Mark Her Red

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IRENE, the vampire princess who is said to be the half of the pair to fulfill the prophecy, bound to marry a shaman prince as a form of truce with humans. With unexpected turn of events, her groom was assaulted the day before the wedding but a marriage should still take place, forcing the shamans to bring out their 'most powerful princess', Kang Seulgi. How would the two workout a marriage without any feelings for each other? And are they really able to fulfill the prophecy?



Note: THIS story is purely fictional and not to be associated with the idols used as characters. There is no harm intended for the characters used and before reading, please take note of the line between fiction and reality. This work is not intended to be read when one is at the reality border, cross the line and please remember that everything is purely fictional... I mean, who still thinks vampires are real? Unless you are one... :)

I wrote this story as an escape from the real world. I hope you find a place to clear your mind from the stress brought by reality through this story. Welcome to Traumwelt~ :)

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