ*ONE disbanded. Sorry and thank you.


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LuvChae #1
Chapter 21: This not update from Aug 13 and now is Nov 3, I want to read but afraid it's won't finish so I just subcribe first
Chapter 21: Hiii. We understand author-nim. See you next update 💙
sclocksmith #3
Chapter 21: It's okay, author-nim. Take your time
sclocksmith #4
Chapter 20: I need to reread this 😶
1703 streak #5
Chapter 21: that's ok authornim! thank you for informing us and sharing this story with us!! i let forward to the upcoming updates!
Chapter 21: Immma need to reread this because i forgot everything already 😂
xenlicayan #7
Chapter 20: authornim! Thank you for this update! And Yes we'll continue to support the girls no matter what! GO GO GO!
xenlicayan #8
Chapter 6: Too much fluffiness I might die but I'm okay with that 😌
Chapter 20: This update definitely made me happy. Thank you
maomao88 #10
Chapter 20: What will chaeyeon do? Omg, so exciting